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James Scriver

Split XBe's (Gb/Gba/Gbc Etc Seperate Emulators)

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For those of you like myself who were looking for a way to have multiple instances of a multisystem emulator (instead of having seperate rom folders for each system within one emulator) without overwriting configs/saves,

Any hex editor should work, I used this one Please login or register to see this link.

Make a copy of the desired emulator folder on your pc. In this example I used Xboyadvance_v24b07

Rename the folder to something more specific: I chose Xboyadvance_GB

Open the default .xbe in the Xboyadvance_GB folder in your hex editor

Select search > replace  - Make sure you've clicked the boxes labelled "text string" under the "find" and "replace with" sections, and uncheck the "case sensitive" option at the bottom.

In the "find" field enter xboyadvance

In the "replace with" field enter xboyadvanca (replace with whatever name you like, but it must be the same number of characters as xboyadvance - 11 characters)

Save the .xbe and ftp the folder to your xbox, you'll have to setup the default directories and configure everything, but once  you're done it should be all set.

You can follow the same method, and replace the xboyadvance with something different the second time, I just used xboyadvanca, and xboyadvancb, on mine., and the default that came with the emu for the third, and I now have 3 independent versions with their own configs, previews, saves etc.

I posted this tutorial hoping it would help some other picky people like myself, you can use it for different emulators like Neogenesis or Meka-X, but the search strings would change according to the name of the emulator of course.

I'm also attaching two edited Xboyadvance ..XBE's. You should be able to just plop these into copies of the emu folder and ftp it to your xbox, though you'll still have to configure the emu of course.


Please login or register to see this attachment.

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Alternatively you can just replace E:\S with D:\S and E:\M with D:\M

i made a script for XBMC that will do this for emulators. It in the XBMC-Emustation repo in my github. 

What the above does it make the emulator save all its stuff in its root directory instead of E, so all you need to do is copy it a couple times and change the xbe title. 

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Trying to do the split for MekaX for Game Gear and SMS.  It works initially but once I load covers and ROMs and configure directories then both of them just go to black screen when I load them.  

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I followed this tutorial to split the Mekax emulator for Game Gear and Master System however the edited system (Game Gear) does not show up in the Unleashx dash. If I run the Xbox from File Manager it works. Any idea how I can get the emulator to show up in the Unleashx dash? Thanks for your help. 

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I figured it out. I had to rename the .xbe title for the emulator. Once I did that it appeared in the Unleashx dashboard. I did this using the Unleashx File Explorer program. Highlight the .xbe you want to rename and press the white button on the controller. Then select rename xbe title and rename it. I also found a program called Please login or register to see this link. that allows you to rename xbe titles on your pc. 

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so my problems is i have game gear master sg 1000 using all the same emulator <MekaX-v3b16>
but i made a folder for each so game gear has the MekaX-v3b16 inside incl art video etc 
and so does master and sg 1000
than when i start the emulators of course you set the correct path for art video roms etc ! 
when i close down the emulator and restart it gives me master systems when i change to gamegear it gives me gamegear on all separate emulators they all use the same emulator but they dont use the same folder ! so what do i do to fix this use another kind of emulator 
for genesis i use Neogenesis_v25b19 no problems

game boy game boy color and gameboy adance using the same emulator 
but separate folders of course dont havy any problems they all lets same keep to them self and dont mess with each others settings or skins rom paths etc etc !

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Did you edit the xbe title as outlined in James Scriver's post? It's the first post in this thread. That worked for me. The information Please login or register to see this link. might help as well.

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