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Skins and Artwork for Emulators

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    • By TriniGamerENT
      Happy Carnival guys and gals! I am sending greetings from the land of Carnival! Been looking for a site such as this because of my love of the Xbox and I want to prolong my Xbox by modding it and I think this is the site for me! Cheers and don’t forget to drink some beers!
    • By Craiguk
      I finally got around to removing the clock cap 😃 v1.2 board, though i would completely strip it down as it was half way in bits anyway, and give it a good clean out.  Washed the plastics etc cleaned motherboard, fan, heatsink (Still need to apply new thermal paste) popped her back together after the plastics had dried and to my amasement it works.
      The cap was fine to be honest, no sign of any problems at all.  I was quite supprised how clean it was to be honest, just a light bit of dust on the motherboard.
      Thanks allf or looking.
    • By Swirlygiver
      I am using XBMC4GAMERS, an I used the artwork installer, which did install artwork for  almost all of my games.   But can I manually do it for the games/emus etc., that it missed? If so, how?
      And can I change the cover art associated with a particular game specifically?  I have that I downloaded that seem to have their own unofficial art. 

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