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Borg Disk Installer


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Another installer..... (only spanish language)

This Installer [/ b] comes without frills, many of the security processes occur automatically, without asking the user. Such as the creation of backup [/ b] of the Eeprom [/ b], which is always done in e: \ Eep-bak \ eeprom.bin [/ b]

Standard version [/ b]
It can burn on a DVD-R or run it virtually.

https://i.imgur.com/GOirsEP.jpg [/img]

Lite Version [/ b]
It can be burned on a CD-RW / DVD-R or run virtually.

spacer.png https://i.imgur.com/bP307Iy.png [/ img]

A quick glance [/ b] [/ color]



Defining Borg-OS [/ b] [/ color]
This is a hybridization [/ b] between the installation of a Exploit NDURE [/ b] and a classic installation for CHIP / TSOP [/ b]. So that they are perfectly compatible with any previous exploit, with chip or with tsop flash. A single and single installation for all XBOX [/ b], avoiding installation errors that so many headaches can give .. [/ color] [/ size]
Borg-OS [/ b] has a system called XelectoR [/ color] [/ b] to select at will the dashboard / emulator / application [/ b ] Of start. Including being able to assign different dashboard / emulator / application according to which button [/ b] is started.

Operation of XelectoR [/ b] [/ color]
Even if the old skins of the retiree BH-Lite [/ b] still appear, the menus are the same
https://youtu.be/ITzowht3VRM and https://youtu.be/2C7pR1WXuAk

What does it take? *** [/ b] [/ color]
Dashboards [/ b]
XBMC4XBOX 3.5.3 + Trainers + Skins Pack
XBMC 9.04 + Trainers + Skins Pack
XBMC4Gamers updated to the latest revision of its author Rocky5.
XBMC-Emustation updated to the latest revision of its author Rocky5.
UnleashX 0.39 0528A (Rocky5 patched) + Skins Pack
EvoX +3935 + Trainers + Skins Pack
Avalaunch 0.49 build 142 + Skins Pack

Trainers [/ b]
Xored Mini Launcher v2.2 + 1330 chetos

Utilities [/ b]
ConfigMagic v1.6.1
Chimp 2816
Rocky5 HD Tools
XBpartitioner 1.3
BiosChecker 5.0
Controller Test
DVDX-2 2.0
RAM Checker
Enigmah Videomode Selector
FlashBios (EvoX) + BIOS Pack
Resctoox + BIOS Pack (256Kb & 1Mb)
Detector Version
Xecuter FlashX + BIOS Pack
XBlast OS v0.56 + BIOS Cromwell and IND-BIOS 5004.67

*** The Lite version does not carry either the XBMC4Gamers or the XBMC-Emustation as well as any Skins pack [/ color] [/ b]

Borg-OS Advanced Settings [/ b] [/ color]
With CHIP / TSOP [/ b] [/ color]. Possibility to automatically load a Bios M + 8, configured to output video signal officially, patch 480p and true VGA. Of course with configurations 06 (F) and 67 (F + G)
Very useful to skip some limitations of the Bios of the CHIP / TSOP, such as limitations with hard drives, IGR and / or have a certain video output. All this without having to touch the original Bios.
Possibility of changing the color of the LED, does not work with Bios IND-Bios, unless a Bios M8 + is loaded into RAM in the manner mentioned above.
Activate the ISO Kernel Patcher, that is, enable the use of ISO Loader as if you had exploit NDURE.
It does not work with Bios Xecuter or with IND-Bios 5001 and 5004, unless a Bios M8 + is loaded into RAM in the manner discussed above.
If it works with Bios M7 and M8 +, and IND-BIos 5002 and 5003

With EXPLOIT [/ b] [/ color]. Possibility of having official video output, 480p patch and VGA, more typical of NDURE such as virtual eeprom, LED color, fan speed. Of course with configurations 06 (F) and 67 (F + G)
Possibility of activating or not the loss notification ** of date / time, possibility of manual or default setting of the date / time
** The LED makes a little dance the first time [/ b] starts the XBOX, to warn that the date / time has been lost. This does not affect at all the operation is normal. If it is deactivated it does not make any kind of warning.
**** Manual adjustment is that if the date / time is lost, the first time [/ b] you start the XBOX, you will go directly to the date / time section of the MS Dash. If it is preset the time will be adjusted at 00h00 04/01/2016
By default it comes in warning activated and preset, They can be combined as you wish.

To be taken into account [/ b] [/ color]
Whenever a Bios 480p Patch [/ b] or NKPatcher 480p [/ b] is used, the 480p box of the MSDash [/ b] must be unchecked . With the boxes of 720p [/ b] and 1080i [/ b] there is no problem and they can go to the taste of the consumer.
Small problems may arise with certain games



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** rev132 ***

03/14/2020 Improving things ...

*** rev131 ***

02/18/2020 Thanks to Chinot for the 3D animation of the spinning Borg cube
for the UnleashX Screen Saver.

02/15/2020 Added 234 ACL files for the DVD2XBOX

02/07/2020 More and more cleaning. Changes in internal Skins. Change in name
Start Mode Normal to Inverted to Power and Eject.

*** rev130 ***

02/02/2020 I keep cleaning thoroughly ;-))
Added Memory entry to view games
saved. This UnleashX function leaves a lot to be desired
when it comes to watching saves from a compatible Memory Unit / Pen
since it did not show them correctly. It is better to use the
MS Dash when I know of that situation.
I have added an information entry in the BDI Loader, more
that nothing for new xboxers.

*** rev129 ***

26012020 Added savehack for Tony Hawk´s Pro Skater 4 game
I continue with the restyling plus many small improvements in general.

*** rev128 ***

17012020 Deep Restyling from rev127

*** rev127 ***

12012020 Fixed several bugs introduced in the last revision.
At Chinot's request I have added the App XBlast OS v0.56
Added Trainer Xored Mini v2.2 with the 1330 collection
by Trainers (cheats) of Rocky5

*** rev126B ***

21112019 XBMC4Gamers and XBMC-Emustation updated 11/21/2019

21112019 I have lightened the ISO as much as possible

*** rev126 ***

25022019 Reinstated "Factory Reset" entry

23022019 Added XBMC4Gamers and XBMC-Emustation updated to 12/21/2018

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*** rev133 ***

03/30/2020 From now on the notice of loss of date and time with Exploit
                     it will come disabled by default.
                    I have included an option in the Borg-OS Manager for those who have
                    TSOP Flash or CHIP always active ON, can delete
                    Virtual C partition, that way ~ 300Mb free is recoveredon partition C
                   Added entry in XelectoR for 😄 \ Default.xbe
                   I'm still correcting texts and things.

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Try: https://mega.nz/folder/shxATKpT#564ucDPUSxtq6nGe-pr3ng

There's an older 1.20 version there - bdi120.rar.

Found a v1.21 too: https://mega.nz/folder/8WRAxLhB#MxlYgoQVqN_NC21lpmZ96w

Found another slightly newer one - bdi 125j release: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NSnqtC4BKU_IIFmJA4VHnY7ymJnTW-s7/view

Still looking for later releases like 1.39, 2.00.


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*** rev212 ***

11/01/2021 Added a modified version of the
XBOX Softmod Tool Kit by Rocky5 / Team Assembly
Which allows to automate the process of
Key change in the Eeprom as well as the
unlocking and subsequent locking of the HDD with the
new Key.
It is possible to choose between "all to zeros" and "all to ones".

Added option in Borg-OS to do an installation
Exclusive for Chip / Tsop flash. Personally
I think it does not contribute much, since earlier than
afternoon some with Exploit convinced of having
Chip / Tsop Flash or just uninformed will do
this installation and goodbye exploit.

*** rev210 ***

10/10/2021 Fixed a minor bug
That could appear in the
Borg-OS Finish Option

10/08/2021 More and more Skins changes

09/30/2021 More Skins Changes

09/25/2021 General Skin Change of the BDI
Icons have been removed
to gain fluency.
Minor changes to the installer
by Borg-OS and NDURE

09/24/2021 Dashboard removed
Avalaunch, as well as their Skins

09/23/2021 Cleaning the Config.xml
Possibility of installing the
HDTV Test APP on the HDD.

*** rev200 ***

09/15/2021 Minor changes to Skins

08/28/2021 Some shit corrected.

08/08/2021 Fixed a Bug in BDI Loader F

Replaced Resctoox by XBlast
to Flash the TSOPs.

07/10/2021 Fixed a Bug in the Bios
iND-BiOS 5003 patched bdi
This Bug only appeared with
SmartXX chips

07/10/2021 Bios updated
iND-BiOS 5003 patched bdi
in all Flashing Apps
and HASH check that
they are included in the BDI.

07/04/2021 Fixed a small Bug, the
which caused it not to restart
well the / the XBOX with Exploit.

Minor fixes, some
modified icons.
Removed tildes in scripts
from BDI, Borg-OS, UnleashX, etc.
Since in according to what words
are cut off.

Some icons changed.

Renamed entry "UIX" to
"UIX Lite" on the
Custom Dash Select.

Added HDTV Test App v1.3
Thanks to its author: -CrunchBite
This App allows you to check all
video modes.

Rationalization of the names of the
options in the Advanced section of the
Manager-OS. Except that there are no changes.
The following remain like this.

Reset, formerly Borg-OS

Reduce NDURE, formerly Exploit Mini

Remove NDURE, previously Without Exploit

Original, before XBOX

Some texts changed in the
BDI Loader E and F

I keep looking for bugs in the scripts.

Improved even more the Backup of the CDS,
making overwriting impossible
accidental of a slot already occupied.

Improved the backup system
of the settings
Custom Dash Select, now there are three
"holes", which are NOT erased when
update Borg-OS, or uninstall it.

Rename Dash Select, which now
renamed Custom Dash Select

Debugging little bugs here and there.

Possibility of making a backup of the
Dash Select settings.

Added some extra functions in
Manager-OS> Advanced.
Those who only have Exploit, who carry
watch out.

Added option to remove the Exploit
NDURE and leave a classic installation
for Chip or Tsop.

Fixed very minor BUG in option
Recovery "Repair"

Added warning messages for both
the Resctoox Windond Flasher as for
the Resctoox Sharp Flasher.

Fixed bugs in Resctoox
Sharp & Winbond Flasher. The routes
some bios were not correct.

More routes included in Dash Select
I have purified everything that I have left
finding wrong ..

Debugging a screamer of BUG's
NDURE sets the date to 6/2/21 in case of no
find the lower date or time

Big, big changes. The Dualboot has
dead, long live the Dualboot.
From now on Rocky5 Dashloader 



        *** rev212 ***    

01/11/2021    Añadida una versión modificada del 
        XBOX Softmod Tool Kit de Rocky5 / Team Assembly    
        La cual permite automatizar el proceso de 
        cambio de Key en la Eeprom así como como el 
        desbloqueo y posterior bloqueo del HDD con la 
        nueva Key. 
        Es posible elegir entre "todos a ceros" y "todo a unos".

        Añadida la opción en Borg-OS de hacer una instalación 
        exclusiva para Chip / Tsop flash. Personalmente
        creo que no aporta mucho, ya que más temprano que 
        tarde alguno con Exploit convencido de tener 
        Chip / Tsop Flash o simplemente desinformado hará 
        esta instalación y adiós Exploit.

        *** rev210 ***

10/10/2021    Solucionado un bug menor
        Que podía aparecer en la 
        Opción Finalizar de Borg-OS

08/10/2021    Mas y más cambios de Skins

30/09/2021    Mas cambios de Skins

25/09/2021    Cambio de Skin general del BDI
        Se han eliminado los iconos
        para ganar fluidez.
        Cambios menores en el instalador 
        de Borg-OS y NDURE

24/09/2021    Eliminado el Dashboard
        Avalaunch, asi como sus Skins

23/09/2021    Limpieza del Config.xml
        Posibilidad de instalar el 
        HDTV Test APP en el HDD.

        *** rev200 ***        

15/09/2021    Cambios menores en los Skins

28/08/2021     Algunas cagadas corregidas.

08/08/2021    Corregido un Bug en BDI Loader F

        Sustituido Resctoox por XBlast
        para Flashear las TSOP.
10/07/2021    Corregido un Bug en las Bios
        iND-BiOS 5003 patched bdi
        Este Bug solo aparecía con los 
        Chips SmartXX
10/07/2021    Actualizadas las Bios 
        iND-BiOS 5003 patched bdi 
        en todas las Apps de Flasheo 
        y comprobación del HASH que
        están incluidas en el BDI.

04/07/2021    Corregido un pequeño Bug, el
        cual causaba que no se reiniciase
        bien el / la XBOX con Exploit.

        Correcciones menores, algunos 
        iconos modificados.
        Eliminada las tildes en los scripts
        del BDI, Borg-OS, UnleashX, etc.
        Ya que en según que palabras 
        aparecen cortadas.

        Algunos iconos cambiados.

        Renombrada la entrada "UIX" a 
        "UIX Lite" en el 
        Custom Dash Select.

        Añadida la App HDTV Test v1.3
        Gracias a su autor: -CrunchBite
        Esta App permite comprobar todos 
        los modos de vídeo.

        Racionalización de los nombres de las
        opciones de la sección Avanzado del
        Gestor-OS. Salvo eso no hay cambios.
        Las siguientes se quedan así.
        Restablecer, antes Borg-OS

        Reducir NDURE, antes Exploit Mini

        Quitar NDURE, antes Sin Exploit

        Original, antes XBOX

        Algunos textos cambiados en el
        BDI Loader E y F

        Sigo buscando bug’s en los scripts.

        Mejorado aún más el Backup de la CDS,
        haciendo imposible la sobreescritura 
        accidental de un Slot ya ocupado.

        Mejorado el sistema para hacer el Backup
        de las configuraciones de 
        Custom Dash Select, ahora hay tres 
        "huecos", los cuales NO se borran al 
        actualizar Borg-OS, ni al desinstalarlo.

        Cambio de nombre de Dash Select, que ahora
        pasa a llamarse Custom Dash Select

        Depurando pequeños bugs aquí y allá.

        Posibilidad de hacer un backup de la 
        configuración de Dash Select.

        Añadidas algunas funciones extra en 
        Gestor-OS > Avanzado.
        Los que solo tengan Exploit, que lleven 

        Añadida la opción de eliminar el Exploit
        NDURE y dejar una instalación clásica 
        para Chip o Tsop.

        Corregido un BUG muy menor en la opción
        "Reparar" del Recovery

        Añadidos mensajes de aviso tanto para
        el Resctoox Windond Flasher como para
        el Resctoox Sharp Flasher.

        Corregidos errores en Resctoox
        Sharp & Winbond Flasher. Las rutas 
        hacía algunas bios no eran correctas. 

        Incluidas mas rutas en Dash Select
        He depurado todo lo que me he ido 
        encontrando mal..

        Depurando un gritón de BUG's
        NDURE fija la fecha al 2/6/21 en caso de no 
        encontrar la fecha u hora inferior
        Grandes cambios, grandísimos. El Dualboot ha
        muerto, larga vida al Dualboot.
        A partir de ahora Dashloader de Rocky5



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