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Request: Phantasy Star Online Widescreen Hack

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Hey everyone! 

Is there anyone on this forum who can make widescreen hacks for Xbox games? 

I'm wanting to get Phantasy Star Online working in widecreen. A code already exists for this, but it's pretty broken. (Misaligned shadows, legs and arms popping in and out, lighting effects popping in and out, and more: Please login or register to see this link. )


If anyone could make a proper widescreen hack for PSO, I think it would be great for the super devoted fans of PSO.


Also, PSO works very well in 720p, but has issues with UI: 


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    • By lostartz
      Hi I was wondering if anyone knew where I could buy some spray paints online within au?
      old case is looking a little sad
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    • By nikeymikey
      Here are some packs for PSO that i came across i while ago, these are the online quests that are playable offline.
      Credit goes to Zorlon from EP who made and posted these originally.
      These packs are made up of Online Quests made available in Offline mode

      HDD install instructions
      Install Phantasy Star Online the usual way to your HDD (a second copy can be done just make sure you rename the game) Extract PSO Quest Pack #.7z with 7-zip Copy the extracted files and folder to the dvd folder of your Phantasy Star Online install and overwrite all via ftp

      DVD install instructions
      Extract an ISO of Phantasy Star Online [C-Xbox Tool can do this] Extract contents of PSO Quest Pack #.7z into the dvd folder of the extracted ISO, overwrite all files Create a new ISO [C-Xbox Tool can do this] Pack 0 contains the original Offline Quests

      Pack 1 contains the Online Quests:-
      The Construct (Just contains a few hacks) Item Maker (Another hack quest) 1-1 Planet Ragol 1-2 Torential Woods 1-3 Subterranean Den Mop-up Operation #1 Endless Nightmare #1 Central Dome Fire Swirl St. Valentine's Day Strange Sighting Rappy's Holiday Lost EGGBLASTER Wrath of Forest Lost HEAT SWORD 2-1 Infernal Cavern 2-2 Deep Within 2-3 The Mutation 2-4 Waterway Shadow Mop-up Operation #2 Endless Nightmare #2 Schthack's Request White Day Land of Lily Science Project Lost ICE SPINNER
      Pack 2 contains the Online Quests:-
      The Construct Item Maker Slime Anarchy The Missing Maracas (2 players minimum, I may edit to make 1 player possible) The Tinkerbell's Dog 3-1 The Facility 3-2 Machines Attack 3-3 Central Control Mop-up Operation #3 Endless Nightmare #3 MAXIMUM ATTACK 1 v2 Miyu's Nightmare Today's Rate Lost SOUL BLADE 4-1 The Lost Ruins 4-2 Buried Relics 4-3 Hero & Daughter 4-4 The Tomb Stirs 4-5 Dark Inheritance Mop-up Operation #4 Endless Nightmare #4 Christmas Fiasco 1 Towards The Future Tyrell's Last Hope Lost HAVOC VULCAN
      Pack 3 contains the Online Quests:-
      The Construct Item Maker 5-1 TestVR Temple 1 5-2 TestVR Temple 2 5-3 TestVR Temple 3 5-4 TestVR Temple 4 5-5 TestVR Temple 5 Gallon's Shop Lost SHOCK GUNGNIR 6-1 TestSpaceship 1 6-2 TestSpaceship 2 6-3 TestSpaceship 3 6-4 TestSpaceship 4 6-5 TestSpaceship 5 Reach for the dream Lost RIOT RAYGUN Blue Star Memories 7-1 From the Past 7-2 Seeking Clues 7-3 Silent Beach 7-4 Central Control 7-5 Isle of Mutants Pioneer Christmas Pioneer Halloween Festivity On the Beach
      Pack 4 contains the Online Quests:-
      The Construct Item Maker 8-1 Below the Waves 8-2 Desire's End 8-3 Purple Lamplight Beach Laughter Dream Messenger Lost DEVILS SCEPTER Maximum Attack 2 Phantasmal World #1 Phantasmal World #2 Phantasmal World #3 Phantasmal World #4 A New Hope Christmas Fiasco MAXIMUM ATTACK 2 V2 Rare Rappies Respective Tomorrow Ill Gill Ownage Sealed J-Sword Hunt Seat of the Heart The East Tower The West Tower Tower Mop Up Weather Effects  
      Link : Please login or register to see this link.
      You will need to patch your game if not already done.
      Enjoy peeps :

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