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Where To Download 2tb Origins Image?

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That's the only source I know of unless someone that downloaded it using a bittorrent client re-uploaded it to another file sharing site.  I've never seen such a link though.  Only via torrent.

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Because it is so big a torrent is the only option aside from somebody paying to host it, took me a month of nightly scheduled downloads to get it landed but well worth it.  I am attempting to cut the "chaff from the wheat" to make a much more portable version sized at or around 500Gb.  Who really needs so many sports and garbage games from 18 years ago?  Just grab the torrent and get started, if your ISP is a pain with torrents run a VPN while downloading to obfuscate the traffic.

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      So I recently picked up two virgin OG Xboxes at a thrift shop. A rev 1.1 and 1.4-1.5. took apart cleaned and removed the dreaded clock capacitor. Both working. 👍👍 First time owning OG Xbox.
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