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How To Tsop Without Softmodding?

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Hi All,

I would like to know how to TSOP a 1.5 xbox without softmodding. Is this possible? Can you point me to a tutorial that can show me how to TSOP directly without softmodding?

Any help is apprceciated.

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Look for 007 Agent Under Fire or Mechassault Game save exploit.

There is also a Splinter Cell version in the works.

Have a look in the TSOP flashing section here.




SS Dave

Those that can Hard-Mod. Those that can't Soft-Mod.

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    • By hapyman
      Hi All,
      I am not sure how to set the thumbnail for the "My Games" shortcut tile on the home page of the XBMC Origins skin. Currently, the shortcut has no image. The XML code below is from home.xml. I have tried to set the path for the icon tag, but my PNG image (xbox.png) never appears. What am I doing wrong? Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

      XML code from home.xml
          <item id="1">
            <label>My Games</label>
            <icon>xbox.png</icon>  <-- PNG IMAGE NOT SHOWING ON SHORTCUT TILE -->
            <onclick condition="!Skin.HasSetting(Setting.FullGamesList.Enabled)">ActivateWindow(Programs, Games)</onclick>
            <onclick condition="Skin.HasSetting(Setting.FullGamesList.Enabled)">ActivateWindow(Programs, FullList)</onclick>
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    • By hapyman
      Hi All,
      After successfully TSOPing my 1.4 xbox, I can no longer load the Hexen disc. Is this normal?
      I am running unleash X as my dashboard. I was able to load  the Hexen disc to complete my initial TSOP, but not anymore. Any thoughts?
    • By Swirlygiver
      Hey guys,
      I’m new to the forum.  Up til now I have only softmodded Xboxes, and it has been quite a while.  I haven’t had an Xbox for the last couple years and I decided I miss them.  So, I picked one up a couple days ago. It is v1.1 and have already softmodded it.  I also picked up a 2TB HD, SATA adaptor, and 80 wire IDE cable.  But I’m thinking that before putting the drive in, I’d like to try TSOP flashing it, then doing a clean install with HeXEn 2018. I have a small list of questions, hopefully I can get answered first.
      First, I read somewhere on here (I think under the HeXEn 2018 post), that some of the bios have the dvd check turned off by default.  So this is going to sound dumb but, will it still boot from dvd (for HeXEn?)
      Second, I know I have a 1mb TSOP (mine is the ST.) Can someone recommend a bios?  I don’t plan to use more than one, 
      Third, I’ve heard that after you TSOP flash, you should remove the jumpers to avoid accidental damage.  What are the thoughts and/or dangers on this?  Wouldn’t the only potential problem be another flashing?
      My understanding is I need to leave the HeXEn disc in the drive before I begin.  Then I would take out the board, solder the points on top and bottom of the board. Then put it back together and boot to HeXEn and flash it.  Then when it’s done, I can turn it off, swap the drive, and boot to HeXEn again and do a clean install. Is there anything I missed, or anything else I need to leave on the hard drive? Like I said, I already did the softmod. 
      And is there a way to check that the solder worked, and I have TSOP access, prior to flashing?
      Any help is appreciated.  

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