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Replacement Usb Ports for Phat

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The kids broke the connectors inside the front USB ports on my Falcon.  Does anyone know where I can order replacement parts?  I know it has to be soldered to the motherboard; I'm pretty handy with a desolderer.  :-)  Searched Digikey without success.  The USB ports are the rectangular silver box in the front right corner of this photo.  Much obliged.Please login or register to see this attachment.

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      xbox controllers are made in an annoying way so that the buttons are not easily fixed when the they stop registering. i don't know the terms here so i'm going to describe what i'm trying ask as best possible. i'm also really tired and my brain is about half asleep. anyway, the pcb has something similar to black tape with the little black pads under it instead of having the black pads on the rubber thing itself(the rubber piece that goes under the buttons). so it is very difficult to replace that tape thing when buttons presses stop registering. has anyone made a modified rubber thing with the black pads made onto it so the black tape can be peeled off and thrown away?
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      I bought a Blaster CK3 USB and now im after some drivers for these thing because, Team Xectuter was so smart to host there fils on a free host and they are all down.
      So maybe any one of you have a copy of these drivers or know where to get them?
      Please login or register to see this attachment.
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      Mainly the titel says it. I git a 360 today (pls don't throw old eggs at me for that :D ) which included a 512MB and a 256MB MU and i wonder if it would be possible to get one of those working on an OG XBox. Looks like both have a 5 pin design so there can't be that much of a different (except for the little "spacer" in the middle)?

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