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What's it doing or not doing that it needs to be reset?

There's no known factory reset.  Supposedly a proper button combo based on the serial number would clear games saves and cache drive partitions. The proper button combo obtained by calling Microsoft Support. 

What MS dashboard version is it running?  (Settings -> System Info; at the end of the scroller look for the D value - dashboard version. There's also a K value for the kernel version the console is using.  Neither value will be displayed if the BIOS/Kernel version is 3944 of v1.0 consoles.)

What version Xbox is it?

If the MS dashboard files are corrupt or hard drive is dead, you'll need to read the configuration EEPROM data so you can unlock the hard drive and rebuild the drive or if the HDD is dead prepare drive and LOCK it. 

XboxHDM23USB Beta 2 and the MS Dashboard 5960 file set can be used to do so.  As distributed, XboxHDM23USB requires the hard drive to be connected to a PC with a compatible USB-to-HDD interface adapter.

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