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Hello From Bc, Canada

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It's nice to see the OG Xbox community is still alive. It's been years since I chipped xboxs, and am really looking forward to start a new project once my new rework station arrives!

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Welcome KenMoe,

pleased to see some new friends. May you speak a bit of french ? Don't worry we all speak english here.

Pleased to help you if you need. I repair also Xbox for many years, but I am here for not a long time. My wife will kill me, I have 14 xbox to sell, it takes a bit of place !!!!

The last one was a challenge, corosion, needs to re-wires 3 of the 4 wires under board, two tracks were burned because of clock capacitor leaked, and caps needed to be partialy replace.



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      Very new to the OG Xbox so am very much looking forward to being here and hoping to mod an xbox soon, well at least once I have worked out what I'm doing anyway lol. Currently own 2 black, 1 crystal and 1 crystal green Xbox's which all work apart from on of the black ones which has a dodgy power supply.
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      Just want to introduce myself...
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      Happy Carnival guys and gals! I am sending greetings from the land of Carnival! Been looking for a site such as this because of my love of the Xbox and I want to prolong my Xbox by modding it and I think this is the site for me! Cheers and don’t forget to drink some beers!

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