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Change Ide Hdd To Sata Ssd 1:1

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I would like to remove my original Western Digital 8 GB IDE HDD and replace it with a modern 120 GB SATA SSD.

However, I don’t want to use a modchip or a softmod. My Xbox should stay as original as possible (especially the Dashboard). So I just want to copy all my IDE HDD data 1:1 to the new SSD drive (even no resizing of the partitions).

My idea is to install the SSD with an IDE to SATA converter (StarTech with Marvell chip). The 1:1 sector-by-sector copy to the new drive should be done with CloneZilla.

Is this possible? I read something about keys and locked drives...


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The hard drive has to be locked with a properly computed password.  Each time the Xbox boots the stock BIOS it computes the password using the HDDKey value stored in the 8-pin 2048-bit (256-byte) serial configuration EEPROM on the motherboard and information read from the hard drive itself.  

There are applications that use an eeprom.bin file created by reading the data from  the configuration EEPROM.   Raspberry PI and PiPROM software or Xbox EEPROM reader connected to a PC's 9-pin serial port, not a USB adapter serial adapter as most don't work with the EEPROM reader/writer software - PonyProg.

XboxHDM23USB Beta 2 or Beta 3 runs under Windows and can lock the hard drive.  As distributed, the hard drive has to be connected to the PC using a USB-to-HDD interface adapter.  The scripts can be modified to allow access to the hard drive connected to a PC's SATA port.

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As far as I see I don't really know any benefits to getting a larger capacity drive unless you are soft modded. People usually use the larger capacity to store games/emulator's and maybe videos/movies if you are still into using the Xbox as a media center. Otherwise a larger capacity drive is very unlikely to benefit you. As far as SSD, it can be faster but I think that all upgrades are slowed down by the IDE to SATA interface. If game saves are the issue, then I'd suggest to transfer them to memory cards or a USB thumb drive. I also believe there is a dashboard that you can install after soft modding that is essentially the OEM Microsoft dashboard. So I guess you could softmod, upgrade the hard drive, and then install the OEM dashboard and ignore the fact your console is modded. Is there something holding you back from softmodding? 

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