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Upgraded Ram, Yes! But, Installed Wrong Bios After That.

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Hello guys


I have upgraded my ram in the xbox and that works flawlessly first i installed the xblast boot os and tested every chip and success.
then i installed ind 5003.67 and it works also correct but he did not see the G drive so i format it but still not seeing that partition.

I thought maybe i must install the BFM bios but now i think it was for an xbox 1.6 because he wont boot.
the xbox turn on then go of twice and then stay on but no screen.
Can i reflash the chip? with a pickkit or something other way.
Can i fix this? or do i need a new aladdin xt2 chip. and will they boot on an 128mb board with stock bios.
I dont know if the xbox run with a not compatible 128gb ram bios or that it will boot but takes only 64mb.


thanks for youre time.

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i cant edit the topic but i was back to my hobby room and tryed to do a hotswap with an other xbox who has a softmod or tsop but he says chip not writable.
so is this possible and how.
I have only one chip so i can't do the hot swap with a second chip. but only softmod or tsop i think that is the reason it wont work?


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      Will pay good money for one let me know ok thanks 
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