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Error 21 When Trying To Boot Oem Dash

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Thanks to SS_Dave I put the OEM dash file on the Xbox to try and boot to there from UnleashX. However when I try to run it I get Error 21. I think it got messed up by whoever soft modded the console before I bought it (it had been sitting in that shop for a few years), but even then I did a clean UnleashX install with Rocky5's tool. I'm pretty confused on what to do. Will I need to put in Halo 2 or something with XBL to update the OEM dash, and then reinstall UnleashX using the Splinter Cell exploit?

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Where did you put the file? The root of C drive?

If you have a look at rocky5's disk there is a copy there as well.

What setting are you trying to adjust?


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Yeah I put it right in the root of the C drive. When I had the really outdated softmod on this before using Rocky5's tool I got the same error trying to boot to the OEM, and I thought that doing a fresh softmod would have fixed it. I want to figure out why it's got an error and fix it for knowledge's sake really. I do want to set the console language back to English from there since I can't do that in UnleashX, but that's not really important.

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