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I Have a Old Executor Soft Dashboards

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I want to share my dashboards for free, can i do that?

And If yes how? Also may have some Roms and things old school ones for free , if yes how? Do I do it on the forum 

Thanks sorry I'm learning this is my First community I've joined and i want to help out 👍

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I would suggest trying to find any rules on the forum regarding that, though I don't think it would be an issue. What I would do is just package it all up into a .zip, .7z, or .rar file and attach it to a post here. Or upload it to a site like mega.nz and link it here in a post.

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      So guys, now finally after more than a month waiting, I finally got my Sata to IDE adapter. So, I am finally ready to clone my old HDD to the new one.
      The problem now, is that when I start chimp, I get a black screen. Thing is, if anyone in the forum knows me, I am from Chile, and I converted my ONLY original composite cable and converted it into a very amazing Component cable, using an original 360 component cable.
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      Thank you so much, and I am sorry for so many questions, I guess it could be useful for people in the future.
      My regards and thanks to all,

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