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Modchip Lcd Issues

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Hey everyone, Iv been been dealing with my modchip LCD basicly spazzing/glitching/messing up displaying its content all wrong since always.here are some picture examples. the XBMC im using is 3.5 beta 
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now this doesnt happen at first, it also wont occur in the smarttXX OS,nor will it occur if im browsing through the menus of XBMC, it takes about 2-5 minutes of idle beofore it starts. then it progressivly gets worse, eventually it just blanks out completely. which for it to work again i either need to restart XBMC or turn it off and on in the settings before it just does it again..

now i've troubleshooted this issue quite a bit on multiple seperate occasions, i can confirm its not just a faulty modchip, unless by some crazy coincidence, both my chips are faulty, they are both smartXX chips one is a V2 the other is an LT OPX, 
Ive also ruled out it being the LCD screen,iv hooked both chips up to different LCD's, im gonna rule out a faulty Xbox motherboard aswell considering both modchips are installed on different boards, both are v1.4's not sure that really matters though, and the soldering is all good, 
Iv updated both Chips to the latest smarttXX OS which happens to be 3403, i came from a 33somthing this was actually my most recent attemp at fixing this issue. no luck,

Now i remember reading that XBMC at some point stopped caring about the LCD support (they didnt remove it but possibly broke it, and never fixed it), obviously it was pretty niche then, making it even more niche now, but i know people out there have this mod, and hopefully at least a few of you are here..

so this set me on a journey, to modify the "lcd.xlm" file, now i played around with it, basicly just removing/duplicating code into different areas, removing lines ect,i really didnt have any luck in making it not glitch out, there doesnt seem to be a way to leave lines blank, i copied the whole "navigation" layout into all the others, it seems to make it glitch out a little less which is somewhat of an improvement but at the same time not really because if left idle for to long it just crashes and displays nothing. 

it seems like "unknown" and XBMC are fightting for the first 2 lines of the LCD when idle, or maybe XBMC is fighting with itself for the first 2 lines, it switchs back and fourth from what the the LCD.XLM wants it to display and what "Unknown" wants it to display. for example.

XBMC wants

Unkown wants
FREE RAM-HDD TEMP  (though this is completely unreadable its usually just  "[.........]"

right as XBMC boots it displays the "Unknown"(see picture below)  before the screen fills up normally , then the 2 lines fight, back and fourth, being readable before they start to jumble

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 to help rule out the modchip fighting with the XBMC over what the LCD displays, i turn off the LCD in the SmarttXX OS (which should disable it alltogether) but it still comes on after it boots into XBMC (if i have it enabled), If i turn it off in XBMC and leave it on in the smarttXX OS, after a it boots into XBMC i get

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which is how i leave it because at least it works properly, but its nice have the whole screen full rather then just 1 line

it will also do this while playing games. whether the LCD is off or on in either location. for what thats worth.

I decided to dig into the source code of XBMC, but since i know nothing about C++ or python, i didnt find anything that pointed twords LCD but im not to sure what im looking at to begin with, but i did find "NoseFartXBMC" which is an app of some kind

anyways has anyone had any trouble with their modchip LCD's? if so did you ever fix it? if not what are you using? (chip,Dash,Dash version)  any thoughts or ideas would be much appreciated, 

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I had 2 bad lcd's before, 1 was allmost completely fucked and one wouldnt display a bottom line. I managed to fix them both completely with a simple trick, and that was to apply pressure from the inside with some toiletpaper i put under the white display layers for pressure. And it worked after a lot of testing on both lcd's. It would display evrything back like www.teamxecuter.com/ and all XBMC info, keep in mind these are none solder lcd's from TX (XLCD's). And i dont know if your having the same problem. Seems to me your having a problem with lines trying to fill your lcd and interfering with eachother resulting in bad displays of your lines and your lcd  glitching. I highly think this is a software problem that could be fixed, not a hardware problem. If you are positive its your lcd having hardware problems from the inside, try my toiletpaper trick. It worked like magic for me and gave me lcd perfection on both XLCD's. You wont regret it if it works!

Friendly regards, Jeroen


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Hey Jeroen, im gonna go ahead and pick up another LCD to test your idea, both mine are now grafted into faceplates, and opeing them up is nearly impossible now, at this point im willing to try anything, but im pretty sure its not a pressure issue (like you said aswell) though if your toilet paper trick does help, i would have to rebuild the faceplate from scratch but oh well.

i went ahead and found an old build of XBMC V2.0.1, loaded it up and what do you know the lcd still glitches out, not sure if that rules out software being the issue i know another dashboard supported LCD's but not sure which,  it seems weird that both my smartXX chips would behave the same way, unless im just getting faulty LCD's, or the issue is the cheap LCD itself, or maybe smarttXX chips werent great for LCD', i really have no frame of reference since they are the only ones iv ever had that support the LCD,  but hopefully others with LCD's will chime in, even to say theirs work great no issues,

I will report back whenever i recieve my new LCD, because at this point im out of idea's,


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You could test the lcd assembly with heat and cold.

Try using freeze spray when it's not working corectly spray it around th edge and then across the pcb on the back

If it sudenly fixes it you have confermed it's the lcd assembly.

If it comes good with cold on the pcb it could be Dry Solder joints,

If it comes good with cold around the edge then disasemble the assembly clean all the conections and reasemble.


both mine are now grafted into faceplates, and opeing them up is nearly impossible now

Because the engineer that designed it doesn't have to repair it because nothing the engineer desigened ever fails. 



SS Dave

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SS_dave thanks for the tip with the freeze spray didnt know that, always learning something new, i wish it was as simple as bad soldering or a loose connection.

here's my conclusion, SmartXX chips dont display modchip LCD data correctly on V1.4 motherboards,

I ended up moving my smartXX V2 chip to a 1.6 board to rule out the chip(s) being the issue and what do you know the LCD displays perfectly no glitching what-so-ever.

so my advice is if you have a smartXX and want to use the LCD dont install them to a V1.4 board,




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