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I know some of this stuff may already out and about but hey you never know.


Some interesting things I have:

  • gene_db_init.sql (Genealogy Database Init File which includes an online key for dev kits)
  • webdb_partner_config.sql
  • webdb_populate.sql
  • npdb_config_environment.sql
  • npdb_stringsvr_populate.sql
  • public/private keys for all sorts of domains. (ActiveAuth, int-net, int-rps)
  • xbcert, xpatch and xcontent (All with debug symbols)
  • Some UODB stuff

Other less interesting stuff:

  • XDK Tools Installer (5849 and 5933)
  • XDK Recovery ISO (5849)
  • XDK Remote Recovery (5849 and 5933)
  • KDCCore Source Code
  • Kernel Source Code
  • Debug symbols for XDK Recovery xbdm.dll/xboxkrnl.exe (5455, 4039 and 3944)


If any of these interest you let me know :P

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