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Missing Audio In Blinx 2

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So I've started getting back into using my modded xbox. I've noticed a couple of my dumped titles missing bits of audio. The main one I verified was that for Blinx 2 it's missing the audio for the main menu. Unfortunately no longer have my xbox discs readily available (buried in storage), and I've tried getting dumps from online but the same problem. Main menu music is just not there. I could swear it used to play there.

Recently updated to ind-bios 5004, though the problem was there before that update. Also upgraded to a SATA 1TB drive.

Wondering if all the dumps I previously create/downloaded are nerfed. I've tried backups from multiple sources and they all have the same problem. Could be me just doing something wrong and dumb, or maybe I just need to keep searching for a good backup?

I've tried manually ftp the game as well as using Qwix.

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Well I think I just answered my own question. Downloaded dumps from a couple of other sources, and found one that was fairly larger, and upon checking the files found the multiple missing audio files. So it seems a few games out there have a bunch of reuploads that are just flat out missing files. Doesn't surprise me, but I guess for next time if I encounter the problem I'll check a bunch of sources

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