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Total Hdd Space Available Shows Incorrectly


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I swapped in a 1TB drive and an 80 pin cable into my unit. I went and formatted the new disk with the Hexen 2018 CD, and setup the Xbpartitioner with the extended partition at 948 GB in 64k clusters. So the space free for F shows 948 GB until I reboot into Unleashx. Then it becomes around 123 GB free. If I go into the menu and restart Hexen, it boots up and shows the correct free space. What gives? I have r reformatted several times

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I have the EvoX logo. When UnleashX boots it only shows 123 GB capacity on F in the File Explorer. If I go to the HeXEn tools section and open it, it shows the full hard drive capacity on F.

From some quick research, I should boot from the CD and flash the Evo M8+ F and G 256K BIOS. But I cannot decipher the difference between this BIOS and the "MOD" version. Is this what you are suggesting I do to resolve this issue?

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