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Halo 2 From Hdd Missing Menu Text, Crash

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I've copied the files from the Halo 2 disc to my chipped xbox via ftp. 

When starting the game there's no menu text (as if the font is missing).

Selecting menu options at random starts the intro movie, which runs for a bit then crashes. 

The files are verified extracted and copied ok. Lots of other games transferred exactly the same way are working fine. It is a v1.6 with an xecuter 2 chip. 

I tried to run the ACL from dvd2xbox on the installed folder, but that seemed to hang and hadn't completed after 10 hours. There isn't a specific acl for Halo 2 installed as far as I xcan tell, so it is running the default one.  

Any suggestions? Thanks

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If you have an original disk use dvd2xbox to load it to your hdd. If you have an iso try using qwix to load it to your hdd.

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No original disc unfortunately, I’m working with files extracted from redump iso. I’ll try making the files into an iso in quix then use that to do the transfer. 

Is Halo 2 known to be trouble to run from hdd?

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Used quix as you suggested. Used the same files made into an iso, then uploaded the iso.  

Now it all works fine. Thanks for the tip. 

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