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Is There a Replacement Dvd Laser for All 3dvd Drives?


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I"m looking for one for the Samsung SDG-605 cheapest i could find is like 25 just for the laser but out of stock!! ugh!  ah, just found one on ebay..after shipping 30 $ better off finding one at flea market or thrift store hoping its drive is working.

I hear you. I have owned many Xbox systems, and out 5 or 6 Samsung SDG-605 drives, only 1 worked (and it was intermittent). Plus there is the pesky sticky tray issue.
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      Hi guys,
      I've got tons of Xbox originals over last 2 years and i always see the same problem with Samsung drives - they are not reading at all. Tweaking pot doesn't help. Laser beam is there, it is not weak. Lens is not dirty, tried to clean all of them. My guess was maybe these are capacitors on the drive board? The issues is i can't desolder them without tearing of the pads. Stupid, i know but really they are so fragile there or whatever is he reason. Plus I'm not sure on some of them in terms of specs. So, what do you think?
      1. Can it be capacitors? something else?
      2. If it is probably capacitors, anyone has all the ratings? 
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