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DVD Drive Models and the Games They Won't Read

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Hey everyone,

I wanted to start a discussion/thread about games that are in perfect working condition but for some reason the DVD Drive is too old or stubborn to read the game. I of course have 2 consoles both with Thompson drives and I found (so far) that neither will read the following games:

1. Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball
2. Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring.

Both discs are in pristine condition but UnleashX and DVD2XBOX give a "Tray Empty" message. I did a Google search for these and it seems others have the same problems with these 2 games being read on a Thompson Drive.

I wanted to know what other games and drives folks are having issues with.

Hope to hear from you all.



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I’m not exactly familiar with these two games in particular, but it is definitely true in general that Thompson’s have some compatibility issues. I hear people say they die a lot too, but I don’t use my dvd drives at all. 

Here’s a chart that goes a bit more in detail:


I personally find the Phillips drives to be most reliable, followed by the Samsung and Thompson. Never seen a hitachi drive :(

I’ve seen your other work, so, perhaps it’s time to TSOP those consoles and pull the dvd drives?

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Actually, I've had nothing but good performance from my Thompson drive and have used it (off and on) since 2001. I do rip the games to the hard drive but these are the first 2 pieces of media I've come across that haven't worked.

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I have to admit, mine tends to work pretty well too, if it is a bit slow to get going at first. But I only ever use it if I break something :)

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