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Og Halo Graphically Superior To McC Version?

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Just thought I'd post this video in case anyone hasn't seen it; apparently the PC port of Halo (which the modern MCC version is based off of) is graphically inferior to the original Xbox version in many ways. Long live the OG Xbox!

Edit: Anyone know why I can't seem to have two capital letters next to each other in a thread title?

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Wow! I’ve played both versions on and off for years but never even noticed it was that bad. I always had a creeping feeling in the back of my mind that something didn’t look right but couldn’t quite pin it down. 

Unfortunately when you break it down a bit, it’s not surprising: Gearbox did a hack job of porting the game to PC (‘cause DirectX is sooo dang hard to work with) and 343 smacked some shiny textures on and called it a day. 

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