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Hi, has anyone managed to get 2 hard drives working on his xbox?
The method that I would like is the one via switch, with the DVD player that continues to work and no bios without dvd ceck.
I have already read a discussion about this topic, but those who managed to do so did not post links to the material used or even photos.
If anyone has any advice and is welcome.

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Yeah, that thread on the topic was really messy, wasn’t it?

If we’re talking about the same thread here the mod isn’t intended to have a dvd drive in the console (at this point why would you even want one?) although it’ll probably work if you get a 4/5 connector IDE cable. 


The above diagram should help. 


The “micro interruptor” is a switch. Maybe the name is just translation issues. 

Take the 4-pin molex connector from the console’s power supply and cut off the actual connector. Solder red and yellow wires to middle switch poles as above. 

Take two more molex cables, keeping the connectors this time. Jam ‘em into desired hard drives. 

As before, attach the red/yellow to either side of the switch. Repeat for second drive. 

Once this is done run the middle two black wires on each drive to the two blacks directly from the psu. 


So what you should end up with is two HDDs and an ODD plugged into the system, with only one HDD ever powered on at a time. 

This is the function of the switch. The LEDs are just there to steal a bit of power so you can tell which drive you’re booting from. 

Using two hard drives AT THE EXACT SAME TIME however isn’t possible. This is more like switching BIOS banks on a modchip or early rev console with 1MB TSOP. 


Edit: out of curiosity, whatcha want two drives for? Entire NYSC collection will fit on a single drive. Got lotsa movies?

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Not that I’ve ever been a man to talk someone out of a perfectly good mod, but you could potentially achieve the same effect just dual-booting with Rocky5. 

Honestly that’s why I’ve not yet done this mod, as I don’t have enough stuff to even justify a 2tb drive, let alone two separate drives. I think all of my emulated content adds up to about 60gb, and that’s multiple rom sets! Most of that space is ps1 games that don’t really work anyway.


The really interesting part of this mod is what to do with the case. Would love to see how you handle that. If you use 2.5 inch drives that would probably be ideal as you could sandwich them into the standard enclosure with nothing but Velcro. 

That’s how I go about installing SSDs in mine. Pro tip: if you use an ssd remove the sticker. The Velcro is way stronger than the sticker on the drive XD 

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17 hours ago, Magicaldave said:

Most of that space is ps1 games that don’t really work anyway

check Marty's PCSX with GPU processing support on Emuxtras ,possibly PAL games would run better than NTSC, because of difference in number of FPS. Better CPU gives emu more powers, it's most of the time fullspeed on 1ghz Xbox.

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