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Save Emulator Settings?

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Hey I have another newbie question.  I can't seem to figure it out, when playing the emulators such as SNES or SegaCD, I apply filter options to them to make them look better, I use save states to continue progress, etc.  But Everytime I reload that emulator I have to keep reapplying the filters, is there a way to save your settings or is this something I will have to do each playthrough?  Thanks. 

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      So I've been searching around for good emulator/folder icons for my Xboxes. I ran into a thread on this site with a google drive by xbmcmodsforxbox loaded with great artwork. It didn't quite have all the systems I needed so I thought I'd share with the community what I found and made for it. It's a really nice looking icon pack. Hopefully someone else here will enjoy it as well. 
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      Hey guys here is another pack for you guys.
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