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Can I Swap a Softmodded Xbox 250gb for Another 250gb Ide Drive?

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I have several V1.0’s they work well and as stated above have the added gpu fan which can only help with emulators like Coin Ops demands. 

If the HD is making those kinda noises then its gonna buy the farm soon, so move that data while you can.

You can mod both fans and the 80mm conversion is no more difficult on the V1.0  as any of the versions, and does make a difference provided you do your home work on which fan to buy, they are not all equal by a long way.  Its all about CFU and Db. 

70mm is not worth it unless its a “Rare” case where modding it would be similar to boil washing the Shroud of Turin. 

You can also add the extra ram nicely on the  V1.0 to give it the extra poke that emulation really wants. 


FileZilla or FlashXp for the win, they are the only ones worth using.

Also no need for a mod chip, so if ones fitted just TSOP it with the same bios and save the mod Chip for a 1.6 board where you have no choice.

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