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    • By KenMoe
      In search of a full 2mb flash memory dump from an xenium.
    • By Ryzee119
      Hi all,
      Over the past few months I have painstakely reverse engineered the Team Xodus Xenium modchip's CPLD and written a complete open source replacement.
      I call it OpenXenium.
      Please login or register to see this link.
      It has full support for XeniumOS and its features. Repo will list them.
      The Xenium CPLD is normally read protected to prevent clones. This project did not attempt to break that protection, instead I determined the behavioral properties of the CPLD to write my own VHDL source code.
      Check the repo out! there is a few xenium related tools that may even help people with a genuine Xenium!
      Hopefully this will help with LPC related CPLD projects people may have in mind too.
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    • By iRuinLunches
      Please refer to image. I am looking for almost everything in this image.
      Though I have the 24k so the actual mod chip is optional.

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