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XEcuter X3 Dip Switch Bank Led's Are Off?

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Board Life Status

Board startup date: April 23, 2017 12:45:48
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    • By iDJMic
      What you see is what you get, brand new in package X3CE Xecuter 3 Kit.  Accepting offers.
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    • By Kura
      Hi everyone.
      What Xecuter MOD Chip is this?  I tried browsing the stickies but couldn't find a matching picture.  The only thing I remember is that this was solderless.
      Also, is there a diagram somewhere that I can solder it into the XBOX instead? 
      Thanks in advance.
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    • By Xbmcmodsforxbox
      Hey guys please contact me if you have any old original xbox mod chips that you would be willing to sell i may be intrested in some xenium chips and smartxx but just contact me if you do thanks
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