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Case Thread Repair

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One of the screws that holds down the DVD drive is stripped and the screw won't tighten.

Other than the obvious, let it alone or even worse glue it (as I want to get it out again), is there something like a helicoil to repair the case?

Just curious if anyone has experimented with this.  Not a crisis but I would like a more permanent but removable solution.

I was thinking even some kind of epoxy that I could pour in that would harden and I could re-thread it with the screw.


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I'm not sure how the xbox case reacts to CA glue but you could try a trick i do with fixing stripped holes in kids toys. First try to find a plastic that is as close to the same as the case and gind it down to a fairly fine powder and then mix that with some CA glue fill the stripped hole with it. And then with the screw very lightly coat it with some type of grease or petroleum jelly. Now you want a really light coat enough grease to get in to the threads but not fill them. Then with out installing the dvd drive put the the screw in and tighten it down till just before you think its going to skip whats left of the threads in the hole and then let it sit for a good while. It should of created a nice hole with threads in it and the screw should come out. I also do this trick with my R/C monster truck and it holds pretty good and even stands up to the bashing and abuse I put that thing through.

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When this happens to one of mine or one that I'm working on, I'll pull everything out. Then fill the hole half way with super glue or epoxy and then put the screw back in and let it dry. Once dry It should unscrew like normal. Just don't try and torque it down and it should be fine.

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You could also try a bit of sewing cotton wound onto the screw thread, it should hold it in a bit tighter as the thread in the hole won't be completely gone unless you've forced a bigger screw into it or drilled it out etc. 

Used to do this as an energency fix when I used to race RC track cars and got crash damage I couldn't fix with spares when at a meeting.

If it can survive in a car traveling at 30mph plus on a bumpy track, an Xbox should be a cake walk.

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