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Surviving Outside Windows

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Hey guys, sorry if I put this in the wrong section but wasn’t sure where it fit. 


Basically, trying to figure out how to operate without running Windows for a bit. 


1) I cannot get Chimp261812 to run if I FTP from something other than windows. I tried FileZilla in the latest macOS and Ubuntu MATE, and plain old file explorer and FileZilla in windows. I heard a couple other reports of this and thought it was total bs until I actually did it.


2) I need to use Xboxhdm to hook up and build some new drives soon for a couple dead consoles. Does anyone know if Rocky5’s xboxhdm23 works through WINE?


I have an entire Windows install just for these two things, would love to be able to eliminate it. 

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Make sure that the FTP client is set to send "binary" not "text" data.

If "text", the most significant bit (msb) of every byte will be set to 0.  So, any byte that should have it's msb 1 will not end up that way.  For example,

0x80 = 1000 0000 binary

will be sent as

0x00 = 0000 0000 binary

instead.  With text transfers, any byte that has the msb set will not end up that way on the Xbox's HDD.

You must use "binary" mode which the Windows FileZilla FTP client uses as its default transfer mode but not all FTP clients do so.  

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@Magicaldave or for the first one point you can use WINE and this script by Rocky5 to activate FTP through Windows Explorer : Please login or register to see this link.

Not sure it will work, didn't try it


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