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Pretty well any DVD-R disk burnt at the slowest speed you can.

Years ago i had good success using DVD RW disks as well.

I used to have 1 of each type (DVD+R,DVD-R DVD-RW +/-) as some readers would not read some types.




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ImgBurn for burning, slowest speed possible. Normally that's anywhere from 2x-4x depending on the disc and burner. I've generally noticed that ironically enough, Sony discs work the best across my Xbox consoles! True Sony discs, not the rebranded CMC Magnetics discs which are labelled as Sony.

The issue with that is you really can't walk into a store any buy them anymore. DVD-R selection in stores is limited enough as is due to optical burning media not selling nearly as much as it used to, and most branded media is just low quality rebranded stuff. I've personally lucked out occasionally finding spindles of deadstock, or barely used stock, of DVD-R discs at thrift shops.

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