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    • By 65c102
      Hi guys, I've just joined. Great forum
      I have an original xbox softmodded with unleashx
      I have found an issue when setting the clock to year 2020, after a reboot the clock goes back to 2006. Setting the clock to year 2019 works correctly
      Im guessing the problem is some form of bug with the 2 digit year value in the RTC
      Do you guys know if anyone has worked on a patch for this ?
    • By springskinka
      I just started up my xbox after having it stored in a box for around 10 years  
      I have used HeXen 2018 to update to latest version of dash. But when I start my old games stored on the HDD it will first show the "Starting Game xxx" and after a couple of seconds boot back to the dash again.
      The only things that works are:
      - apps that are installed with the Hexen disk (Not XBMC)
      - The Game Big Motha Truckers (starts but gets an error that the disk is dirty)
      Any ideas of what the problem could be?
      I have a Xecutor2 chip installed on the XBOX. If I turn off the chip it will not start but show an error.
    • By Craiguk
      Just a quick question guys and girls, i would like to swap my dashboard from UnleashX to EvoX, my setup is v1.2 Xbox (Softmod), is it just a simple case of popping in Hexan or Slayers installer disk in installing EvoX.
      Thanks all for your help, i appreciate it a lot.

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