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I am more into TSOP so I need to ask a question. I had a guy give me an xbox several years ago at a yard sale. He had softmodded it but then burned the pads off doing a TSOP. (Not laughing I've done it too). He used SID don't know what version. Anyway I brought it home and backed up the eeprom. I still have the backup.. But then I upgraded the mod using Rocky5 extras disk. Then nulled the harddrive key. Now my question is "Do I need to backup the EEPROM again after I done the upgrade. Not sure how I would make a new hard drive from scratch for a softmod since I've never done it..  Thanks

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Make a backup of the EEPROM after NULLing it.  Actually the NULLing process of Rocky5's Extras Disc should have saved a copy of the original (pre-NULLed) eeprom.bin and a new NULLed HDDKey version.  This NULLed HDDKey  eeprom.bin file can be used to lock the HDD for any NULLed HDDKey Xbox.

Xbox HDM23USB Beta 2 and add the MS dashboard 5960 file set to the provided C subfolder or Beta 3 which is already setup to install a no-original-game-disc-required softmod installer.

XboxHDM23USB requires a USB-to-HDD interface adapter to connect the new HDD to a PC via a USB connection supported on most newer computers compared to older versions of XboxHDM that required an IDE interface.


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      I dont know if this has been put up on here before, but i came across this during my quest to fix a v1.2 xbox that wont boot. I have at some point managed to bork the hard drive during this quest
      Any how this webpage shows how to read an eeprom from an xbox using a Pi and a pin header normally used for mounting modchips in an xbox..
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      Have been watching the null eeprom video on YouTube, specially interested for the 1.6 xbox, little confused on the upgrade of a larger hard drive, after the null eeprom you can't just drop in a blank larger hard drive or can you like you can with Tsop system. 
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