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Lee Dawson

Lba48 250gb Hard Drive Issue

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Ive just upgraded a hard drive to a 250gb from a 8gb in a chipped xbox which has xecuter2 chip installed. but after usung xbpartitioner 1.3 off the hexen disc. I set f::\ partion to use remaning free space..All seems well., even in the hexen main menu it shows that f:\ partition is 240gb. But when i restart xbox in the unleashX dash it only shows 120gb. so show i load xbpartitioner off the hard drive and it show me a error message "LBA48 Info not found!  custom partitions will not work with this bios" etc.

So now i try creating 2 partions f:\ for 120gb and g:\ 120gb. but again only f:\ shows up with 120gb.

do i need to some how update xecuter2 chip or would i be better removing the chip and tsopping the console?



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I would make sure that you are on the latest X2 bios, you may need to update. It should be available in the Google Drive

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At the top of XBPartitioner v1.3, the LBA48 patch version will be printed.  What version is it?

What kernel version are you running? 

Press the Y button at UnleashX's menu to display the System Info page.  Scroll down to find the Kernel Version.


The BIOS will need to be updated. 

A version compatible with your motherboard version will need to be used.  There are v1.0-1.5 and 1.6/1.6(b) versions.

The latest Xecuter BIOSes for X2 modchips are X2 5035 (512KB) or X2 4981.67 or X2 4983.67.  There are other dev team BIOS's that you can use as well.  Evolution-X's M8plus for all motherboard versions are available or iND-BiOS 5003 or 5004 for v1.0-1.5 MBs.

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I don't think the X2 4974 actually has any LBA48 patch installed or can have for that matter.  You'll need to reflash your modchip with a newer BIOS that does.

X2 5035, X2 4981, X2 4983, Evox M8plus, iND-BiOS 5003 or iND-BiOS Beta (aka 5004).  Any BIOS that has a .67 and .06 version use the .67 version even if you plan to use only partition 6.

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