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Xbox HD+ ?

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I have an Xbox HD+ that I haven't installed yet. I am on the fence. Would the Xbox look better with a Retrotink 5x? I know that I can only have one on this Xbox which would be better?

I have other consoles that I would use the Retrotink 5x for also.

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@starbreaker XBOX HD+ will look better since it is digital to digital and not digital to analogue to digital. Also component, while great, uses sync on green so you loose a bit of signal fidelity. Last thing, which I only found out recently as retrotink 5x owner, if your input resolution is above 480p the retrotink will switch to 4:2:2 input vs 4:4:4. 

Now this is all theoretically, reality is that I don't you will ever notice during gaming. Retrorgb has made some comparisons for the ogXBOX, but for me the differences are small


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scanlines are nice for 240p sprite based games. They don't improve your picture quality in most 3D games in my view, especially since they apply 240P scanlines you actually start to loose details in your games and the picture becomes darker. I think it comes mainly down to taste.

The trick with 240p was that it would not skip every other line on a CRT. 480i does first pass even lines, 2nd pas uneven lines. By skipping a line you get the scan lines. They had to render less pixels also in this way. Because of this limitations they actually designed the models in such a way that it could trick your brain in thinking there was more detail then there actually was. I'm always surprised when I turn it on when playing on my sega that it literally takes a minute before I don't even see it anymore.

Filters I haven't played around with, I hear the smoothing filter does wonders on N64. But what I could find is that it only works with 480p only. Maybe should look into it when playing GTA SA. 720P looks just gorgeous. I actually enjoy the low polygon look.

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