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  1. HeXEn_v0_99B11-22b Heimdall's Xbox Engineering Disc ____________________________________________________________________ This disc is an ALL-IN-ONE solution for modded original Xbox consoles. It is compatible with all types of mod setups like Mod Chips, TSOP mods and Softmods. This disc will also allow you to Flash your TSOP or Mod Chip with a new BIOS, upgrade your HDD on chipped or TSOP'd Xbox, back up EEPROM, restore or upgrade softmod and TSOP/chipped system files, setup DUAL-BOOT softmods, switch NTSC/PAL video modes and install all the important homebrew Xbox programs all on one disc. Also contains stock MSdash files, Ndure toolset and exploited games saves to softmod your non-modded system. ____________________________________ How to Use 1. Click Download link Below 2. Extract .RAR file using WinRAR or 7ZIP 3. a) Burn .ISO file to either DVD or CD using PowerISO or another similar program AT THE LOWEST SPEED POSSIBLE!! 3. b) Extract contents of .ISO with PowerISO and use FileZilla to FTP the contents to your Apps folder. ________________________________________________________ VIDEO: ___________________________________________________________________________________ Download http://www.mediafire.com/file/byw2dubylc6cl4e/HeXEn_v0_99B11-22.rar No virus scan required as there are no executable files contained within the download. THANK YOU!
  2. Hi there, I got a couple of old XBoxes sitting around, all softmodded and (maybe) also TSOPed. How (w/o opening them and checking for soldered points) can I check if they are also TSOPed? And if they aren't, the right order would be: softmod (Rocky5) open up and TSOP might as well remove clock cap while we're there (are they all in the same spot? I got 1.0 and 1.4 boards so far) replace dashboard optionally replace hard drives and null eeprom ??
  3. Hey guys, I've had issues with my xbox for quite some time now. It is a 1.1, 128mb, TSOP flashed with Ind-Bios. Many games wouldn't boot, no matter what, tried different sources, settings whatsoever. Some games gave me a direct black screen when trying to run, some would boot but then lock up on the loading screen. So today I tried running Hexen2018 from the download section here from my hdd, but as i wasn't sure which bios to flash i chickened out and exited without doing anything. To my suprise my xbox no longer booted into XBMC4Gamers, but into unleashX, the first two times without showing the IND-BIOS boot up. As obviously something had changed I tried to run some of the games that hung on a black screen before, and suddenly they worked. The other games that hung on loading screen still didn't work, but I was glad Halo finally booted on me, as I wanted to play it for ages. But after a couple of reboots, the IND-BIOS bootup reappeared and my xbox started showing the same behavior as before. Halo gave me a black screen again, as five minutes before it was working. Anyone knows what might be the problem here? Do I need to reflash my BIOS maybe or use some other?
  4. Hi, i bought an xbox for 10€ a couple of months ago, i had to clean it, removed the clock capacitor and i also did a tsop flash (evox m8 bios) I added a 500gb hard drive, wich works quite fine, i tested it on another xbox and even a xbox 360! The thing is, the xbox takes a long time to boot, like 30 seconds, my other tsop 1.4 xbox takes no more than 15secs (give or take). I took a cheap chinese ide to sata for the xbox, it work well on my other xbox so i don't suspect that the problem can come from this. At first i thought that it was coming from the 80pins ribbon wich wasn't long enough, so i bought a longer one, but it didn't change anything. And on top of that, when i press both triggers + start + back in order to go back to my main dash, the xbox take at least 10 to 15 seconds to give me an error 07 I suspect the dvd drive to be the issue, but why will it start with no other problem that the long boot when i press the power button, but fail to reboot when i press both triggers+start+back ? By the way i can hear two spins from the dvd drive, i think the xbox check if there is any dvd on it, so i tryed to insert a xbox game and the hexen disc, it loads, it takes a long time to load, but still.. So, is there any way to bypass the dvdcheck to see if it's come from this, whithou having to make any power modification ? i read that it's possible by disable dvd check on a certain bios + hardwares modifications wich i'm not feeling quite comfortable with.. Or if you guys think that it could come from somewhere else?
  5. Hello is it actually easy from a softmod to a tsop ? What do you need all that for?
  6. This guide and pictures taken from: http://www.biline.ca/xbox_solder.htm TSOP Flashing Unlock points if you are unsure which Xbox version you have click Here TSOP unlock points for version 1.0/1.1 Xbox This is the top of the motherboard Connect the two solder pads at R7D3 as in photo above. This is the bottom side of motherboard Connect the two solder pads at R7R3 as in photo above. All Ver 1.0/1.1 Xbox's with a 'SHARP' TSOP chip must also connect the additional red wire as in the photo above. All other TSOP's DO NOT require this step. TSOP Unlock points for all Versions 1.2/1.3/1.4/1.5/ Xbox's This is the top side of the motherboard These Xbox's have both points located on the top of the motherboard, for the first point connect the two solder pads at R7D10 as in photo above. For the second point locate the junction between R7D2 and R7D1 and connect the two solder pads as in the photo above. After the solder points are completed you should re-assemble your xbox (but leave the top cover off) when the power button is pressed it should boot normally as it did before you started. Note if you get the message TSOP write protected while attempting to Flash the TSOP you might need to check and resolder the points to ensure a good connection was m while attempting to Flash the TSOP you might need to check and resolder the points to ensure a good connection was made. To split Split a 1MB TSOP (v1.0, v1.1) into 4 banks of 256k, the following picture explains how to accomplish this: Note: If you have a 1.6/1.6b Xbox, it has no TSOP and therefore you cannot flash it. You will have to install a modchip or softmod.
  7. On a TSOP’ed Xbox is there still a need for region switching or will it automatically play both NTSC and PAL? I don’t currently have any PAL, so I just wondering.
  8. Can I put an LCD with Tsop? If yes wich kind of LCD? There is a guide to do it? Thanks
  9. hey everyone, i am just wondering which is better tsop or modchip? pros and cons to both or is it up to personal preference? i like modchips as it gives me a chance to use my soldering iron which i dont get to do much, but am just wondering what others think
  10. I have a TSOP v1.0 that I did a fresh install to a 2TB hard drive using HeXEn 2018. I then installed XBMC4gamers as my default dash. Now I am wanting to know what I need and what I can get rid of from the HeXEn install. Since I use XBMC4gamers I had two copies of dvd2xbox. I already deleted the one HeXEn installed, and I deleted xb partitioner, figuring I won’t need it again on this Xbox. What else don’t I need? HeXEn put a lot of stuff on the E partition. I’m wondering about the contents of the HexIns folder, HeXEn Tools folder, and the delete me folder. What is Config Magic for? And unrelated but, can anyone point me to where I can find a copy of the controller tester?
  11. Hello, I recently got two broken Xboxes and was able to build a working console from both. The Xbox has a softmod and I'm thinking about flashing the bios. How do I do that best? It is a XBOX version 1.4 (Winbond) and I would like to transfer everything via FTP, because I don't have a DVD burner. I have read something about HeXEn and Tsop but I am now rather confused. Can I also bottle the Bios over FTP, if so how? Do I have to remove the softmod and is it still possible via FTP after flashing? Thanks in advance.
  12. I have an Xbox 1.0. I have an Xecuter 2.3B Lite+ mod chip (solderless with the pogo pins). It was working fine both with or without the mod chip, however I was keen on changing this to a TSOP as the d0 pogo pin can sometimes move out of position causing 3 boots then FRAG (Christmas Lights). Through a combination of bad skill, a bad iron, and bad solder; I managed to lift all of the solder pads in question (R7D3 and R7R3), plus one of the alternate solder points to R7D3. See the attached images of the board with the lifted pads highlighted. Now without a mod chip, it Christmas Lights. I wasn't expecting this as I thought lifting the solder pads wouldn't actually cause any issues (since they are all at the end of a trace rather than in the middle), just prevent me from performing a TSOP. With the mod chip it still works fine. Also strangely if the mod chip is switched to Disabled, it now boots the mod chip. My understanding is that this indicates there is something so screwed with the TSOP that it's booting from LPC even without d0 being grounded. I'm wondering if there is anything that can be done to repair the TSOP here? I have checked every trace I can in the vicinity with a multimeter and they all seem to have continuity. The R7D2 resistor seems to still be connected just fine. There are a few traces I can't really check as they go under the Nvidia chip. Or am I best to give up on the TSOP and get an Aladdin XT-4032?
  13. Hey guys, I’m new to the forum. Up til now I have only softmodded Xboxes, and it has been quite a while. I haven’t had an Xbox for the last couple years and I decided I miss them. So, I picked one up a couple days ago. It is v1.1 and have already softmodded it. I also picked up a 2TB HD, SATA adaptor, and 80 wire IDE cable. But I’m thinking that before putting the drive in, I’d like to try TSOP flashing it, then doing a clean install with HeXEn 2018. I have a small list of questions, hopefully I can get answered first. First, I read somewhere on here (I think under the HeXEn 2018 post), that some of the bios have the dvd check turned off by default. So this is going to sound dumb but, will it still boot from dvd (for HeXEn?) Second, I know I have a 1mb TSOP (mine is the ST.) Can someone recommend a bios? I don’t plan to use more than one, Third, I’ve heard that after you TSOP flash, you should remove the jumpers to avoid accidental damage. What are the thoughts and/or dangers on this? Wouldn’t the only potential problem be another flashing? My understanding is I need to leave the HeXEn disc in the drive before I begin. Then I would take out the board, solder the points on top and bottom of the board. Then put it back together and boot to HeXEn and flash it. Then when it’s done, I can turn it off, swap the drive, and boot to HeXEn again and do a clean install. Is there anything I missed, or anything else I need to leave on the hard drive? Like I said, I already did the softmod. And is there a way to check that the solder worked, and I have TSOP access, prior to flashing? Any help is appreciated.
  14. Hi All, After successfully TSOPing my 1.4 xbox, I can no longer load the Hexen disc. Is this normal? I am running unleash X as my dashboard. I was able to load the Hexen disc to complete my initial TSOP, but not anymore. Any thoughts?
  15. Is there any way to tsop without the original HDD? If so, can someone please elaborate
  16. Hi guys, i just bought a softmoded xbox with a 250gb HDD in it, works well but it's a PAL Xbox, wich mean that i don't have HD options, and it's just unwatchable on my 4k Sony TV, who by the way doesn't have component ports, only RCA and HDMI, i'm stuck with the unfindable and expensive HD LINK by Pound, but lucky me, i found a similar cable converter on Amazon for 25€, even with bad reviews i have no choices but to order it and test it. So i solder the points for the TSOP, and also removed the clock capacitor, burned a Hexen DVD (the 2018 one) , launched it, choose the suitable flashing option for my Winbound 1.4 motherboard, and tried to flash the bios, BUT : i have a non official controller! And as i'm sure you know, gentoox is not capable of recognizing no names controller, but only the official one, and of course : i don't have one (but order one on Rakuten), i tried multiple time with every bios that was on the DVD (only the windbounds one of course), but gentoox just don't like cheap controllers no matter how fast i press on the D-Pad Now that you have the context, here's my question : Is there any way to flash the custom bios without the gentoox tool ? I know that we can do it with Unleashx (or Evox i don't remember), but i can't find the bios anywhere (just don't know where to look too besides googling it), and even if i find one, i'm not sure where to put it exactly or if it's safe to do anything without Hexen or Xblast. Thanks in advance (and i'm french by the way, so i'm sorry for my poor english) Regards Nabil
  17. Hey guys, right now I own a 128mb xbox from n64freak and a 1tb hdd. Unfortunately some of my games do not boot, neither from hdd nor from disk. Others boot but get hung up on the loading screens. I tried different sources for my games on the hdd and they still hang, even with the original disk. Because of that I tried different FTP programs to, but it didn't help. Right now I am running some kind of IND-BIOS refering to my startup screen. I already tried reformating my hdd, but it didn't help, so my guess is that it might be a BIOS problem. The question now is, as i never tried that before (the installed BIOS was flashed by N64FREAK), which bios is the best one for my setup if i want to upgrade to a 2tb hdd? Or might the problem be of some other source? Any help is much appreciated.
  18. Flashing a Sharp TSOP - Everything you need to know to flash a Sharp TSOP Xbox. There are a bunch of tutorials out there explaining how to flash TSOP, but not much info on flashing a *Sharp* TSOP. Because of this I feel it is my duty to write down my experience flashing my Sharp TSOP Xbox. The Sharp TSOP is not easy. It requires more soldering, more software, and more steps. Hopefully, this tutorial will make it a bit easier for you. THIS TUTORIAL ONLY COVERS SHARP TSOP! If your chip says 'ST', that does NOT mean "Sharp Technologies". If your chip does not have the SHARP logo on it, don't follow this tutorial. OK. BEFORE YOU CONTINUE, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ALREADY SOFTMODDED YOUR XBOX! The Xbox is easy enough to softmod. Softmodding is not covered here. You should also be familiar with FTPing files to and from the Xbox, burning Xbox DVDs. These topics are not covered here. Step 1 - Figure out what version Xbox you have. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I found my serial number on the bottom of the case and looked it up online. It appeared to be a v1.1. This was good news since the v1.6 cannot be TSOPed. If you have a 1.6, stop now. Step 2 - Open it up and see what TSOP chip you have. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I opened up my Xbox and discovered I had a 1MB TSOP chip. Good news again, I think. 1MB sounds better than 256KB, right? But it was also a Sharp LH28F008SCT-L85 chip. Sharp TSOPs are the most difficult chips to flash. That's not good news. But it can be flashed. Step 3 - Start downloading your software. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download the following Xbox tools: Hacky Rehash EurAsia Hexen Shambles Edit 2017 Step 4 - Take your motherboard out. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Carefully disconnect all the cables and remove the eleven screws holding the mobo down. The power connector was the hardest one for me. Apparently, you need three hands to do it. I used a Starbucks card to shove down into the molex connector to free the clips. Even then, it was a pain to remove. Step 5 - Soldering. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am not gonna lie. The soldering is not easy at all. It's not for the faint of heart. It's the tiniest soldering I have ever done. I've soldered on old Atari 2600's, TI99-4/A computers, and modchipped Gamecubes. The Gamecube was by far the smallest soldering I had ever done, and prepared me for this task. Get yourself comfortable doing small soldering before proceeding. I am no pro, but I have some experience and I have accumulated some gear that I would consider essential in getting this soldering done. You will need the following: A magnifier. Mine is a visor type magnifier that I got on Ebay for around $15. 30 AWG jumper wire, and a suitable wire stripper. A small 1" scrap of stranded wire. The finest tip you can buy for your soldering iron. It will also be helpful to have some electrical tape, some flux, some small tweezers, very small cutters, very small needle nose pliers, a small vice or helping hands, some experience doing small soldering, and a very steady hand. 1. Solder the jumper wire on the bottom side of the mobo. Add some solder to the via and the pad. Don't hold the iron too long on the pad or it will come off. For the wire, I used 30 AWG jumper wire. Cut it to length, tin it, and tape it to the mobo in position. Use tweezers to hold it while you solder it down. 2. For the solder bridge, pull out a single strand from a stranded wire, get about an inch. Add solder to the pads. Tin the wire. Hold it with tweezers and heat it while you press it down into the melted solder. Once it's dry, snip off the excess wire. 3. Solder about 8" length of jumper wire to the pads on the top side of the mobo, but don't connect them. This is so that you can put the Xbox back together and join the wires after it boots. NOTE - If you boot up your Xbox with the wires connected (or jumped), it will just give you a black screen. You must boot up with the wires disconnected, then connect them after the Xbox has booted. It might be helpful to solder jumper pins on the ends so you can just place a jumper instead of twisting the wires together. 4. Inspect your soldering closely. Gently tug on the wires. Take high res photos of it and inspect the photos on the computer. Tape the wire to the mobo so it doesn't come loose. Once you are happy, put your Xbox back together. Just use one screw for the mobo. Don't plug power all the way in, just make it snug without clipping it down. Leave the two wires hanging out of the case. Leave the top lid off too. You won't need it until you are done. Step 6 - The software tools. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To flash your TSOP, you will need a bios file, and a tool to flash that bios file. 1. Bios file - It was recommended to me that I use the x2.5035.137.bin. This is a 1MB bios file that supports large hdds. I found this bios file (and a bunch of others) on the Hacky Rehash bios flashing disc. You can browse the disc on the Xbox or launch the disc and select "Copy BIOSes to E drive" and then FTP the bios file to your PC. Hexen also has some BIOS files. 2. Flash tool - For Sharp, it erases using a "Winbond" method which is block erase. That also suggests it will be using Raincoat to do the actual flashing. Raincoat is the tool that is used on EurAsia, and Hacky has the EurAsia tool on it. NOTE - It is not enough to just get the Hacky disc. You'll also want to get the EurAsia disc so you can make your bios disc. 3. Make the bios disc. In the EurAsia zip file, there is a folder called bios_disc. Copy that folder and name it something like My_Sharp_bios_disc. Next, copy your bios file (for me, it was x2.5035.137.bin) into the folder, then rename it to bios.bin. Next, you will want to edit the bios.txt file in that directory. I made mine say this: EurAsia TSOP bios disc This flash disc is for a Sharp TSOP. The bios.bin file is: x2.5035.137.bin Now, burn those files to a DVD using the ISO 9660 standard. Now you have your bios disc. NOTE - There is a README file in the EurAsia zip. You should read it too. It was gobbledeegook the first time I read it, but after a few failures, it all made sense. Step 7 - Time to do some flashing. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Power on your Xbox using the small button. Let it boot up, then connect the wires (or attach the jumper). Put the Hacky disc in, then launch the disc. In the Hacky's menu, select "Winbond" (not "1mb flash"). It will tell you to have your bios disc ready. At this point, just follow the directions. Don't lose power during the flashing or you will probably be bricked. Flashing will take approximately two minutes. Not more than five. It should first erase, then program, then verify. When it is done, it will eject the disc tray. Remove the disc and left it shutdown. EurAsia gets launched. I burned the bios disc improperly the first time and Eurasia rejected it. But Eurasia waited for me. It just kept looking for a disc and then ejecting the tray while I was busy burning a new bios disc. When I had a good bios disc burned, I waited for the tray to eject and then placed the disc in there and waited again for it to close. You can see the text from my bios.txt file here: Erasing, Programming, Verifying... When it boots back up, you should see the new boot animation. Congrats! You are now TSOP'ed! Xecuter logo in place of the Microsoft logo confirms it is booting your modded bios.
  19. Hi All, I would like to know how to TSOP a 1.5 xbox without softmodding. Is this possible? Can you point me to a tutorial that can show me how to TSOP directly without softmodding? Any help is apprceciated.
  20. Hi! I’ve recently bought and repaired a (very rusty and water damaged) Xbox. After cleaning it up, removing the clock cap and galvanizing, painting and taping the RF shield I chipped it with an Aladdin 4032 mod chip. Now that my wife is sufficiently annoyed with me spending a lot of time on this, is there an easy way to TSOP flash my v1.1 Xbox without removing my mod chip? I want to get it done now in case the mod chip fails in the future. The original hard drive is very much worthless as is the original DVD drive. I booted Hexen using a PC dvd drive just fine after chipping it. I just want to make sure I’ll be able to use any hard drive in it without the mod chip in case it breaks.
  21. This may be of interest to some. It saves having to Soft-Mod to flash the TSOP. I know is low quality video but you should get the idea SS Dave Those that can Hard-Mod. Those that can't Soft-Mod.
  22. Hello everybody , I just tsop my first Xbox works great but its 8 gig Any tips on how to format my 500 gig drive that came from a old hard modded system, If I just drop it in I get a error code 7. so I dropped in hexen 2019 and turned off the system and rebooted got evox and then it just stayed there and did nothing any tips or video you know about? Thanks K9
  23. 2 Clear blue controllers and basic hookups are included. Asking $250 plus shipping. Any questions feel free to ask. Thank you for viewing.
  24. At first I started modding my OG Xbox for fun and preservation. But I really like playing with it. After a Rocky5 softmod (mrmario2011 tutorial), I decided to go TSOP. After tweaking my potention meter, to finally get 1 of the 4 hexen discs to read, and after fixing the dashboard with it. I now have a TSOPPED, 1.0 with 256kb evox m8+ f and g bios and a unleash x dash. In the changelog of the HEXEN2018 disc, it says that every bios is modified to work without disc drive.. But if I disconnect my disk drive, my xbox won't boot into his dash.. So I would like to try to modify my evox m8+ bios myself with evotool to get rid of the dvd check. (to make sure I preserve my og xbox when the drive fails in the future). The only problem is, I can't seem to find the bios files on the internet, and I don't know how to get them off the Hexen dvd.. Anybody got tips. And what is your opinion, should I use ind bios instead? And what's the best way to flash from the hard drive?
  25. Hi guys, After softmodding my xbox with the rocky5 method, it is now time for something new: TSOP. I read a lot of inormation and prepared everything (soldered the points on my ST TSOP 1.0), and decided to go for the Hexen 2018 disc and Evox M8 (F+G) bios). After I succesfully modded my xbox, i would like to unlock the stock hdd. I know that after a TSOP mod you can swap in every blank unlocked hdd. But I can't find what kind of utility I need to use to unlock my original stock hdd..

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