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Found 24 results

  1. I was wondering if anyone has had any luck mixing a debug bios with a Focus based motherboard. I tried recently doing a retail to debug xbox conversion and the unit that I tried it on has the Focus video encoder and I ran into video issues as soon as I used PBL to switch to a debug bios. I have tried with both the complex 4627 BFM and also with the 5388 stock one that comes with the dev files and they produced the same result, scrambled video.. I have tried this with an xbox that has the Conexant video encoder and it seems to work though unfortunately due to some screw ups with some DVD drive testing, I have fried the DVD control/power from the PIC meaning I have to power the drive from another xbox for it to work (leave it for another topic as to what I was doing). Anyways , I was wondering if anyone knows of any workarounds for getting the debug bios to work on the Focus video encoder. I have a feeling since there arent any since all debug units to my knowledge had the Conexant video encoder, but nonetheless worth a try. Thanks
  2. Enemy Ai

    Which Bios

    Hi all I have a couple of X3 chips and have picked up a couple of xboxes now. Before I get started, I was wondering what considerations I need to make.for example. Console version? X3 chip BIOS? Ive also seen different sizes of BIOS files. Not sure if this matters? So basically, What is the investigation process that I should follow. I want to get everything ready before starting a tutorial. Thanks
  3. Which bios would you recommend for easily installing/launching emulators on a pre-1.6 machine?
  4. Eltel

    New Guy. Bios Enquiry

    Hi all. Firstly it's great to see a active old Xbox community. I am a new member so please be patient I am a retro collector and I have 3 old Xbox consoles. X2 are tsop modded with the wincore 256 chip.. and I have one v1.6 that I am awaiting to chip. Anyway.. one of the 1.5's I bought a long time ago and when it booted it no longer displayed the green Microsoft boot screen before the xecutor logo.. and the logo was orange. I flashed the bios chip with a bios off the hexen disk everything works.. but now I get the green boot screen and normal xecutor flash screen before my console launches.. So guess my question is. was this a custom bios and are they difficult to change? Many thanks
  5. I have heard in order to upgrade your xbox original hard drive from the original to a 121gb or more you need a special bios. I am clueless on this topic any help would be appreciated. Also if you couldn't tell already my xbox is hardmodded. Any help would be appreciated!!
  6. I made a modded version (details soon) of the Xecuter 3 bios to theoretically boot on all chips (it was tested on a 1.0/1.1 TSOP, SmartXX and Xenium chip). It is 1024k bios so you can't flash it on a 1.2-1.4 tsop. (Config Live won't work because most if not all except x3 chips don't have a dedicated EEPRom) Warning: This modded version hasn't been tested on every modchip so don't try to flash it, if you have no way to recover as it might could brick your chip. Download: https://goo.gl/bJy9g1 Thanks to xbox7887 for testing it on his Xenium Box and 1.0/1.1 TSOP. (Basically just a repost from my Reddit post)
  7. Hi, I have hex edited the most common X2 5035 Bios files (Vanilla, VGA-Mod and Force480p Mod) in order to load the x2config.ini and the x2logo.bmp from C-Drive. If the files are not found on C, the BIOS will attempt to load from E as usual. It is not possible to load from F any more! Multiupload Mirrors 5035_ConfigC.rar
  8. I've near zero experience with hard mods on the og xbox. I'm pretty savvy with soldering so I'm considering doing a ram upgrade. I've got an aladdin XT clone in the mail. My question is this: Which bios will I need to flash on a 1.6 xbox for it to recognize 1tb of storage and the 128mb of ram?
  9. Hi friends I came. Today, 128Mod and 1Mega BIOS Split Dual Boot ... ind bios 5004 67 and evox m8 plus 137 I'll be back
  10. Dear, all Xbox fellow I had a spiderchip since 14 years ago for my xbox, which is still working. ABout 2 weeks ago, I wrongly flash 512kb bios into my xbox (1.1) TSOP (1mb), causing it unbootable. I was trying to find a way to recover the TSOP, and one way was to use a modchip with special bios "tsop_m7.bin" for recovery. So I did flash the spiderchip with tsop_m7.bin. But I forgot my DVDROM is not working, so this method is not workable. And eventually the TSOP issue was resolved with "3-wire trick". Now, the spiderchip is left useless without normal bios, and it seems the guaranty way for recovery is to use external programmer, which I don't have and don't know how to use. There are some forums discussed quite good success of using modchip hotswap, and even Softmod to flash modchip (NOT TSOP). So I decided to use most cheapest way - softmod - to recover my spiderchip. But as my Xbox 1.1 mobo is soldered for TSOP flash, I don't want to revert back to stock status. I remember my cousin has a Xbox 1.5 (softmoded) which has not been used for long time. Borrowed from him, still can turn on, BUT ERROR 07, reconnect/changing IDE cable didn't work. Changed to another HDD, Error 06, obviously it should be the HDD issue. My cousin doesn't have eeprom backup in PC, but he is quite sure it was backed up inside the 8G xbox HDD (WDC). So I tried many times to do HDD hotswap connected to my laptop through USB-IDE cable and XboxHDM (Windows version), no luck, the Xbox HDD lock status is alwasy enabled. NOT sure it is because of wrong timing or USB-IDE problem which may trigger the HDD to relock. In actual fact, the easiest way to access locked xbox hdd is to use modchip, but the spiderchip is useless with tsop_m7.bin bios inside. Out of sudden, I was wondering, Can this special bios be used to re-flash the modchip? According to the steps in https://assemblergames.com/threads/1-0-1-5-tsop-recover-bios-tsop_m7-bin.54493/ , A15 & D0 need to be removed in sequence in order to activate TSOP, but I am not aiming at TSOP, so I don't remove the A15 & D0, Should it work to re-flash the spiderchip? Anyway, I have already tried last night, and I am facing the problem to boot to the Orange Xbox logo (tsop_m7) on this Xbox v1.5. Previously i had nearly no issue to get the orange xbox logo on my xbox v1.1. when chip-in with this spiderchip. The v1.5 Xbox remains with black screen for 1-2min, then shutdown and reboot automatically, However, there about 3-4 instances, when I can see the orange logo, ONLY BY slightly lifting the spiderchip off the board (then re-seat?). But that is not always working. Out of this 3-4 instances of seeing orange logo, only one instance could move to a new blue screen saying the xbox hdd need to be formatted, do you want to proceed? Surprisingly, it is not HeXEn DVD main menu, which I am expecting. I understand the spiderchip is solderless, which is not stable in terms of contact with LPC, But I am quite sure that, as long as using my finger to press the chip into the LPC, the spiderchip is working perfectly, But why is so for xbox v1.5 , do I need to shortcircuit or ground some points Peter
  11. I'm a noob and I need a little help please. I have softmodded my Xbox with Unleash X and now I want to hard mod it. I have burned Hexen 2018 disc image file to a disc and now I am trying to figure out how to get Xbox Bios Checker either v4 or V5 onto a disc. I burn the files to the DVD R disc but the Xbox won't recognize it. What Files do I need to burn onto the disc? Should there be a disc image file? What am I doing wrong? Do I have to hardmod it first for this to work? I'm sorry but I have looked at so many videos and searched so many forums that now I'm lost in the forest. Please break out the crayons on this one to show me how to do this. Thank you.
  12. I'm thinking the Ind Bios 5003-5004 as they also have support for 128mb ram
  13. For the past few weeks i've been looking into modding an xbox, and i've bought quite a good amount of stuff to prepare. I understand that there are like 15 ways to do somethings and it all depends on specifics ecct.. but I just have a few questions. For starters, I understand you have to soft mod your xbox before tsop mod, and you can change out your hdd either after the tsop mod or after softmodding, which way should I do? Also, I would like some emuls so which bios should i be looking into? All I want to do is to be able to boot a few games without putting them in the disk drive, and play some older games, on top of having a nice dash board and boot up screen. Among the things I've purchased, I also got a ghost case, and I would like to paint my jewel. anybody have advice on that? also, any good looking led mod kits? I've seen a couple, but if anyone has a link to a good treasure trove of either led strips or something to put under my jewel, I would appreciate it. Also, why do some people while installing the ghost case (clear case) not change out the disk reader cover to the transparent one? Haven't opened my xbox yet, since its the one from my childhood, I'm trying to save it, but if I can't find a cheap one to mod out, Ill be using what i suspect to be a 1.3.
  14. I just wondered for those of you who have the X3 mod chip installed in your xbox, what bios you recommended. I've not used my xboxin years so it's probably on an early version
  15. Just interested in which bios you flashed? I've used the Hexen 2017 disc and followed a tutorial on YT which suggested the M8 Evo x What are your suggestions and recommendations... and also why? i.e. what benefit, features etc... Thanks
  16. Is there anyone who is in possesion of the force 480P files? they where shared by mr. Nova at assemblergames. I am in desperate need for these files for the hdmi mod, most larger tv's do not support 480I over HDMI. thank you for sharing already, i will post a tutorial for adding a WII2HDMI inside an xbox soon, have 4 of them running already ;-).
  17. I have a 1.0 version motherboard. I just did a tsop mod to it.. Actually I had another 1.0 motherboard that I bricked by flashing a bios from the xbox autoinstaller disk it was the 1mb x3 bios that bricked the board and I do not want to make that same mistake again any one got any bios recommendations. At the moment I have the evo from hexon 2018 disk f and g
  18. Hi I have bought a original xbox that as been modded with a xecuter3 chip with a Xapt3r 1.6 but it keeps asking to flash the bios i have no idea where to start can anyone give me any info on this please I m not sure if i have put this in the correct forum this is all new to me
  19. Is there anyone who is in possesion of the force 480P files? they where shared by mr. Nova at assemblergames. I am in desperate need for these files for the hdmi mod, most larger tv's do not support 480I over HDMI. thank you for sharing already, i will post a tutorial for adding a WII2HDMI inside an xbox soon, have 4 of them running already ;-).
  20. I am trying to run a custom MS logo and I have it set up correctly but I am worried maybe my format is wrong? I am currently saving the image as mslogo.bmp (8bit) @ 180 x 50 pixels. Is this wrong? this is the location. I know its correct because its the same directory as the custom xlogo.x, which I got to work. Basically its C partition. CUSTOMLOGO=\Device\Harddisk0\Partition2\mslogo.bmp
  21. Limited Edition Mountain Dew Xbox [1 of 5000] Never been opened or modded. 100% unmolested. Stickers still intact. Overall in great condition. Includes 1 power cable and one A/V Cable. Located in New Hampshire . Asking: $229.99 + Shipping to the lower 48. Will ship to Canada and Europe just message me.
  22. Last edited: November 8, 2004 features/BIOS (detailed info on features on bottom of page) X t e n d e r 1 . 0 E n i g m a b e t a X t e n d e r 1 . 1 E n i g m a h f i n a l P a n d o r a 1 E v o X 2 . 1 E v o X 2 . 2 X e c u t e r 1 E v o X 2 . 3 E v o X 2 . 4 E v o X 2 . 5 X e c u t e r 2 4 9 7 2 v 1 . 0 X e c u t e r 2 4 9 7 2 v 1 . 1 E v o X 2 . 6 E v o X 3 . 6 X e c u t e r 2 4 9 7 2 f i n a l v 1 . 0 X e c u t e r 2 4 9 7 2 f i n a l v 1 . 1 X e c u t e r 2 4 9 7 3 v 1 . 0 X e c u t e r 2 4 9 7 3 v 1 . 1 E v o X D . 6 X e c u t e r 2 4 9 7 4 X e c u t e r 2 4 9 7 5 X e c u t e r 2 4 9 7 6 X e c u t e r 2 4 9 7 6 . 0 2 X e c u t e r 2 4 9 7 7 X e c u t e r 2 4 9 7 8 X e c u t e r 2 4 9 7 8 B u g F i x X e c u t e r 2 4 9 7 8 . 0 2 X e c u t e r 2 4 9 7 8 . 0 3 E v o X D . 6 M P E v o X M . 7 X e c u t e r 2 4 9 7 9 R e p a c k X e c u t e r 2 4 9 8 0 X e c u t e r 2 4 9 8 1 X e c u t e r 2 4 9 8 2 X e c u t e r 2 4 9 8 3 E v o X M 8 I N D - B I O S v 5 0 0 1 I N D - B I O S v 5 0 0 2 I N D - B I O S v 5 0 0 3 E v o X M 8 + Working on all modchips originals originals original imports original imports unsigned code unsigned code debug xbe debug xbe backups backups play Xlive play Xlive disable Xlive disable Xlive macrovision off macrovision off no-patch hack no-patch hack no-patch hack2 no-patch hack2 eject trick eject trick eject fix eject fix HDD swap HDD swap LBA48 LBA48 Err16 fix Err16 fix VGA mode VGA mode Embedded eeprom Embedded eeprom Debug Bios Debug Bios OpenXDK xbe OpenXDK xbe MS txt mods MS txt mods logo color mods logo color mods ledcolor ledcolor noani noani change MAC address change MAC address F/E-Boot v1 v1 v1 v1 v1 v2 v2 v3 v3 v2 v3 v3 v3 v3 v3 v2 v2 v3 v3 v3 v3 v3 F/E-Boot change bootfile v1 v1 v1 v1 v1 v2 v2 v2 v2 v3 v3 v3 v3 v2 v3 v3 v3 v3 v3 v4 v4 v4 v4 v2 v2 v4 v4 v5 v5 v5 v3 v3 change bootfile IGR to dash s s s s s s s s s s s bp bp s s bp bp b b s b b b b b b b b b s s b b b b b b bp b b b IGR to dash IGR to game IGR to game in game shutdown in game shutdown in game tray eject/close in game tray eject/close in game power cycle in game power cycle disable IGR s s s s s s s s s s s s s b b b b b b b s s b b b b b b b b b b disable IGR err err nologo nologo nodvdrom nodvdrom Boot BFM bios from e:\xboxrom.bin Boot BFM bios from e:\xboxrom.bin disable auto DVD boot disable auto DVD boot Use XBX file for dash loading Use XBX file for dash loading disable bootup sound disable bootup sound noav noav change txt and logo scaling change txt and logo scaling adv. ani change adv. ani change fanspeed fanspeed xbox v1.0 1 1 xbox v1.0 xbox v1.1 1 1 xbox v1.1 xbox v1.2 1 1 xbox v1.2 xbox v1.3 1 1 xbox v1.3 xbox v1.4 1 1 xbox v1.4 xbox v1.5 1 1 xbox v1.5 xbox v1.6 2 2 xbox v1.6 xbox v1.6b 2 xbox v1.6b embedded xbe FTP FTP FTP FTP embedded xbe min size (kb) 256 256 256 256 256 256 256 256 256 256 256 256 256 256 256 256 256 256 256 256 256 256 256 256 256 1024 1024 512 512 256 256 256 256 256 256 256 256 256 256 256 256 min size (kb) special rls notes - - - - - - - - - - - - - - yes yes - - - - yes - yes yes yes yes - - yes - - - yes yes - yes yes yes special rls notes no yes yes, butwith problems version available with and without this feature - often added/removed using XBtool originals boots original/official games original imports boots original/official imported games unsigned code boots any xbe compiled with the Microsoft XDK ... even if it's not signed debug xbe boots xbe's compiled for the xbox debug machine backups boots backups play Xlive would mean you could go on xbox LIVE with this bios. So far no bios allows this - if you go on Xbox LIVE with a modified bios, your xbox will be banned. You have to switch to a non-modified bios if you want to play on Xbox LIVE. disable Xlive It's long been a worrying issue for Xbox gamers who use Live! and also have a hacked Xbox with modified bios, that it's sometimes possible to accidentally connect to XBL while the mod is enabled - which in turn bans their account from the Xbox Live Service. This is a method that will patch the game on the fly forcing an error at the login screen which fakes that the network cable is disconnected. macrovision off allows to copy a DVDmovie with your VHS recorder for example no-patch hack removes the original media check directly in memory... so disks don't have to be patched manually anymore. no-patch hack2 removes the new/2nd media check added in newer releases directly in memory... so disks don't have to be patched manually anymore. eject trick if xbe is compiled with specific flag, the xbox will not reset when you press eject-button eject fix xbox will never reset if you press eject-button HDD swap allows to install and use a new larger harddisk (max 137gb) LBA48 allows to install and use a +137gb harddisk. There are 2 versions: one that will give all available space to partition6 (f:) and another version that will give space till 137gb to partition6 (f:) and rest to partition7 (g:) Err16 fix Skipping of the MS Dash clock check. This enables you to boot from DVD correctly when setting up a new hard disk without any problems or errors. This gets rid of Error 16 problems. VGA mode "real" vga output - need special made cable debug bios bios based on the Microsoft debug xbox (for developers). The number in this section is the size of the debug version of the bios. OpenXDK xbe boots xbe's compiled with OpenXDK colormod change the colors of the xbox bootlogo ledcolor allows to modify the color and cycle of the xbox power-led (green/orange/red/off) noani removes the whole xbox bootanimation F/E-Boot * v1 = Boots F or E:\xboxdash.xbe * v2 = try to boot F or E:/evoxdash.xbe (filename can be changed), if it doesn't work it will boot the standard F or E::/xboxdash.xbe * v3 = try to boot F or E:/evoxdash.xbe (filename can be changed), if it doesn't work it will try to boot F or E:/nexgen.xbe (filename can be changed), if it doesn't work it will boot the standard F or E::/xboxdash.xbe * v4 = it will try to boot in this order: c:\evoxdash.xbe, c:\avadash.xbe, c:\mxmdash.xbe, c:\xboxdash.xbe, e:\evoxdash.xbe, e:\avadash.xbe, e:\mxmdash.xbe, e:\xboxdash.xbe, f:\evoxdash.xbe, f:\avadash.xbe, f:\mxmdash.xbe, f:\xboxdash.xbe change bootfile * v1 = it will boot up your xbox with another file then c:/xboxdash.xbe (for example evoxdash.xbe or yboxdash.xbe) * v2 = try to boot c:/evoxdash.xbe (filename can be changed), if it doesn't work it will boot the standard c:/xboxdash.xbe (filename can be changed) * v3 = try to boot c:/evoxdash.xbe (filename can be changed), if it doesn't work it will try to boot c:/nexgen.xbe (filename can be changed), if it doesn't work it will boot the standard c:/xboxdash.xbe (filename can be changed) * v4 = auto search for evoXdash.xbe THEN avadash.xbe THEN mxmdash.xbe and THEN it will load xboxdash.xbe if neither of the previous 3 are found (in that order) * v5 = auto search for avalaunch.xbe THEN evoxdash.xbe THEN mxmdash.xbe THEN nexgen.xbe and THEN it will load xboxdash.xbe if neither of the previous 4 are found (in that order) IGR In Game Reset: allows to easily reset your xbox using a gamepad trigger s: softwarehack (only works if evo-x dashboard v1.8.3285 or later is installed) b : bioshack bp : bioshack with problems disable IGR there's a way to disabled IGR (might be useful if there's a compatibility problem with IGR in some games) err custom error codes - gives more information about error if booting fails nologo remove xlogo and/or splash-logo and/or trademark symbol on logo nodvdrom xbox will boot even if DVD-rom isn't connected in your xbox noav xbox will boot even if video cables aren't plugged-in your xbox fastani faster version of the xbox start-up animation fanspeed allows to modify the speed of the case fan in your xbox xbox v1.0 works on xbox verion 1.0 xbox v1.1 works on xbox verion 1.1 xbox v1.2 works on xbox verion 1.2 xbox v1.3 works on xbox verion 1.3 xbox v1.4 works on xbox verion 1.4 xbox v1.5 works on xbox verion 1.5 embedded xbe xbe (program) packed in the bios image ... program can often be launched by pressing a specific gamepad button during boot-up min size (kb) minimum size of the bios image. You need atleast this amount of space where (modchip/tsop) you want to flash this bios. special rls notes if available, follow link for additional info about the release Special release notes from some bios/kernel releases X-ecuter2 v4973 - changelog * Fixed "Non-Boot" IGR Problem (tested on Silent Hill 2, Linux, Dragons Lair & Others) * Fixed "only needed one trigger for reset" bug * Added S-Type Controller Reset (LTRIG+RTRIG+BACK+BLACK) PiXEL8 VGA Beta - release notes * True Native VGA on Xbox using a simple homemade cable (instructions included) * VGA works on 95% of games, most games that donÆt work are visible but green * VGA works with Microsoft's Xboxdash.xbe as well as EvoX, neXgen, and Xshell.xbe * VGA works with XBMP, DVDx2, and all tested emus (MameX, XSnes9X, FBAx, etc) * VGA Cable is easy and inexpensive to make * Horizontal and Vertical Sync are not accessible through the Xbox AVIP! Unfortunately if your monitor does not accept composite sync (many do, most donÆt), you will need separate the syncs from the green signal, or possibly another source. Simple methods should be documented for future releases of PiXEL8's VGA firmware. X-ecuter2 v4976.02 - changelog * Many people having issues with the Xbox freezing sporadically on bootup. This should fix the problem - apologies for the bug. X-ecuter v4978 - changelog - Added FTP server, IP:, Mask:, login/password: x3/x3 - FTP server starts up if you keep the 'A' button pressed on bootup, otherwise the dashes are run - Dashboard sequence changed to: evoXdash.xbe, avadash.xbe, mxmdash.xbe, xboxdash.xbe X-ecuter v4978 Bug Fix - changelog - Fixed 1MB incompatibility problem with X2.x Lite X-ecuter v4978.02 - changelog - Squeezed to 512k with FTP server still functional (this is done by implementing heavy compression algorithms) - no functional changes X-ecuter v4978.03 - changelog - Fixed IGR function which made 4978.2 hang on game startup - Tested on pro & lite with evoX and a couple of games X-ecuter v4979 *repack* - changelog - Added Focus Video Encoder Support (xbox v1.4/v1.5) - Embedded OzPaulb's LBA48 Hack - Added MS Dash clock check skip - Removed embedded FTP (was simply a proof of concept anyway) - Resized and optimized back to 256k - Clean up of code and some general bug fixes - 4979.06 = LBA48 6 - 4979.67 = LBA48 6+7 - repacked with correct 4979.06 file X-ecuter v4983 - changelog - Fixed X2 Lite Bank 1 XBE Crash Bug Gueux'Net Debug Bios 256k - changelog - Now you can launch Phoenix Bios Loader to load an other bios from debug dashboard. You can launch any types of XBE like EvolutionX or Linux XBE. Halo now works (Screen capture don't work) EvoX M8 - changelog * M8.BIN Is a new BIOS based on the latest 5838 kernel, and has the same features as M7, It will work on XBOX versions (1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5) * M8_16.BIN Is also based on the 5838 kernel and has the same features as M7. It will ONLY work on XBOX version 1.6 IND-BIOS 5002: Fixed - buggy IGR. Fixed - issue that prevented NOSOUND=1 from working Fixed - issue with config injector that caused no video in some cases Fixed - custom blob distortion when flubber background was off Added - in-game shutdown, tray eject/close, and power cycle Added - custom MAC address Added - custom text and logo scaling Added - a few things to the feature list that were present in 5001, just not noted Change - text.x files don't need face inversion IND-BIOS 5003: Fixed - bug in injected config handling
  23. Version 3.2500.1 CodeAsm REDACTED (Mail, pm or chat for more info) Tweeter twit CodeAsm_ 5-5-2015 [Incomplete version list Xbox, These are not the versions you are looking for.] [Some note removed or altered for internet storage savety. ] ???? XDK Alpha I SDK xxxxx ???? Alpha II Feb 2001, while mfc is 4/4/01 Mfc: 4/4/01 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ???? XDK May 2000 xxxxxxx 3113 3146.2 Leaked (REC?)ISO 1-11-2000 November XDK 3146.3 ALPHA December 2000 XDK 15-12-2000 December XDK (also 16-12) ISO is 11.2 MB (11,810,816 bytes)xxxxxx xxxxx note*) 3223.1 ISO is 13.3 MB (14,024,704 bytes)xxxxxx 3224 February 2001 XDK and SDK , REC own 3306 3308 3331.1 March 2001 XDK and SDK xxxxxxxRecovery (nice side way dash) (7-03-2001 April XDK) 3332.1 LeakLeak video 01, REC, old style dash 3424.1 April 2001 XDK and SDK (03.01.01 - New for April XDK release) 3507 3514 3521.1 <<< Microsoft Xbox XDK (1.0.3521.1) (2001-05) > May 2001 XDK and SDK symbols 3604 3618 3633.1 Alpha SDK SYM (June 01) 3722 3813 3821 3823.1 Oldest for DVT3 (fixing an DVT3 on xxxxxxxxx) Oldest acording to xxxxxx for DVT3 3845\ 3907 3911 August XDK 2001 (( Final Hardware Recovery) (build on WIN2000 5. 2134/2195 ? 5.1.2258.400) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxt 2001 final x08-46850 ----------------------------------------------------------------- Retail? ------------------------------------------------------------------- 3925.1 Retail? XDK xxxxxx 3944 < 4000 4023 4024 4028 4033 4034.1 (internet source KERNEL MCPX is X3 httxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxd=50 (dash may be higher...) 4039 < 4119 4120 4121 4125 4134.? < 4134.6 01/29/2002 December 2001 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes Release Histoxxxxx 4134.7 03/19/2002 December 2001 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes Release History '' 4224 < 4228 4229 4234 4235 4242 01/19/2002 February 2002 XDK 4242.2 03/15/2002 February 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes '' 4300 4344 4346 4348 4354 4361 02/28/2002 March 2002 XDK Accession SDK ownSDK (Accession) 4361.2 03/15/2002 March 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 4400 (xxxxxx source ?) Barnabas XDK, SDK 4432 03/29/2002 April 2002 XDK 4504.1 2002 Live Beta (kernel and dash) internet source (MCPX-X2 code asswell) 4531 04/28/2002 May 2002 XDK 4604.1 2002 Live beta consolexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: N 4627.1 06/05/2002 June 2002 XDK June WAM SDK 4721 06/26/2002 Juli 2002 XDK 4817 Kernel only? source interwebs, MCPX is X3 htxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx=50 4818 4831 07/31/2002 August 2002 XDK 4831.5 08/23/2002 August 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 4831.6 08/29/2002 August 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 4831.8 09/12/2002 August 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 4831.9 10/18/2002 August 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 4928 08/28/2002 September 2002 XDK parts 4928.2 09/12/2002 September 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 4928.3 10/03/2002 September 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes parts 4928.4 10/18/2002 September 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 4928.7 03/18/2003 September 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes recovery 5028 10/04/2002 October 2002 XDK 5028.3 10/18/2002 October 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 5028.4 03/18/2003 October 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes iso? 5101 < Internet source 5120.1 10/31/2002 November 2002 XDK (parts andxxxxxxxx?) 5120.3 03/18/2003 November 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 5120.4 04/09/2003 November 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 5209 ARCDDASH, Segaboot (other libs are: 5028) 5233.1 12/12/2002 December 2002 XDK 5233.3 02/17/2003 December 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 5233.4 03/18/2003 December 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 5233.5 04/09/2003 December 2002 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 5344.1 02/04/2003 February 2003 XDK 5344.2 02/17/2003 February 2003 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 5344.3 03/18/2003 February 2003 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 5344.4 04/09/2003 February 2003 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 5455.1 04/18/2003 April 2003 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes XDK 5455.2 04/18/2003 April 2003 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 5530 < Internet source 5558.1 05/30/2003 June 2003 XDK Recovery own 5558.2 06/20/2003 June 2003 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 5558.4 10/03/2003 June 2003 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 5659.1 07/30/2003 August 2003 XDK Recovery own, XDK also 5659.2 09/30/2003 August 2003 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 5659.3 (could be that this is the recovery? 5659.4 10/03/2003 August 2003 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 5659.5 11/20/2003 August 2003 XDK with Intergrated Hotfixes 5713 < Internet source 5788.1 11/11/2003 November 2003 XDK XDK Setup 5838 (kernel) < Internet source. 5849.0 recoveries [xxxx] 5849.1 and SDK REC 5849.6 (remote)recoveries [xxxxxxxxe] 5933.1 and SDK Remote recoverie [lxxxxxxxxve] (I own a version aswell) 5960.01 DAS (internet source txxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I got the 3146.3 iso from assemblergames, I noticed: A regular CDFS (not xbox) iso. DOS files (modded DOS 7.1 (win 98)) in the root A very NT-like boot sector. If you've seen those videos of early xbox alpha devkits, note the flash of 'Starting..' - that's io.sys. -------------------------------------------Xbox 360 ------------------------------------------------------- 2.0.nnnnn.n XX where xx is the newest board supported AlphaTower Xenon nov 2005 Zephyr may 2007 Falcon aug 2007 Opus july 2008 Jasper nov 2008 Jasper/Kronos mid 2009 Trinity/Velje may 2010 Corona aug 2011 SDK's: XDKSetupXenon6274.exe XDKSetupXenon8276.exe XDKSetupXenon11164.1 XDKSetupXenon11427 XDKSetupXenon11511 XDKSetupXenon11626 Recoveries: XDKRecoveryXenon111641Setup.exe XDKRecoveryXenon11164Setup.exe XDKRecoveryXenon11511Setup.exe XDKRecoveryXenon11775Setup.exe XDKRecoveryXenon120871Internal.exe XDKRecoveryXenon20353.exe XDKRecoveryXenon20764.10.exe XDKRecoveryXenon21076.6.exe Non remote recoveries: 1888_Xenon_Recovery.iso 4929_Xenon_Recovery.iso 5426_Xenon_Recovery.iso 7776_Xenon_Recovery.iso 7978_Xenon_Recovery.iso 8276_Xenon_Recovery.iso 9328_Xenon_Recovery.iso 9328.0_Xenon_Recovery.iso 9328.5_Xenon_Recovery.iso 9328.9_Xenon_Recovery.iso //2 versions: 1st) 483.700.736 bytes, MD5: 7C3E4F6620F76E19095623735F8180F0 2nd) 301.434.880 bytes, MD5: BDDF51AB55DE08FD223564BB0D0C49A4. first is hacked up and bricks your shit. 6995.1_Xenon_Recovery.iso 11164.1_Xenon_Recovery.iso 11164.3_Xenon_Recovery.iso 11775.3_Xenon_Recovery.iso 20353_Xenon_Recovery.iso 20871.2_Xenon_Recovery.iso //and 20871.2_Xenon_Recovery_with_Symbols.zip XDK's: XDKSetupXenon6274.exe XDKSetupXenon6534.exe XDKSetupXenon7645.1 XDKSetupXenon8276.exe XDKSetupXenon11164.3.exe XDKSetupXenon20871.2.exe XDKSetupXenon21076.11.exe XDKSetupXenon21119.0.exe //? need to verify other fanciful files: xdk-xna-extensions.msi //add XNA extensions to XDK, leaked from dev site XDK Kernel Version Flash Version Comment (Most are XeDK, other just version numbers) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2.0.0198.0 2.0.????.0 First XDK Launcher Alpha 1 2.0.0417.0 ?????????? Giano code May (27) 2004 2.0.0418.0 ?????????? Giano code May (27) 2004 2.0.0422.0 ?????????? Giano code May (27) 2004 2.0.1232.0 2.0.????.0 Second XDK Launcher Alpha 2 2.0.1616.7 2.0.????.0 Seen on beta 007 kit. 2.0.1640.0 2.0.????.0 Seen on beta kit. 2.0.1746.1 2.0.????.0 Seen on a beta kit. First with keyvaults. 2.0.1800.0 2.0.????.0 ??? Nov 22, 2005 2.0.1810.5 2.0.????.0 XeDK 2.0.1838.0 2.0.1838.0 XeDK 2.0.1838.1 BETA 2.0.1838.1 Beta Launcher 2.0.1839.2 2.0.????.0 XeDK release Dashboard 2.0.1861.0 2.0.1861.0 XeDK (First w/ XEX2) 2.0.1888.0 2.0.1888.0 XeDK 2.0.2099.9 2.0.????.0 XeDK 2.0.2099.11 BETA 2.0.????.0 XeDK - Seen on a beta kit. 2.0.2135.0 2.0.????.0 XeDK 2.0.2255.0 2.0.????.0 ??? Jan 30, 2006 2.0.2417.0 2.0.2241.0 XeDK 2.0.2638.0 2.0.2258.0 XeDK 2.0.2638.0 2.0.2419.0 XeDK 2.0.2920.0 2.0.2832.0 XeDK - Remote includes 1888, 2241, 2255, 2258 and 2832 2.0.3215.0 2.0.2853.0 XeDK 2.0.3424.0 2.0.2858.0 XeDK 2.0.4314.0 2.0.4308.0 XeDK 2.0.4548.0 2.0.????.0 ??? 2.0.4802.0 2.0.????.0 XeDK 2.0.4929.0 2.0.4548.0 XeDK 2.0.5426.0 2.0.4548.0 XeDK - Last recovery KK exploit works 2.0.5632.0 2.0.4548.0 XeDK - Remote includes 4548 and 5632 2.0.5787.0 2.0.????.0 XeDK - ISO image in game format 2.0.6132.0 2.0.5759.0 XeDK 2.0.6274.0 2.0.5759.0 XeDK 2.0.6534.0 2.0.5759.0 XeDK - Remote includes 5787 (no 5759 ?) 2.0.6534.4 2.0.6683.0 XeDK 2.0.6707.0 2.0.????.0 XeDK 2.0.6995.0 2.0.6690.0 XeDK 2.0.6995.1 2.0.6690.0 XeDK 2.0.7645.0 2.0.6690.0 XeDK - Remote includes 6690 2.0.7645.1 2.0.6690.0 XeDK 2.0.7776.0 2.0.6719.0 XeDK 2.0.7776.1 2.0.6719.0 XeDK 2.0.7978.0 2.0.7342.0 XeDK - First on NXE 2.0.7978.3 2.0.7359.0 XeDK 2.0.8276.0 2.0.7366.0 XeDK 2.0.8953.0 2.0.????.0 XeDK 2.0.8955.0 2.0.????.0 ??? 2.0.8955.1 2.0.????.0 ??? 2.0.9177.0 2.0.9177.0 XeDK - Seen on beta XDK S, has a dumb flash number 2.0.9328.0 2.0.8464.0 XeDK - Remote includes 8464 and 7366 2.0.9328.5 2.0.8498.0 XeDK 2.0.9328.8 2.0.????.0 XeDK 2.0.9328.9 2.0.8955.0 XeDK - DO NOT RUN THE LEAKED ISO RECOVERY it was edited by TheFallen93 (afaik) and others to brick kits. You can find the real 9328.9 iso around though with filesize 301,434,880 bytes 2.0.11164.0 2.0.9189.0 XeDK 2.0.11164.1 2.0.9189.0 XeDK 2.0.11511.0 2.0.11025.0 XeDK 2.0.11626.0 2.0.?????.0 XeDK 2.0.11626.1 2.0.?????.0 XeDK 2.0.11763.0 2.0.12334.0 Rare Prototype Kinect Dashboard 2.0.11775.0 2.0.?????.0 XeDK 2.0.11775.3 2.0.12387.0 XeDK - ISO leaked from chinese forums, remote includes 12387 and 9199 2.0.11776.3 2.0.?????.0 XeDK 2.0.12087.1 2.0.?????.0 XeDK 2.0.12293.0 2.0.?????.0 XeDK 2.0.12387.0 2.0.?????.0 XeDK 2.0.15574.0 2.0.?????.0 ??? (ebay source) 2.0.16756.0 2.0.?????.0 ??? 2.0.17150.0 2.0.?????.0 ??? Dec 11, 2014 (wiki) 2.0.20353.0 2.0.12611.0 XeDK - Remote leaked from MS server 2.0.20353.2 2.0.12625.0 XeDK 2.0.20500.1 2.0.13139.0 XeDK 2.0.20764.10 2.0.13146.0 XeDK 2.0.21076.6 2.0.14699.0 XeDK 2.0.21119.0 2.0.14719.0 XeDK 2.0.21119.10 2.0.?????.0 XeDK 2.0.21173.8 2.0.15574.0 XeDK 2.0.21173.8 2.0.16154.0 XeDK 2.0.21250.2 2.0.16197.0 XeDK 2.0.21250.7 2.0.16202.0 XeDK RANDOM NOTES: 9328.9_Xenon_Recovery.iso //2 versions: 1st) 483.700.736 bytes, MD5: 7C3E4F6620F76E19095623735F8180F0 2nd) 301.434.880 bytes, MD5: BDDF51AB55DE08FD223564BB0D0C49A4. first is hacked up and bricks your shit. other fanciful files: xdk-xna-extensions.msi //adds XNA extensions to XDK, leaked from XDS how to remove digital signatures and help protect the guilty EXES (XDKSetupXenonxxxx.exe, XDKRecoveryXenonxxxx.exe) open EXE in hex editor and search for (in hex) A21E801C if more than one thing appears search for 5A30583033060A2B06010401823702010F3025030100A020A21E801C once you find that, either delete or null everything that comes after the 1C funny, this can also be used in reverse to identify the leakers, or tell if you have originals nvm this part: Xenon_Recovery, Xenon_Recovery.iso, _Xenon_Recovery, _Xenon_Recovery.iso, xxxx_Xenon_Recovery_with_Symbols.zip, _Xenon_Recovery_with_Symbols.zip, Xenon_Recovery_with_Symbols.zip, XDKSetupXenon, XDKSetupXenon.exe, XDKRecoveryXenon, XDKRecoveryXenon.exe, 11164.1_Xenon_Recovery.iso , 11164.3_Xenon_Recovery.iso, XDKRecoveryXenon20353.exe, 20353_Xenon_Recovery.iso, 1888_Xenon_Recovery.iso, 5426_Xenon_Recovery.iso, 4929_Xenon_Recovery.iso https://xds.xbox.com/xbox360/data/1033/xdksoftware/download/XDKSetupXenon9328.9.exe https://xds.xbox.com/xbox360/data/1033/xdksoftware/download/XDKSetupXenon11164.1.exe https://xds.xbox.com/xbox360/data/1033/xdksoftware/download/snorkel.exe ----------------------------------- Xbox one ------------------------------------------------------------- Giano (21 December 2010, kernel only) Durango ----------------------- ----------------------- Wordlist ----------------------- ---------------------- XDK Xbox Devolepment kit (xbox part) SDK Software Devolepment kit (PC) REC Recovery SYM Symbols KER Kernel DAS Dashboard FIL File (a loose file has been identified with this version LIB Library (part of xbe or software kit in wich diferences version.) DOC A documentation notion of official source NOT A unofficial notion of this version, still reverencing an MS source INC Incorrect number, probebly homebrew
  24. Hey guys, I'm also active on the facebook page but wanted to also post my question here in the hopes the right person would be able to answer my question. I'm currently working on an 'ULTRA SLIM MOD" (all caps yes!) and am having some troubles on this 1.6 board with the Alladin Xt Plus2 chip. I've made some slimboxes in the past and this is my first 1.6 board. The mod chip is working fine and flashed with M8+ for 1.6 with the "Check dvd-drive" option disabled allowing me to run it, well, without a dvd. I've confirmed the bios is on there (changed the colour of the X logo) and it still boots perfectly with the dvd drive in it. Now come the tricky part, without the dvd drive it does actually boot up but it takes around 10 minutes (!) to even get unleashx to open, and it doesn't get any better from there. What am I doing wrong with above method that works flawless on 2 v1.0 boards with the same bios (but for 1.0-1.5 of course) with the same settings?

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