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Found 3 results

  1. I’m no doctor but I think I might have diagnosed what was wrong with this one. It’s the worst that I’ve seen, but quite sure it’s pretty tame compared to what some of you have seen…so it got me thinking it might be a fun / gross discussion…what’s the worst condition you’ve seen…bugs, rodent remnants, fire, utter destruction. Share pics if you have them!
  2. My set up; PAL OGxbox, softmodded and updated with Rocky5's Tools Disk (PAL Splinter Cell), 2TB HDD cloned using chimp from original drive, UnleashX, clock cap removed (but not replaced), component cables, OSSC on default settings. My issue is very frustrating, the xbox boots correctly I can see and use the UnleashX dash and FTP without problems. Upon loading almost all games, the game will run and load but I lose video signal, my component cable also has AUX red and white cables for sound that go into my sound system. The games load and DO play sound but still don't get a video signal. I've tried various video settings in UnleashX video settings, a clean install of unleashX from Rocky5's Tools Disk, installing the original IDE HDD, changing the language on the original MSdash from English to something else and back again, all with the same results. Even more frustrating is that even with PAL retail disks the results are the same either in the UnleashX dash and MSdash. I've tried changing my xbox to NTSC region, using both NXpatcher and Enigmah but then I just lose video signal all together and have to remember button presses to navigate the menu's in order to switch it back to PAL. Occasionally the xbox fails to boot or reload UnleashX dash and shows flashing RED and GREEN LED, turning the xbox on and off again resolves this but this isn't often. Games that I've tried that do work are HALO: Combat Evolved (both disk and HDD), 007 Nightfire from HDD, F1 2001 from HDD. Games definitely not working Burnout 3 Takedown, Black both form HDD and retail PAL disks. I also have a RGB SCART available used with the OSSC, this also loses video signal when game loads except theres no sound as there aren't AUX sound cables with this. Previous to all this happening it was working fine, I've been at this for two weeks, any help would totally be appreciated it.
  3. Hi all, First of all, I'd like to thank Rocky5 and all involved in the softmodding tool, that really is a painless way to softmod. 18 years ago I was reading unofficial magazines on Xbox mods and was baffled by all that's possible and I'm glad I can start doing similar stuff thanks to you! I'm seeking help in the following problem, I posted this on Reddit but maybe you guys will have a better idea of what's going on here. I have seen several topics with the same problems over different boards but have yet to find a solution. I hope you guys don't mind. I've been stuck on this for the past few days. I'm trying to clone my hard drive (Seagate ST310211A, the 10GB one). I've tried using a WD3200AAJS, which was listed as working on x-pecs by multiple accounts, but haven't had luck as it returns Error 11 (missing/malfunctioning dvd drive). I know for a fact the drive is fine because when I plug everything back together with the stock drive, the console boots properly. Now, the WD is rated for 0.68A at 5v and 12v, so I looked up the current rating for the stock Seagate, which is here : Since the WD was quite a bit higher I took another hard drive I had lying around (Hitachi HTB-DS7AE100(B) ). Now I hadn't seen anything telling me this drive would be lockable or anything but I gave it a try nonetheless. Chimp recognized it fine and the clone went smoothly and it locked okay. The drive is rated for 0.42A for both 5 and 12v, so I thought it'd work better now. Still no luck as I get error 11 again. I do have a new 80 wire 40 pin cable, and am using the startech adaptor. The cable works fine with the stock drive, and the startech adaptor has good reputation, so I'm really at a loss here. Jumper switched back from slave to master (forgot it once and had error 7 this time). Can it be the hard drive drawing too much current and not leaving enough for the dvd drive? Dvd drive tray opens and closes even with error 11, everything's plugged in tight. I'm really at a loss here so any help is greatly appreciated, even if it's just 'buy this HDD, it works fine with the startech adaptor' !

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