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Found 10 results

  1. I prepped a version 1.2 today for TSOP flashing. Everything went well, I flashed Evox M8 BIOS to it and set up the disk with the latest Hexen disk. A little later, I decided to flash Cerbios 2.3.1 to it and I chose UDMA4. This is a stock hard drive, so when I would boot up, it would give me an error 13 code....then boot me into Cerbios Safe Mode. No problem, the TSOP wasn't ruined or anything, so I was able to re-flash it, this time with UDMA2. The things you learn.... I'm just going to put this console on the shelf for now until I'm ready to do the rest of my mods. I plan on using UDMA5 with a cheap IDE-to-SATA adapter that I've used successfully on three other TSOP'ed machines.
  2. Hello everyone and sorry for my english translated by google. My question is if there is something similar to Repackinator but without CCI compression, that is, instead of converting to CCI format, convert to ISO format. If the game is in folder format, convert it to ISO format without modifying anything. If the file is already an ISO, do not modify anything. In all cases, create a folder with the name of the default.xbe title, filtering the characters not allowed by the XFAT format, create the default.xbe inside that folder and inject the game's xbe title, extract the icon in default format .tbn/jpg In no case compress or modify anything in the game. Mi pregunta es si existe algo parecido a Repackinator pero sin compresión CCI, es decir en vez de convertir a formato CCI, convertir a formato ISO. Si el juego está en formato carpeta, convertirlo en formato ISO sin modificar nada. Si el fichero ya es un ISO no modificar nada. En todos los casos crear una carpeta con el nombre del título del default.xbe, filtrando los caracteres no permitidos por el formato XFAT, crear dentro de esa carpeta el default.xbe e inyectar el título xbe del juego, estraer el icono en formato default.tbn / jpg En ningún caso comprimir, ni modificar nada del juego.
  3. Hello, I have been trying to diagnose a no video scenario with one of my xbox that I originally thought was being caused strictly by a bad bios flash. I original posted some questions about it in flashing and bios forums, troubleshooting has lead me to believe that my main problem is now related to eeprom issue so I figured post should be here, as it is no longer relevant to those forums if that is incorrect and I should of just continued posting in one of those previous thread I apologize... This xbox originally had a dead hard drive so I tried to read the eeprom with ch341a and a test clip. Being 1.0 xbox there was not much room to fit the test clip and after many failed attempts I gave up with the clip. At this point I unsoldered the eeprom and read it directly on the reader, I obtained good read with no issues then resoldered the eeprom. I continued to flash the tsop with xblast and upgrade the ram to 128mb. ram test passed with no issues after many heat cycles. I proceeded to flash a new bios to the tsop, except I bumped the power at the end of the procedure got an incomplete flash with frag. I was able to test some of the other sections of the tsop with recommended 3 wire trick and the xbox would boot but with flashing green and no video. I tried bypassing tsop with Aladdin but again no video and flashing green. Thinking I corrupted the eeprom I desoldered the eeprom and verified contents match the backup, and resoldered the eprom. The last modchip I tried was xblast modded Aladdin and to my surprise the xbox boots with video like normal, I believe this bios is working because it is Cromwell/Gentoox based and is ignoring the eeprom. In looking at the eeprom, I can read and write the chip no problem off board but I cannot read/write it in circuit through lpc header.... when I hook up programmer through lpc I get a red light on the programmer indicating incorrect pin or short. I now think I must of shorted something out when fighting with the test clip originally. Anyone have any idea on what I might of fried or what area I should start looking? is there any motherboard schematics floating around? I'm not ready to banish this poor box to the parts bin yet if I can help it lol. again thank to all that have helped me.
  4. good afternoon all i upgraded my hard drive and want to use the old one for something totally different. is there a way to reset the HD and totally factory format the drive to FAT32? i unlocked the drive using the XBOX and plugged it into my pc. Using Disks i used the NULL KEY as a password to access it but i still don't have permission to write to or format the 500gig WESTERN-DIGITAL. so am i just stuck with an old backup of the XFAT IDE? please help
  5. Does xbox have some sort of pdf reader available or converter to view pdf files? Some way to convert them to be viewed on xbox?
  6. Hi there! I'm brand new to this board and looking to do my first mod chip install on a v1 that was given to me a few years ago. Back then I grabbed a DuoX2 but never got around to installing it. Well the time has come, and I've dug out the Xbox and found the mod chip... still sealed in the anti-static bag... but I'm wondering if I should stick with the Duo X2 GS. I'm wondering if it might be better to go with an Aladdin Advance XT Modchip PLUS2 or Open Xenium. Is there a benefit to either one over the Duo? Thanks!
  7. i have a shipment of capacitors arriving friday. i'm wanting to try an experiment where i fill all the cap spots(instead of just the 3 spots) in front of the processors with 3300uf caps to see if the extra power being available to the gpu/cpu help the xbox's performance. my question is, is there any chance that this will damage the xbox? also, has anyone ever tried this before?
  8. Hi, I've managed to do all of the steps to install the unleashedx softmod via usb and splinter cell, the ftp settings, placing the snes9x X folder in the correct location, and getting the emulator to show up on the console. All i had left to do is simply hit the A button on any one one of the Roms to start them up, and yet nothing happens when i do that? The A button works fine for literally everything else except starting the Roms. I'm hoping it's because i have an off brand madcatz controller, and not an original xbox controller. Or maybe it's something more simple than that? Corrupted Roms maybe?
  9. I opened an xbox that I picked up at the weekend last night. There was a problem with the disk drive as it kept opening an closing and wouldn't read a disk when it was held closed while the disk was spinning. I suspected a faulty drive but when I opened it I found that it was absolutely filthy inside and that something had leaked - I have attached pics - I think it's a 1.6 so I don't know what is leaking or if it is repairable - any help greatly appreciated. Thanks
  10. Not sure where to post this but wanted to let people know to check everywhere for lost items. I thought I looked everywhere for my og xbox component cables in my shed, video game extras totes, garage, ....but I wanted a coax cable and I knew I had one connected in my living room that wasn't being used. While grabbing the coaxial I noticed some component cables in the back and thought they were for a 360. I decided to take them off because I don't have a 360 anymore. To my surprise they were xbox component cables !!! I haven't had an OG xbox for over a year and a half!!!!!!! They're Original ones!! I think I giggled like a little school girl!!!!!!

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