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Found 5 results

  1. I'm new to Xbox modding. And I've been hard modding my Xbox. I have a 1.0 Xbox with a Duo X2 installed. I planned on doing a lot of modding to it eventually. Anyways, I was fooling around with my Xbox trying to get UnleashX installed on a 512gb SSD. As I was pulling the SSD from its sata adapter I suddenly heard a pop sound coming from the wall. No more power was coming from that socket, as well as another socket not too far away. The unit was turned off but still plugged into a power strip when it happened. Maybe I touched something that I shouldn't have on the PSU. Or the PSU is bad. I really don't know. The PSU looks fine on inspection. I wasn't using the Xbox surge protector unfortunately. Just a simply two prong power cable. What I really want to know is, "What did I do wrong?" Is the Xbox still alright? Do I just have to scrap the PSU? What can I do to not let this happen again?
  2. A service installed an Aladdin xt modchip into my xbox, works perfectly, the problem I have is that if I press the power button it drops me into the official MS dash, if I hold the power button for 1 sec it takes me to the Slayers custom dash, so I can play anything. I wanted the modchip to be permanently enabled so I dont have to hold every time the power button, so I soldered two joints as shown here: This causes my xbox to turn on as soon as I plug it into the wall, even without pressing the power button, and the xbox can't be turned off. Is it a normal thing? I mean this automatic power on obviously not normal, but that one that I have to hold the power button to enter custom dash, is it normal? Or the service messed up the soldering points with the modchip on the motherboard? I have a 1.6 motherboard I guess.
  3. I don't remember if its an old problem or not, but what I did recently is I soldered on the Aladdin xt2 chip the "BT" to be always on, and its working fine I mean I can play games, responsive and everything, but I can't turn it off, and it starts right away as soon as I plug it into the wall. With the EvoX dash I could manually turn it off, but then I could not turn it on. The button is green, so its not the button. And its an Xbox 1.6 so theorietically the clock capacitor couldn't leak out onto the motherboard and corrode a trace. Also, I found no corrosion on traces, but I only checked the upper side of the motherboard, I dont really know whats on the other side. Any idea? Thanks By the way this is what I did with the aladdin:
  4. As many people do not have stock clock speeds, has anyone tried a socket A (AMD) or socket 370 (Intel) retention clips for attachment. I came across the arctic cooling copper silent 3 and a few Star Tech options on Youtube. Cooling section covered at 6:52 Any thoughts or experience would be nice. https://www.arctic.ac/us_en/copper-silent-3.html Arctic https://www.startech.com/Computer-Parts/Fans/6cm-Copper-CPU-HeatsinkFan-for-1U-Servers~FAN3701U StarTech https://www.newegg.com/p/0VE-013Y-00DG9 Antec Twister https://www.startech.com/Computer-Parts/Fans/PentiumCeleron-CPU-Cooler-Fan-Socket-7370-w-3-lead-TX3-connector~FANP1003LD StarTec I do not use a the HDD mount, as i use a IDE to SD card replacement so I have space for these options or larger.

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