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Found 22 results

  1. The Origins HDD image is pretty cool and pretty loaded, however, it does NOT have a proper MS dashboard or a decent main dash. C is full of some NKPatcher image and takes up so much space on the partition that the MS dash won't even fit. This is an avoidable problem and the Origins setup can be better, so lets try to address that and get you on Insignia while we're at it. Just don't snap any bowls before you do this... Wait 'till after. The first order of business is to get a hold of the OGXbox Installer and boot it up. Once you boot into the "DHCP and no BFM" option, select "Format and Setup" > "Format & Setup HDD" > "AIO Setup a new HDD (C+E Only)". Go through the install process and then go to the main menu and select "Install or Switch Dashboards" > 4.5 "Switch Default Dashboard" > And then choose your dashboard. I use XBMC, so that is what I will cover here. Once the installer sets you to XBMC, restart your Xbox without the disc in it and go into Programs, and then "Add Source". Navigate to the "Games" folder on F and once you can see the alphabetical listings for games and are in the "Games" directory as indicated up top, go to "OK". Verify the name you want for this source, as this is what will show up as the entry in your "Apps" menu in XBMC. Hit "OK" and the item will be listed in your dashboard under "Apps". Now do the same for the games on your G partition. If you have apps anywhere else on your HDD that you want to add to your dashboard, you can do it this way, and any executables in their respective folders within this source will be listed when selecting the entry in your dashboard. This part is important: Network settings, and it's one of the best parts about using XBMC: You can just select one setting and it will use your MS Dashboard network settings at all times, DNS and all. Go to Settings > Network > "Network" tab on the left of the screen > Then change "Assignment" to Default (Dashboard). Done... forever. If you ever launch UnleashX for any reason you can expect your network settings to be changed on you. Now that you have added your software and set up network settings, it is time to add the MS Dashboard. Add "C:" as a source, just like you did before with your other software. Name it however you like or will be helpful for you to know why it is that you are adding it to your dashboard entries. I just have it as "C:" because that's what makes sense to me when I go into it. Once you do, go into it and near the bottom, you will see "Xbox Dashboard". with the file size of 1.87MB to the right of it. Launch the MS dashboard, and then configure Insignia, as per the instructions on the Insignia website. https://insignia.live/connect Add me on Insignia: Bowlsnapper Okay, you can snap a bowl now and hop on Halo 2. Disclaimer: This is not meant to be a "Fix" for the Origins Image. It is simply a way to set up your own dashboard and give you a way to get Insignia going, as well as get rid of a softmod setup which nobody needs, if they are hardmodded. I'm sure there are things about E or the image in general that I am not privy to. However, in all the time I've used my Master Image, I have not experienced a single problem or anything being broken. All the games that loaded fine before, load now. All the emulators seem to work and all the apps on F and G. If I could, I would engineer all kinds of fixes to make this a perfect image... but I just don't have time.
  2. WTB 2tb Origins imaged HDD in UK if anyone has one going spare give me a shout. Or if someone would be happy to lend me one to copy I’ll cover postage both ways and pay a fee for the service Thanks
  3. Hi all, New to this. I'm wanting to mod my xbox. Am I able to use the Aladdin XT Plus 2 and still install origins? Basically, are these compatible with each other? Or is there a different chip I should be looking at?
  4. I have it on marketplace, but I wanted to put it here also. Includes some good music and a couple of interesting videos. I need to add the Halo 2 map pack, but otherwise it's pretty loaded.
  5. I have the Origins package on my 2TB drive, which is locked to the console and I cannot get the MS Dash to load. The system freezes. Questions: Can you confirm that the MS Dash is actually included? If not, where do I put it? I have read the stories of people tampering with the menu or structure and having things "blow up". I appreciate any help or suggestions. Thanks.
  6. The 2TB disk works fine, including all games, on my v1.0 console. I installed it in a v1.6 console with an Aladdin chip/Evox F&G bios but it does not load all the games. The files are there, confirmed via File Explorer and FlashFXP, but the games will not start. It loads some games but not all. It will go back to the startup menu. Very strange. Any recommendations?
  7. Hello all if anyone has a fully working XBMC ORIGINS setup can they please upload the 720p folder so I can FTP it to my XBox. (please find attached my XBMC.zip) https://bit.ly/3Iu6z9j I have a nice working dash, but I had to use the Confluence to set everything up and then just switch Appearance to Origins. I can’t edit Features: 24. CONFIGURE after mimicking countless Tutorials! File Manager just lets me view and execute files not edit/copy/move them. and my settings panel just has icons that when clicked the screen goes black SO from Origins skin I can’t change the appearance, I have to use file manager to delete Origins (use Confluence) and then FTP Origins back to Skins,,,and use (Confluence) to set Origins as my appearance XBMC4XBOX 3.5.3-r33027 (compiled: feb 27 2016)
  8. Tysonb

    2tb origins

    Hi there, I tried to download the 2tb origins from arcadepunks but that doesnt work anymore. Is there another site to download this?
  9. Modded a 1.6 with an Aladdin chip following a thorough tut on YT Rebuilt the LPC per the tutorial. I programmed with the latest cerbios. Pic attached isn't mine, but i followed this exact pic Powered on = frag Removed the hdd = frag Removed the disc drive = frag Disconnected the chip = no frag. Console booted up to the splash screen followed by errors related to the hdd and disc drive since they were disconnected Other then that Will cerbios run the origins 2tb? When i did a cerbios on a 1.4, i remember having to format the hdd with cerbios in fatxplorer Suggestions? Thanks in advance
  10. Is there a link to the installation process of the Origins game pack that has been going around which is a 1.7TB HDD image? all I am seeing is that you need a program to clone the HDD But no other information beyond that. What do I actually do with it? How would I clone it to my Xbox HDD when I have smaller size partitions, does the program just split it? The Origins Game pack I am referring to is the ArcadePunks HDD image file that many people are using. thanks!
  11. Hi Can someone with the 2TB origins HD share their F:\apps\XBMC\skin\xbox origins\720p\home.xml file? Thank you.
  12. Starting from the 2TB torrent for XBMC Origins, the fanart slideslow screensaver only has 4 images. Does anyone know the directory path where the screensaver looks?
  13. So I had a hard modded xbox from long time ago. I followed the steps and got this img to work on that xbox. So i went out and got a none modded one. Installed a OpenXenium following Mr Mario's youtube video. Then i installed the img onto another hard drive and everything worked beside it would not see drive G. So i tried a few things and nothing worked. But now after i get to the flubber screen. It just goes to a black screen and nothing happens. Am i doing something wrong? I am not doing this to resell these consoles. I wanna give them to my brother / uncle who wants one.
  14. Hello Everyone I have the XBOX Origins 2TB image. All my XBOXs are hardmodded and I want to use XBOX4GAMERS. I want to keep the games on the image to save time copying again. This image has NKPATHCER so am I right to assume its a softmod image? Is the uninstall option on the NKPATCHER menus suficient to remove the softod? I have FATXPLORER so my ultimate aim is to remove everything thats not essential and leave the games and COINOPS so I can start with a bare image and add what I want. Thanks in advance
  15. Xbox console revision 1.0 in good condition with the following specs: TSOP flashed 2TB SATA hdd Digitus SATA -> IDE adapter 80pin IDE ribbon cable On the HDD is the excellent full Arcadepunks XBMC Origins frontend! Here is a video they made to demonstrate it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XirumHggTqc The unit has been fully cleaned, no noisy fan's or bad capictors. The DVD drive is serviced and fully working. The power supply is 220volt Picture gallery with images of the Xbox running: https://jiggmaster.synology.me:5008/mo/sharing/5a0ZhM9jY Item located in Sweden, shipping worldwide Price = €100 excl. shipping
  16. I've got a question about shortcuts on xbmcorigins with UI update installed. Is it normal to only be able to select games as shortcuts? I know emulators require custom addon.xml to do it, but I am actually trying to have apps available as shortcuts. Like DVD2Xbox and other stuff. I don't know how to write an addon.xml, so even if it would make the apps show up as selectable I won't be able to do it. Is there some kind of template I can follow to learn how to write one? Another quick question, since I only use coinops for emulation, could I place the folder in F\Games so it shows up with the other games?
  17. Hi, Can anyone explain to me how to get coinops gems working on origins. ie which folder to place it on and how to get it running i'm struggling thanks
  18. Okayyy so I downloaded the xbox origins and most of it works perfecly, But I got a backup of my savegames and I want to restore my savegames from my childhood. I made a backup using my OLD harddisk which was softmodded and used UnleashX to connect to my PC using ftp. Then I used XBSM45 Savegamemanager and succesfully downloaded all my savegames... Then I put the 2tb origins hard drive back in and used the same program, but now to restore / upload all the savegames... Now I cannot say it was a total faillure...because a lot of savegames are great! rollercoaster or gta san andreas for example... But other games like need for speed or rallisport challenge.. On these games I might see my username, but no scores or whatever... Does anyone know why this is?
  19. Hi - I have a 250GB IDE hard drive with Coin Ops 8 Massive on it along with a few of my games backed up to the hard drive using dvd2xbox. I also have a few other emulators - NES, SNES and Sega Megadrive. This is the perfect setup for me and I don't really need to add anything else to it. Is it possible to add the xbox origins dashboard to my current setup and if so does anyone have a link or details on how to do it? Any help greatly appreciated.
  20. hello I just wanted to say thank you to Dom Dxecutioner, for creating XBMC ORIGINS skin, credit where credit is due. so my problem is a two fold problem, the 1st being that when I set a shortcut on the home screen, it sets the shortcut just fine, however the image is not displaying (yes I have posters and images in the file for it) the second part is that the script for downloading my XBL avatar, Gamerscore, and recently played games, will not display because the script fails. can anyone give DETAILED instructions as to how I fix this thank you for your time
  21. I bought a 500gb Xbox fully loaded with origins dashboard and games - one game (GTA San Andreas) appears on “featured games” but when I press A the console resets - how do I delete it from appearing in “Featured Games” - or could I add the game somehow as I have the disk? Thanks
  22. Hi im new to this forum but not new to modding . soon I will be installing an alladin plus x2 chip in my version 1.6 xbox therefore hard modding it . I seen where people are putting xbmc origins on their softmodded x boxes but find little information on getting a dashboard as such on it after I hard modded it ? so please 1.could somebody point me towards a prebuilt xbmc origins with instructions on how to install after I have successfully hard modded my xbox note: I will be using a ide to sata adapter to use a 2 tb hd or larger in the system 2. I plan to ftp my game files over to the hd another question I have. Can I use the hard drive as an external hard drive after I have installed a front end and transfer all my files at once with an external sata to usb adapter ? Past mod exp is n3ds ps2 softmod and hard mod with 4tb hd wii loaded softmod wii u softmod loaded sega dreamcast complete library with flash sd slot Moderator: Topic Title changed from Aladdin Chip Modder to Aladdin Chip Modder - XBmc Origins Installation, How?

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