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Found 6 results

  1. Brand new sealed, bargain price of £10
  2. I found this and thought it would potentially make a nice jewel backlight. They are paper thin, 10cm x 10cm EL panels. They are cheap and simple. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000511081220.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.3cc67ef9BTKbRB&algo_pvid=70858ccc-5276-4812-92bf-166bf11b0c47&algo_exp_id=70858ccc-5276-4812-92bf-166bf11b0c47-8&pdp_ext_f={"sku_id"%3A"12000019280130651"}&pdp_npi=2%40dis!CAD!!12.2!!!!!%402101d91e16555800182977430ed7b3!12000019280130651!sea There is a little inverter for the panel, but its small enough to fit behind the harddrive. Its powered by the extra molex connector on the startech ide to sata board. They come in 3.3v, 5v, and 12v. I got a few 5v panels, and a few 12v panels, since thats the available power from the molex. I thought maybe 12v would be brighter, but no, its the same. The panels are all the same. Its only the inverter that is different. Some 12v panels I ordered came with a slightly larger inverter that will not fit in behind the harddrive. So, if you order one of these, make sure its the small inverter that is included.
  3. Hi Just joined, just got my Orig XBOX out of storage, looking to do a 2Tb SATA update, It has a 128Gb PATA drive, a Modded Samsung DVD so reads all discs, an Xecuter X3 Chip and Executer Front Panel with LCD Display and Infrared to remote power on/off the box! Its a v1.5 Just recapped the 3 CPU caps and tried to replace the Clock super Cap, all working nicely but the clock still defaults when I power off...
  4. Hey everyone! The OG Xbox was my console back in the day, I installed a modchip and astounded friends with XBMC at the time haha! I've had a few "project" Xbox's in the years since, but can never be bothered to finish anything and make it look pretty. Recently I've been itching to pick up my project from a few years ago: a nice crystal 1.4 with a RAM upgrade, some fun lighting and built in HDMI. The hardware's done I'm just too lazy to sort out the lighting setup I want. So it's great to find this place! My people! I guess I'll see you on the boards
  5. Just picked up the above this morning, 10 xbox's. And yes that top one still has the original MS polythene on it so im gonna say thats brand new and unused!!! Gonna go through them all and clean them up before getting them modded and re-sold. Will open each one up and read the eeprom and null the key as I have a bunch of hdds (ripped from Sky boxes) with nulled keys and Rockys softmod installer on them ready to go. It looks as though none of them have ever been hardmodded as all but one have never been opened, I may come across some existing softmods tho i guess. I have a good supplier for power cables, but will need to source some AV/Component cables along with some 80 wire ide cables. I already have a few sata2ide adapters sitting here but will probably need a couple more. If anyone has any links to 80 wire ide cables that are long enough to do the job (i had some before that barely reached) then please let me know and also a good supplier of reliable av/component cables too
  6. Looking for a recommended setup for a stock 8gb softmod gaming wise. Curious as to what people would use the small amount of space for. Any homebrew or emulators that are a must?

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