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Found 14 results

  1. Hi I found this forum by accident but it seems fairly active which is cool. This is the first og Xbox related site I found. I like to chip Xboxes occasionally and sell them. Don't know if that's of interest here. I also look forward to just chatting in general with people here on the forum.
  2. Hey there guys. I'm an og modder from the xecuter days and am looking to get back in the scene again. When I was in high school in 04, i started looking into xbox modding and discovered how awesome this console was. I was in the team-xecuter forums and a couple others I can't remember and posted frequently. I got my first xbox in december of 04 and installed an xecuter 3, an x3 control panel and a 250gb hard drive. The first time I saw the flashbios screen and flashed via http is literally one of the happiest memories of my life. I believe i used slayer's 2.4 installer. I put blue leds in the controller ports, an 80mm blue cathode ring under/around the jewel and blue leds in the clear controller dongles. It was a masterpiece and I was one stoked teenager. I modded other boxes in a similar fashion for friends and a few random people who became friends as a result. Sadly this xbox got stolen in 2008 and i never saw it again. This causes me pain to this day. I found an xecuter 3 box on ebay with a control panel and plan to make it just like my old one plus a few extra mods like the makemhz hdmi, extra ram and the 1.4ghz processor with the help of an interposer from n64freak, if he has any left. I know kekule is working on one as well as an xecuter 3 clone that i hope to help him finish and get into production over the next year or so. I've yet to meet the guy, so I may be getting ahead of myself, but I am hopeful! The xbox modding scene is one of my greatest pleasures and joys. Few things make me happier. If my plans come to fruition, I hope to become somebody in this community that everybody is familiar with and can rely on for anything. I also hope to gain some knowledge from other people here that will help me in my future endeavors. That would be pretty cool. SS Dave, you post everywhere and you are the man. N64freak, I fucking worship you and hope to be as skilled as you are pretty damn soon. Happy new year, guys.
  3. Hi, I’m looking for some advice on where to begin with modding my Xbox. I’ve had a read around the forum and seen loads of threads with issues like games loading slow off the new HDD, slow boot ups, error messages like DVD not found, etc and it’s making the idea of modding the console somewhat daunting, no matter how many videos I watch. I’ve fully modded a Dreamcast but that’s very plug and play and has no software exploits, etc so this is a whole new level. My question is, if this Xbox was put down in front of you today, what would be your mod method of choice? I had looked at using the Rocky 5 softmod and then FTP’ing the extras disc across to use Chimp but the whole “4 second window” for the hot swap makes me nervous. Is that the way to go or is there a better way? I just want to put a larger Hard Drive in there to store rips of the discs I own, taking the strain off the DVD drive. Cheers.
  4. Hi All, Thought I'd post a quick hello as I work my way through the huge overload of information on the internet with regards to modding. I believe I have a v1.4 or v1.5 as I have a Focus video chip. The internal condition is remarkable and shows how well I looked after it when younger - but now I want to be able to show my kids some of the games I played on the Xbox and before using an emulator so I'll be reading through guides etc on here
  5. My name is Mikey and I'd like to say hi to this community! I'm able to answer allot of questions and also help others find the information they may need to help them out.
  6. Hey guys, I'm starting my first Xbox mod ever. I had owned the original but got rid of it years ago and haven't owned an XBox360 since 2011. I had found an XBox on Facebook for $50, turns out it's a 1.6, fully functioning, and after I bought that my brother in law found his XBox while he was moving so I have that as well, haven't taken that apart yet. I've taken the first one all apart and cleaned it all out. The thermal paste on the GPU is super tacky, I've not run into a thermal paste like that before, is that normal? I plan on installing an Aladdin XT4032 and putting in a SATA HDD. If there's any other "You should totally do this" or "instead of doing that do this" let me know, like I said this is my first time modding the XBox. Happy Thanksgiving!
  7. Hi im new to this forum but not new to modding . soon I will be installing an alladin plus x2 chip in my version 1.6 xbox therefore hard modding it . I seen where people are putting xbmc origins on their softmodded x boxes but find little information on getting a dashboard as such on it after I hard modded it ? so please 1.could somebody point me towards a prebuilt xbmc origins with instructions on how to install after I have successfully hard modded my xbox note: I will be using a ide to sata adapter to use a 2 tb hd or larger in the system 2. I plan to ftp my game files over to the hd another question I have. Can I use the hard drive as an external hard drive after I have installed a front end and transfer all my files at once with an external sata to usb adapter ? Past mod exp is n3ds ps2 softmod and hard mod with 4tb hd wii loaded softmod wii u softmod loaded sega dreamcast complete library with flash sd slot Moderator: Topic Title changed from Aladdin Chip Modder to Aladdin Chip Modder - XBmc Origins Installation, How?
  8. Hi , I was a regular on the old xbox scene forums, mainly in the hardware/case mods section. Looking to get back into it so very happy to find this site
  9. This site seems like a good resource, I have modded OG xboxs back in the day and have modded a few more recently, It's nice to see a active community for this.
  10. I'm an old school modder from the original days. Getting back into it after a buddy asked me to fix and revamp his two consoles. I was an xecuter fanboy and used their chips exclusively along with TSOP flashing X2 bioses. It's pretty awesome to see a forum that is still active.
  11. Hi there I am new to modding Xboxes, i have watched a number of videos on the subject . I plan to look through all the forum topics to guide me , my biggest hurdle is knowing what tools, leads and software to have so it makes the process easier. I have four Xboxes, two have been soft modded by the previous owners (one has an extension kit with three HDD's internally and has an Akira 2 mod chip), one standard Xbox and one Pal Crystal Xbox version 1.5 I plan to TSOP all of them if possible. My soldier skills are good, i have installed mod chips in my PS2, and Gamecube. I have also modded my Dreamcast with an IDE Reborn and have an IDE drive in a custom built DC table top arcade. Any help on where to look for info would be much appreciated
  13. Just saying ay, and I don't exclusively mod Xboxes but I've done a lot of work with them and experimenting. I've decided to document it all using youtube now. And for anyone curious I'm currently doing some experiments using conductive paints, starting with the membrane pads used in most digital inputs. Eventually I'll get a stock xbox on hand for something but for now I'm dealing with something that plagues some devices more than others
  14. Hello all, I recently went to the Midwest Gaming Classic in Milwaukee (about ten years in a row now) and FINALLY scooped up an original Xbox with a few games. I quickly upgraded the HDD and here I am with it softmodded and looking at all it can do. I am most interesting in some cool case/appearance based mods too if anyone has suggestions. The case is not perfect, and I really wouldn't even mind just a clean OEM shell...

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