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About Me

  1. I think I got lucky. I was looking for an Xbox below 1.6 to do a RAM upgrade on. I found one with the X3 front switch panel for the same price as any old Xbox without it. Just got it and it turns on. The chip turned out to be the newer CE version. But it's installed with the Xapt3r adapter. In https://command-tab.com/static/x3_ce_v10_v16.pdf there is an image of the standard kit: The parts that came with this Xbox are 1, 2, 3, 4 and 7. If I want to solder it I will need 9 also. That I can make myself from one of the scrap headers I have. But what is 8 and 10? My guess is that 10 is irrelevant. Is 8 for some drive activity led flashing? Is it available to buy somewhere?
  2. painted it with a primer coat of white and then some white gloss "protectic enamel" (all spray paint). and i put an led light strip that i had under my bed. can change the color with a remote. iv got a brand new IDE HDD im probly gonna throw in it. 160gb. or maybe a 2tb i havnt decided yet. also want to get a dremal and try out some window mods on another console or a 360. my video of the leds wont upload IMG_0221.3gp IMG_0221.3gp
  3. Hello! I hardmodded my V1.1 and got a 2tb hdd all partitioned and loaded with my backups for when my disc drive inevitably fails. The problem I have now is that when i open the games tab in UnleashX off Cerbios, games just says empty? I had it working just fine with a handful of games but when I backed up my full library this started occuring. I have tried repartitioning the drive with FATXplorer and it displays the drives and free space but won't actually display the games, any ideas?
  4. Just being curious - i´m struggling with the "Hotplug"- Method in combination with an rather old USB IDE Enclosure (i suppose its from the early XP Times). Things i´ve done so far: While the XBOX HDD (WD80 with 10GB) is attached to it, things get extremely worse on my W7/Linux-PC. Its shown in the Device Manager/Drives as WD80, but not via WMIC, so Tools wont´t find the HDD at all. Hdparm (here /dev/sdc) would not resume and stalls the entire System. W7/Linux won´t shut down as long the Enclose is attached, neither does the PC boot (BIOS ginves me a B4 error, means USB Hotplug error). As soon as i power off the Enclosure/remove it, things will resume. Same happens when the drive is unlocked by the XBOX and hotswapped. But every other IDE drive in the Enclosure works fine. I understand that ATA Security could probably stall that old the Microcontroller in the Enclosure (somehow a 7.5 MHz RISC Controller), but i think as soon the drive is unlocked, this shouldn´t be a problem at all. -Or- the MC somehow resets the HDD again before it tries to obtain the drive data and the HDD is falling back to the point where ATA Security gets in Place, but i think the controller might have at least the ability to read out the drive data (Brand, Name etc) . Of course the Enclosure has always power while Hotswapping. Removing the jumper on the HDD (from Cable Select to Master) doesn´t do it. I got the Key for the HDD via my logic analyzer and its I2C Protocol Analyzer (Key has to be tried out). If things get completely worse, i could try to program an MC by myself and attach the drive to it in order to unlock it via Serial Commands (and remove the lock permanently, as well lock it again). But i think thats too much work. Done a AVR IDE/FAT32-Driver more than fifteen years ago (of course sources are lost by now), but somehow i won´t fiddle around again for only one purpose. I have another Seagate Spare IDE drive with 20 GB, which i could fit in the XBOX and try it to lock via the enclosure (if it does accept the command), but idk where or where to obtain the neccessary OS-files (including Softmod and the ability to connect to the XBOX via LAN/FTP, as well as a driver, wchih allows Access to a USB-Stick attached to a mechanically modified controller port). I understand that there have to be at least two Partition, C and E, but idk which FS (xfat?) etc. Any help is greatly appreciated ! Best regards Stef
  5. Hello people. managed to pick up a very very cheap xbox. only paid a 10 quid for it but its mint. only thing it switches on automatically when its plugged in. i did check for traces and 1 is gone but i will jump these when my wires come. clock cap his been desoldered but 3 power caps are gone which ive ordered and will change was going through some old stuff and managed to find my xecuter v26 CE. i had this for years and luckly i still kept it. replaced this with X3 so i kept the old 1 now my questions. will this work on my 1.4 will it need reflashing as i cant even remember what bios was on it (been so many years) i have all the wiring, fresh as in never been installed. does any 1 have a guide on how to install. i think 3 wires just need soldering. as my X3 was a solderless install and of course if i do need a reflash, can any 1 suggest a good bios CHEERS GUYS. MUCH APPRCIATED
  6. Hello good evening guys, I need to clear a doubt about the Xbox HD and the chip.... Come on, My Xbox 1.6 already has the Pin headers installed, and I want to buy Chipmod PROJECT STELLAR, I just fit it in and ready? Since you have everything done.... and another thing I'm going to buy a HD Western Blue, would that be the right one?
  7. OG xbox is apparently next. I believe the console is stock and I believe the original HD has failed. Thats what I will be focused on.
  8. Been lurking around here for a little while and figured I'd join the fray. I recently dug out my old modded xbox to re play some old titles that I missed only to find that the OG xbox scene had sprung back up with a new born popularity. I'm amazed at some of the things that are available now for this old workhorse. Props to all those out there that are putting in the hard work to keep these old things going and making them better than ever. I've got a 1.6 OG with a Xenium ice mod chip that I installed several years ago. It's been great other than the DVD drive not wanting to eject occasionally. Also have a modded 360, my second one due to RROD. Also have a PS2 with a mod chip that I installed just to see if I could do it and I'll never do another one again. Lastly I have a stock PS3 that's been used for nothing other than a Blu Ray player it's entire life in my home theater until it quit ejecting disks. I guess I don't have very good luck with consoles. Thanks for putting this community together, there is a lot of good information here and the people here seem very helpful.
  9. Hello There, yesterday I was with my father trying to upgrade our old and loved Og Xbox, but I'm new with Xbox tools, and after some try and error trying to get Chimp to work. I ran accidentaly the XBP Table Writer after that, and all games in the F: and G: partitions were gone. Now when I try to send any file to these partitions via FTP using Filezilla, I get the error "550 Internal error" or "Failed to get folders" I just ignored the error and got a DVD that I instaled the HexEn 2018, and with that I could clone my HD, but all the games that we had (Almost 120gb of games) are missing. Someone knows if there's any way to recover the games that I lost or at least recover the storage ?
  10. Any help with the title? I just want to dump my bios… not really soft mod. Is this possible? Just run it.. grab my bios… and undo everything it did?
  11. I thought that all of the original Xbox forums online were all gone/dead. It's great to see that there are still active ones to be found! For my first post I wanted to share one of my first Xbox consoles I modded. Its nothing special, just something designed to be used at events where hundreds gather where I wont be afraid to have any number of random visitors using it. The Xbox itself is simply softmodded and it has been reworked to use a 2.5" SATA HDD. From the 120gb it now houses coinops and a number of modded Halo, Timesplitter and Battlefront games. The idea is a very multiplayer friendly console that is intuitive to use. While it has an XBMC dash, it boots directly into coinops so any number of people can use it without having to ask what to do. Before I upgraded the HDD I took a snap of the original guts while I was working on the console. The HDD is sitting on a spacer above the motherboard to allow for increased airflow, done after the capacitors were rewired and replaced. For fans I am using a Sunon for exhaust and the famous Iceberq 4 for the chipset. The PSU has been wired externally similar to a laptop. While I could have used a picopsu, this defeats the purpose of the console being cheap, easy and worry free with strangers using it. It's nothing fancy. But it looks great, its robust, it doesn't overheat after 12+ hour sessions, I have very little money invested in it and I built it so I wouldn't be afraid of strangers mashing on it.
  12. You all know, that I'm such a tease (That's no secret right? ) so, here are some of the new chips I added to my collection. Images : https://imgur.com/a/DKaO13U
  13. XBOX 1.6 128MB Ram upgrade 8TB Seagate Baracuda UDMA 5 Blue leds on each side Blue led fan on back Color changing leds front power / eject Color changing leds all 4 players For a client
  14. So I got my new old xbox yesterday and still have no games for it but somewhere read that it can play audio cd s so I inserted a disc and listened. I accidentally pressed Y and X in a short space of time and it zoomed in that little animation so it was covering entire screen. I did it on my 1.1 xbox so idk if it works on other xboxes (probably yes).
  15. I don't exactly know what I did. I just tested a PS2 joypad adapter which worked for a little while, then the console just turned off by itself, receiving no power as I tried to repeatedly turn it on to no avail. I opened it, dusted it off and tried to turn it on with both disc drives removed and un-connected (just to watch what was happening inside): the console turned on but for just a moment, the little fan started spinning but for just a second, I repeated that many times until a tiny little "something" nearby the 1st controller port started going on fire and blown. I dusted that off too (it literally melted, turned to dust in my fingers), tried to turn it on and it worked so I reconnected the drives and it works like before but I wonder: what was that and why that happened after I tried to use the PS2 joypad adapter? Now the console works, but I notice from beyond the plastic "grates" of the side there's a red led on the motherboard. Did I remove an obstacle to the correct functioning (a material bug or something) or did I accidentally removed a crucial part of the motherboard (like a chip, a transistor, etc... sorry for my ignorance I just noticed it when it was on fire for a second, something like extremely little smoking up then nothing)? I also checked the temp after a 2 minutes gameplay it went from 70 to 90 then it stayed stable... what should I do to prevent further damage?
  16. Hi guys, I am looking to buy a XCM Ruby red working Xbox, not just the case. Please message me if you have one that your willing to part with.
  17. So about 12 years ago i bought a modded (x3) xbox from a guy on the neogeo forums. Worked fine for me for a couple years. Then one day it didn't. I bought it, used it, but did not build it. I had no idea what to do, was raising kids, etc So into the attic it went. A month ago my 20yo son pulled it out and asked if he could have it. Of course, but i didn't know why it wouldn't go into a dashboard anymore. And after a couple weeks, its found its wayback in front of me to provide some dad help. I've paid the upgrade fee here so i can spare myself the hours of searching the web for downloads for me to experiment with, but...i still don't see a download section anywhere. Logged out, logged back in, nothing. Is there even a dedicated section? Thanks
  18. Hi all, so I've just done a really dumb/bad thing and was hoping to get some advice please... Putting a different HD into my modded box, the X3 chip wasn't booting (it sometimes doesn't sit right and has to be wiggled) and stupidly, without thinking, I tried moving the disc drive unit on top of it, while the unit was still plugged in... One loud pop, a flash on the power board and a blown trip switch in my flat later: the Xbox is now dead... :-( So my question is: am I screwed? Or can I swap out the power supply board for a replacement one? I have 2 spare working Xboxes in the cupboard - so could I just replace the whole power supply board? Or is that gonna be "way too easy"... (I'm guessing they were a few different types of power supply boards back in the day: the attached photo is the one in my modded box...)
  19. HELLO, Hey guys and gals. I have been a OG xbox owner since I kicked my PS2 to the side for real online gaming way back when. I never was much of a collector, just a gamer. As time has gone on I am now more of a collector and less of a gamer due to life and work always consuming the free time. Since I only ever owned a standard black console I have since started collecting for the now aging system, now I have a total of 12 OG xboxes. CIB JAP dead or alive system, a crystal clear system and a ton of the black ones to include an original Trusty mod console with an Xecuter 3 chip and the lovely front panel with screen and bank selection. I've also managed to snag a freshly built N64 Freak system direct from the source to round out the collection. What brings me here? Well all of these stock black consoles. I repair consoles and install mods for fun, started a small business to try and support my desire to tinker. I've done PC-Engine LT, Super CD-ROM, TurboGrafx, Turbo CD, Vectrex, Atari, etc rebuilds. HDMI mods for NES, Dreamcast, N64, OG Xbox, Saturn to name a few. Rebuild laseractives and many IPS screens to many handhelds, gameboys to lynx to wonder swans... At this point I've done most of the hardware stuff and I want and need to deep dive the software side to gain a better understanding. I've recapped, installed HDMI in most and added mod chips to most of the remaining black consoles and I want to upgrade the drives and make these things one stop shopping for gaming so I am here to learn. So if I can help out in any way let me know, talk collecting or share war stories I am all in. Cheers, Joe
  20. Ok so first off let me say this - I am the dumbest person in the world ...so hopefully I covered that upfront I bought a modded XBOX off eBay YEARS ago...I just finally got it out of storage and hooked it up It has Xenium on it - I don't remember if this is a hardware mod - but it might be Anyway - there are (or were) two dashboards to choose from One is MS DASHBOARD A - which doesn't really have anything And then there was the X Dashboard (I cannot remember the correct name) - that is wher everything was - to play a game from HDD or Disk, or from the laoded Emulators - everything...it basically was everything on the XBOX and the way I play games The XBOX came with a lot of games loaded on it, and I was trying to remove some of the games that were on it that I didn't want So under the two choses for Dashboard to go into is ADD a NEW Item and REMOVE an ITEM I was trying to remove games so I selected "REMOVE AN ITEM" and then selected the Xenium Dashboard - thinking that I would go INTO that area to remove the game... But I removed THE WHOLE DASHBOARD And I cannot figure out how to get it back.. I tried going into ADD a NEW ITEM but I cannot find it - its all files on various Hard drive partitions ... Can anyone please tell me how to fix this? I feel like I just totally ruined and deleted my entire Xbox...and I am freaking out Please please help me...I don't know what to do... I'll be happy to chat or text with someone or email - if you think you can help me Thanks in advance Humbly... Jaek [email protected]
  21. What ups So glad I found this awesome forum for the OG. I installed an OpenXenium chip and now I don't know what to do. My goal is to swap the original HDD (which is EVOX softmodded) with a spare 1TB I have laying around. I tried adding the retail kernel to the launch menu but it isn't working. On the original HDD the xbox boots to a black screen, on the spare HDD the xbox boots to an error screen. What is my next step?
  22. Curious as to what could be inside. Any ideas?
  23. Hello all, I just wanted to say a quick hello to all who decide to see this! Modding my Xbox and looking around for information brought me here. This place seems like a good place to settle in and talk. I've had an original Xbox ever since they launched, but never thought to mod it up until a few weeks ago. I think modding out my Dreamcast made me want to explore other consoles as well. This seemed like a great fit and fun route to take. .....also questions, I have so many questions ha! I'll bring that to the designated forum spots. Thanks, and looking forward to all this.
  24. Hello all, I am new to xbox modding. I am just trying to learn more about the software side of modding this console. I have experience modding just about every other console and am now getting into the original xbox. I've installed an openxenium mod chip, and have ordered a 2TB hdd, ide to sata converter, and 80 wire ribbon cable. I'm just trying to get a feel for what the current methods people are using as a lot of information is outdated. Thanks for reading this.
  25. Hello people. Finally ive found a forum. Ive just dug my xbox out. Now my question I run the xecuter 3 mod chip with custom front panel. As far as i no if u hold white button on the controller u can get into the settings menu (fan speed colours bla bla) All i want to no is. When i upgrade to the new hard drive. Will i have this option again to bring up the menu (white button on controller) or will i have to install it to the new hard drive. Its beem like 15 years since i last used it. Any help guys

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