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Found 13 results

  1. I am trying to get one of my Xboxen ready for when Insignia drops, and I am having a wierd issue. If I put in a HDD built with OGXbox installer, it works. I can get all the way through to the create a gamertag screen. If I put a hdd that is a clean build, only MS dash files on it (5960), it fails just after "create an accont" screen. "something went wrong.." Same bios, same dash, only difference being one was hand built with fatxplorer. with just the dash files, the other with fatxplorer and "OGXBox Installer 2021 - v1.5.3 beta 2 For FatXplorer + XBoxHDM" files... The only modification I made to the ogxbox files, was adding the ini file for cerbios. Ideas?
  2. I can't find an actual answer to this, so I wanted to ask you guys. Has anybody managed to get insignia to work with UIX lite? Obviously you would have to set it up in the MS dash first, running the MS Dash manually in a file browser or as an application. But once that is done, can you even control the network settings? It doesn't look like it. It seems like a very limited dash... Looks to be no FTP either. I mean, it's the MS dash, so getting as far as the team has is impressive in itself. @Thairanny
  3. I made some improvements to project, like remove authentication with email, now android devices don't have problem to use the website, and add enable/disable notifications toggle button on topbar. Original Post: I created a web app that notifies you when you have new or closed sessions on Insignia. It has filters to filter the game list by name, serial or game save code, in addition to ordering by active users, active sessions, etc. It may contain some bugs, if anyone wants to help me find them, I would appreciate it. https://insignia-notify.com
  4. I created a web app that notifies you when you have new or closed sessions on Insignia. It has filters to filter the game list by name, serial or game save code, in addition to ordering by active users, active sessions, etc. If you want to enter, just register your email (the email is only to save notification preferences, I will not spam or anything with your data). It may contain some bugs, if anyone wants to help me find them, I would appreciate it. https://insignia-notify.com
  5. Everytime i try to get insignia on my xbox it says it can't connect to the server than i go the troubleshooting and it says that the DNS can't be resolved i am running the connection from a bridged connection on my pc could that be causing it?
  6. Hey guys, I found out that there is this new Xbox Live insignia thing going on... Looks really cool, so I want to get my xbox ready. Since I nulled my Xbox HDD and it has an EvoX dashboard, I tought it was best to take another xbox which is softmodded using rocky5's emustation. I launched insignia's default.xbe and succesfully registered to insignia. Question1 : How do I open the original xbox dashboard? Insignia instructs me to perform a internet check I also read that I have to set internet settings to Dashboard.... If I do this then I dont seem to have any connection at all Question2: I don't have internet when I select internetsettings to dashboard. Why? Any help would really be appreciated! would be great to play xbox live with friends!!
  7. Can anybodybody help? I think the problem is so new that there is nothing on Google about it. I ll keep it short. I softmodded with Rocky 5 and changed all HD keys to 11111s. The message mentions insignia and it not working if previously signed up. Well I did nt re boot after the softmod and of course quickly registered for insignia. I cannot get in . Kicking myself as i bought and restored a crystal xbox especially to try insignia this weekend and fell at the last hurdle. Any ideas? Thanks?
  8. it's really cool. they are still sending out invite codes if u request one. it works on stock, softmodded, and hard modded xbox's. the player base is dwindling because people think there aren't enough players and that is a self defeating problem. the service works really well and they add new games to it often. also, join the discord server https://discord.gg/CWkdVdc
  9. I've got 4 Xboxes I've softmodded for my family using Rocky's softmod tool, and I nulled the keys as well during that process (all zeros, but will soon upgrade to all ones to be compatible with Insignia - hopefully its an easy process to upgrade the softmod dashboard/tool). I currently have a larger drive in one of them that has the dashboard, emulators, and games set up just the way I want it. I want to put larger hard drives in the other three and have all four be the exact same setup. Rather than cloning the stock hard drive to a larger drive during the upgrade process and then spending the lengthy time FTPing over the hundreds of MB's of data with the data rate transmission limitations and drop outs inherent with FTP, since all the XBOX's have nulled keys I was planning on just taking the larger drive I've already set up and cloning it 3 times - and then putting those cloned drives into the other 3 xboxes. Much simpler and quicker. However, with Insignia needing the Serial Number, HDD Key, and Online Key for each Xbox would cloning a hard drive from one xbox and putting that newly created hard drive into another xbox change the way the serial number or online key is read in the "newly upgraded" Xbox and make it incompatible with Insignia? Or does it not matter as it will just pull the serial number and online key from the mobo and doing what I described above will still be compatible with Insignia? Thanks all!
  10. Anyone trying to get registered for Insignia can go register on their website as of this morning. This is the OX Xbox Live replacement service that is going live soon. https://insignia.live/
  11. Hello all! I've been tinkering around with my X3 OG Xbox to get it ready for Insignia, and the main issue I'm having is that every time I try to access the original MS Dashboard - I can hear the astronaut/space background sound, so I know it's *there*, but it's a black screen. I believe this has SOMETHING to do with the resolution my xbox is running in: I am using an XOSVP/component cable and the xbox is set to 480p/720p+1080i disabled. IIRC the MS Dashboard is... 480i? Could that be why I only get a black screen when trying to access the Xbox Live account settings? I managed to get it to appear after messing around with a bunch of settings and hauling a scart TV out and connecting it via a scart connector, but as this is a huge hassle, is there some way to access this dashboard without screwing up all my resolution settings? I see a "Modded Microsoft Dashboard 5960" available for download via XBMC4GAMERS but I'm afraid to download that in case it screws up xbmc4gamers. Anyone able to help please?
  12. Hello there! I bought myself a soft modded original Xbox and also found out you could make it look like the 360 blades with XBMC and MC360, now I also know I want to use XLink Kai and when Insignia launches for the console, I wanted to do that as well but I also know MC360 probably won’t work for that since it’s not been updated in years from what I’ve read on forums. I guess to shorten all of this up, am I overwriting my Rocky5 softmod with XBMC or MC360? Or would I be able to just switch back and forth between all the dashboards I want? Any help is greatly appreciated! (:
  13. Insignia is looking good, MVG has uploaded the video below reporting on the latest and he's been TESTING on a closed beta over the weekend. Hopefully not to long now before we can all go killing each other online again MVG Video here :)

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