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Found 24 results

  1. >Easy XDK Installer V1.4.1< "Legitimate Edition" ------------------------------------------------------------- This is an easy way to turn your retail console into a debug kit. There are two main options: 1. Install the XDK dashboard as an "app", meaning that you will have the option to load the dash as an app which will be marked "XDK Launcher" in your apps list. This will boot the dash by booting a Debug version of Cerbios through PBL, which forces the load of the XDK dashboard. 2 "Standalone mode" wipes your C and E partitions and turns the console into a full-on debug kit. The installer also provides the means to flash a debug enabled Cerbios bios through this option. This should cover most case uses. However I will add features and modify the installer over time as I receive feedback. Also included is every single piece of software imaginable on the PC side. Everything from Windows XP itself, to Visual Studio 2003, to the XDK installer, and of course, the VMWare image is linked below. The XDK version numbers are a lie. 5849.16 is the latest version of the XDK. Please remember to download and install the virtualbox additions ISO. This makes the VM experience much more pleasurable and XP is better able to work with the VM software, also installing graphics drivers! I also invite you to try to use this installer after creating yourself a fully fledged development kit. It works perfectly for mine! Please do not use vx.dxt in your "DXT" folder. It serves no purpose and causes some things to not load and to crash. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Installer Link: Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VthT4LHLhR7Ds8fAff04eA4uLNe4-Xht/view?usp=drive_link VMWare XDK Image Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Du_3Fk0s2gIYu9DBbMXabJiMSRf8KSK5/view?usp=drive_link VirtualBox Additions ISO: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xXHHs7lNT9WeB_wWceMRpxi6a2CDtYu5/view?usp=drive_link -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.4.1 -Changed XML commentary, installer messaging and structure, as well as finishing readme's for each section and adding further explanation of operations so that people can have a better understanding of what is being done and how. -Added ability to say no to flashing Cerbios at the end of the Standalone installs. It is a hardcoded debug bios that is flashed. However, there is a debug ini that is installed anyway, so if you don't want to flash a hardcoded debug Cerbios for any reason, you will be given the choice not to flash and the debug ini will still enable you to boot into the XDK launcher. -Fixed a bug that copied the incorrect bios to HDD when selecting option to flash back to retail bios under "Back to Retail" section. 1.4.0. - Fixed a few more videos. DAMN XMV files. -.- - Added a boot menu where you have the option to launch this installer in different modes: -- Non BFM DHCP mode (Default!). -- Non BFM Static IP mode. -- BFM DHCP mode. -- BFM Static IP mode. - This disc and all the XBE's are now usable with the ENDGAME DVD Launcher if needed. - Added the option to install the 5849 XDB for XBox as App and Standalone. You now have the option to use use 4627 or 5849 as an App or Standalone if you like. -Removed vx.dxt (VerifierX) from 5849 XDK installs. It causes crashes with things like XBlast and PBL. It was causing the installer to crash when flashing with XBlast and trying to use the PBL "Retail" mode in the XDK Launcher.
  2. Hello, I am looking at making a few of these for myself, and I'm wondering if anybody here has used one, or anything similar to it? I'm not familiar with kernel debugging using Super I/O, but it seems like something that could be useful if I want to learn all I can from the hardware of this system. DobaMuffin
  3. Work in games and have every generation of XDK. However the original is one I know very little about. I think I messed with it like a decade ago and got the Neighborhood set-up but don't remember anything beyond that. Does anyone have an idiot-proof guide to getting this thing running retail games? I picked a bunch of JP titles up recently and really want to try them out. Apologies for the stupid questions but it's REALLY hard to find any information these days. The SEO on old Xbox stuff is terrible. Any help would be sincerely appreciated!
  4. Hi, I'm looking for an Xbox debug kit. I thought about modding my current rig to run the proper requirements to have a working development environment, but I'd feel a bit more secure working on a proper piece of hardware to start developing and learning how to make homebrew. The current listings for these consoles are a bit insane(Seeing one being listed for almost $1,000) for my budget and I have no intent to ever get rid of it. I do have some things of value that I'd be willing to add for trade. - an Xecuter 3 - an X3 pro switch - 2 complete translucent clear ghost cases - 1 complete translucent red ghost case Doesn't hurt to try asking the community and I hope I can return back to the community with a debug kit. Thanks, Zerg
  5. Tysonb

    Xbox Debug Kit

    Hi everyone, I have a xbox debug kit for sale. Its the transculent green, unopened xbox with the original seals intact. Ofcourse with a green transculent controller, 128mb ram and the xdk launcher dashboard. Price €800
  6. Hi folks, I'm an electronics engineer, just got an Xbox one original, and the 1708 controller was updating and suddenly disconnected. Now, it lights up and spins the vibe motors on connection to the usb, the Xbox button lights bright on the controller, then goes duller and it disconnects. Does this over and over. I really want to debug it but not sure where to start, does anyone have any info? Tried Windows 10 Xbox accessories app, it does the same thing - appear, disappear, appear, disappear etc.
  7. I am trying to help out a friend of mine that has a genuine xBox Debug console. Apparently he tried to upgrade the hard drive, but inadvertently used an older XDK boot disc to format the new drive. At that point, his flubber animation would freeze and the box was useless. Even putting the original HDD back in did not fix it. We assumed that the TSOP had been corrupted. A couple of other things to note were that if I had the DVD and HDD both unplugged, the boot sequence would complete to the xBox logo but no errors or any other information would appear. Additionally, using the eject button does not actually eject the disc tray, the green LEDs just flash as if it was actually doing something. Where I am at now is I have created a Raspberry Pi PiPROM setup and tried to read the TSOP. The initial image file was 1mb in size, but when I tried to read it on my PC, it was just corrupted data. Since then I have tried to erase and flash different debug bin files. Oftentimes the flash says successful, but when I tried to read the TSOP back to a file, it is only 4k in size. Other TSOP images I have tried just fail to flash at all. What I have found is that If I do an erase, I can actually get the box to boot up off the of an XDK disc and it successfully formats the HDD and copies files over. However, once it completes, I am left with a black screen on boot up. The only thing I can then do is erase the TSOP again to get it to show the boot animation and boot off the XDK disc again. It just seems that while I am able to erase the TSOP, nothing is allowing me to actually write to it. Could the chip be corrupt or is there something else I am completely missing? It has been years since I modded my own xBox, and I have been trying to re-learn and read as much as possible. However, I am stumped at this point and would appreciate any and all help. Thanks for reading!
  8. Hey y’all, so I want to convert a 1.6 retail og Xbox to a debug kit. I want to do this because I want to dip my feet into software development for the Xbox but how do I get this going?
  9. I've been wanting to flash over a debug BIOS to my Xenium box, and have the option to boot into the XDK launcher dashboard. I haven't been able to find a clear guide on how to go about this, particularly what debug BIOS would be compatible with a 1.6 console, if there is a compatible BIOS at all. I'd appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction of getting this set up.
  10. Okay I found a debug console in Toronto Ontario. The guy mentioned to me that it had Call of Cthulhu which is nowadays getting a little bit up there in value compared to other Xbox games. This post is more of a question I'm wondering if anybody has seen another different copy of Call of Cthulhu besides the retail disc game. For example Call of Cthulhu retail game size is 3.16 GB.... the version I found on this debug kit is 2.34 GB. There's a difference in size there. Not only that but once you enter the game and you select your level of difficulty it brings up a small screen on the right hand side overlaying the graphics the fonts are very hard to see and our kind of messy looking with underscores and lowercase letters. Very hard to see but this will allow you to pick a level in the game. I have confirmed this I've tried it. Just wondering if this game has ever been released before in the Xbox world or if this is a debug Edition Call of Cthulhu? Attached are some images of stage select as well as size on hard drive.... if anyone can confirm that they've seen this version or if they can confirm that they've never seen this version before would be appreciated. Thank you for reading
  11. Hi guys, I finally got another CRT setup and I'm about to softmod my regular xbox console and get some case mods and other goodies for it including RAM upgrades! To fund this, I want to sell an xbox debug unit I have. It comes with the debug specific AV cable with Svideo and Composite. It sounds loud, but the tray opens and closes and it boots up just fine. Please PM if interested!
  12. Hey Guys! new member here but used the site for research a couple of times and seems like a great community here. I have a og xbox debug kit that turns on but gets stuck on the xbox logo after the animation. it doesnt load into the dashboard/xdk launcher. Would anyone know the cause of this? None of the seals have been broken so i dont know if i should take it apart or not... Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advanced!
  13. Hi all, Please let me know if I did something wrong with my post, I didn't see a ton of rules about classifieds. I don't have a ton of experience with the OG Xbox, most of my time was spent back in the day on Xbox 360 mods but I acquired and kept these consoles over time, but don't need to hold onto them anymore. I know this is also my first post, so If anyone wants feedback for my accounts from eBay, se7ensins, Reddit, tcgplayer, timestamped photos/videos/video chats, whatever, let me know. First off is this debug kit. I know nothing about it other than it was opened at some point. I fired it up the other day and it sounds like a fan bearing is going out on it. Only interesting thing on it was the audio tool pictured. I know nothing about where the console came from other than it has two tags saying "MS ASSET #" with two different different numbers. I heard from the previous owner it came out of a studio in the Redmond area. $250 + ship Crystal Xbox with converted 120v power supply and X3 modchip. The previous owner said this is a European console they imported, swapped the power supply, installed an X3 modchip, and a 320GB hard drive. I just reflashed it today with the X3 BIOS and Avalaunch is configured as the current launcher. $250 + ship Here are two prototype Krypton Xbox 360 Controllers I have too. Not OGxbox, but I thought they may be of interest to some. I'm thinking $85 for the 1st with the better label and $80 for the 2nd one in slightly more used shape. Payment through Paypal preferred. Goods & Services works best, but please add fees according to https://thefeecalculator.com/ if going that route.
  14. I have a Dev Kit and a Debug Kit, and I've decided that I don't really need both so I'm selling my Debug Kit. I plan on listing it on eBay, but wanted to give folks here a chance at it first in hopes it goes to a collector here that is looking for one. The labels on the bottom are punctured (by me during repair), but I can provide a replica label set for a small fee (labels will show console's actual serial number). When I acquired it, it was fragging. The HDD ended up being the culprit, so I replaced it with one from a stock Xbox and installed the XDK Dashboard. It currently boots up and runs just fine. I will include the original HDD that came with it in case you want to try to get it working. If you can fix the HDD, it may still have interesting stuff on it. On the HDD that is in it, I have it modded so that it will run retail games and apps (in addition to debug games). Aside from fixing it, I also cleaned the Xbox inside and out thoroughly. I used to repair game consoles for a living for a company for a few years, so rest assured it was well taken care of. The clock cap was leaking when I got it. I removed it, cleaned the residue and there don't seem to be any trace-rot symptoms. I can also install a new clock-cap if asked. The case is in great condition overall. There is a small crack on the back right next to the case screw (the top is the same as Halo/EU units and could be swapped if someone really wanted to). Can provide more photos if needed. I do not know which studio this Xbox came from. I purchased it from its original owner (according to the seller). When asked, here's what he said about the unit: The seller didn't respond to my questions later after I bought it. I recently reached back out to him to ask for more details. Will update this thread if he replies. I can provide seller references if needed. I also have a 100% reputation eBay seller account (same username) since 2009. You can find me in various og Xbox forums going back to xbox-scene. I have an idea of what I think this is worth but am looking for offers. Please no low-ball offers. I'm not looking to rip anyone off, but don't plan on undervaluing it either. If no reasonable offers come through, I'll be putting it up on eBay. Will be shipped via FedEx (unless otherwise arranged). Shipping from Arizona (USA) w/ tracking, insurance, and signature-required delivery. Will be packaged safely for transit. Payments through PayPal. Thanks!
  15. Hi Could someone write step by step how to install convert xbox retail to debug? MVG video is too chaotic for me.
  16. recently got a debug kit I have been trying to look for ways on how to FTP 2 debug kit. The only media this would read that will allow you to FTP is the dashboard Avalanche. These were made on the Old Source codes that's why it can read it. But you really want the Alpha version it's a special version (Alpha v0.49.1) This is the only Dash or program this debug kit will play. Once it boots up go into file manager using the CD to get there. Copy files from DVD drive into the E partition you can make a folder call it apps and place individually everything on the contents of the CD you made... once that is done you can reboot the system open Avalanche go into FTP settings. You want to change your IP address to whatever you have on flashfxp or Windows .. once you are linked you can pull off any programs that you want to make a copy for yourself. Another thing you can do is download an app called retail game loader V 1.20. This app will allow you to play retail games as well as emulators or anything the original Modded Xbox can play. How you use it is once you FTP to hard drive and is complete reset the system then under xdk launcher click on the newly installed app retail disc loader V 1.20... once that is launched it will look like the exact same Dash except now you can load anything you want. I was giving a lot of help from a lot of different sources in order to make this post to this form. Please if you know any other tricks leave a comment below if not this will work for sure I've tried it myself 100%. Thank you very much for reading have a great Frankie d
  17. This might interest those that want to turn their retail/debug Xbox into a fully-functioning development kit without having to spend $500+ on one. It works on any version 1.0 through 1.2 motherboard and can be great for troubleshooting crashes of all kinds without requiring the use of XDK software. I'm selling pre-made units for $30 plus shipping and would also like to get a feel for how many might want one in Europe so I can bulk-ship to a distributor to help save some on shipping costs as it's usually around $15 USD to ship from the US otherwise. Everything is fully open-source if you'd like to build/sell them yourself as well. Any questions, feel free to ask. https://github.com/XboxDev/serial-usb-adapter
  18. I have a broken debug kit Xbox that I'm hoping to salvage and get working again and could use some pointers. It starts to boot up but hangs at the X screen during bootup (no Microsoft logo). There is some trace-rot and corrosion present on the board, and I'm hoping it's not bad enough to be causing these issues. The clock capacitor was leaking but it was very minor. High-res photos of the board: https://imgur.com/a/sESsyvi There's also a bodge-job done to the underside of the board, which I'm not sure what it does. The orange D0 wire was added by me. The thermal tape was there when I got it. The hard drive does not make any sound at all, so I hooked the HDD up to a PC and my PC couldn't read it (still no spin-up or reading sounds coming from the drive). I suspect that the drive may be broken. I swapped in a similar model HDD's logic board (first part of model was the same, last part was slightly different) and then the drive spun-up, but was clicking ('click of death' sound), but I'm not sure if this is from the drive being busted or from it being the wrong logic board. I burned 5849_Recovery to a disc, swapped in a different (unlocked) Xbox HDD and tried to boot from the disc and it hung at the same spot in the bootup process. I tried a different DVD drive too just in case. The fact that it's still misbehaving after taking out the supposedly-bad HDD makes me wonder if a BIOS flash went wrong. I have a copy of the debug BIOS, but no 1MB modchips on hand. I only have an Aladdin XT+2 and a DUO X2 Lite, neither of which can handle a 1MB BIOS. So I can get a better modchip and boot from that, but I'm not sure if that's even the problem. I've also tried swapping the power supply with the same one from a different Xbox to no avail. Any tips?
  19. Hey guys, So I have a project where I was able to come in possession of what im assuming to be a original Xbox test kit motherboard. The reason I say this is because it is an xbox motherboard with an MCPX X2 as appose to the X3 and yet it only has 64mb of ram soldered to it. It also looks like one of the previous owners tried to run Hexen and flash a retail bios on it since the solder points have been connected. Since (I'm assuming) it has a retail bios loaded on it it wont boot due to the lack of hidden boot sector in the X2. Ive finally fixed some OpenXeniums ive been working on so I have access to a couple modchips that can fit 1mb bioses in them. I am wondering, with the lack of 128mb of ram on the board, does anyone know if the development bioses will still boot to a screen showing something at least like the startup animation? I would like to see if the board is at least still functional with a proper bios and not completely nuked since it is currently in a state of FRAG that I hope is due to a retail BIOS being flashed on there. Thanks
  20. The debug unit I'm waiting to receive (tracking shows it will probably get here Tuesday) has the potential to run any unsigned code without any softmodding or hardmodding is what I have been lead to believe, is this right? I can transfer over or boot from disc any .xbe, for example Rebellious Bullet an unreleased Japanese game that was discovered on a debug unit and uploaded to the internet? edit spelling and youtube link
  21. Hello, I recently decided to mess with my recently purchase Xbox 360 development kit and i am having some trouble. I would like to get it set up to Xbox neighborhood and play debug games on it but Xbox neighborhood cant seem to find my system. If possible, could some one walk me through how to set up Xbox neighborhood, how to use it, and finally how to load debug games to it. just to clarify, my system is not a JTAG or RGH, it is an official dev kit so i dont know if the process between the two is much different. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Aidan
  22. Hi everyone! I am currently seeking any sort of reasonable price for an XDK console. I am in need mainly for debugging my Xbox Live project. (Yes that’s right this entire time I’ve been doing it on a retail console lol) I have scrounged EBay and other places and even these days those are racking up in price. Please keep in mind I ONLY will purchase in CAD (Canadian Dollars)
  23. I was wondering if anyone has had any luck mixing a debug bios with a Focus based motherboard. I tried recently doing a retail to debug xbox conversion and the unit that I tried it on has the Focus video encoder and I ran into video issues as soon as I used PBL to switch to a debug bios. I have tried with both the complex 4627 BFM and also with the 5388 stock one that comes with the dev files and they produced the same result, scrambled video.. I have tried this with an xbox that has the Conexant video encoder and it seems to work though unfortunately due to some screw ups with some DVD drive testing, I have fried the DVD control/power from the PIC meaning I have to power the drive from another xbox for it to work (leave it for another topic as to what I was doing). Anyways , I was wondering if anyone knows of any workarounds for getting the debug bios to work on the Focus video encoder. I have a feeling since there arent any since all debug units to my knowledge had the Conexant video encoder, but nonetheless worth a try. Thanks
  24. XBOX v1.0 ST TSOP iND-BiOS 5003 06 Minebea PSU SAMSUNG Optical Drive 500GB SATA w/ high performance PATA adapter 1Ghz CPU (courtesy of N64Freak) 128MB RAM (courtesy of N64Freak) Emustation/CoinOps w/ Chihiro ROMS. Dual Dash (Retail + Debug) GhostCase Protected AC Power Adapter A/V Composite A/V Component Aftermarket Controller Aftermarket USB Adapter. Video:

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