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About Me

Found 11 results

  1. Click here for our site thanks for taking the time and reading about dm gaming. We are gaming community and fourm hangout. We are causal adult gamers who love to just smoke some weed and game. We don't care about skill. Don't get us wrong we love to win as well. If you don't want to join the clan you can join our forums and just hangout and chat with our members! Things we offer our members Raffles Tournaments Forums Latest gaming news We are normal gamers with family's and full time jobs just looking to have fun. If you are interested fill out a application on our site. Gamertag / ACTIVSON Time Zone Age Location Mic Games you play Times you are on www.dmgaming.net
  2. Is not as bad as PC, but still has many bugs shared with pc version. https://gamemodding.com/en/gta-san-andreas/maps/90598-pre-lighting-fixes-pack.html fixes lighting bugs. Better PS2 Models: exterior uses - gta3.img, interior - gta.int.img. Rest files are for gta3.img, found in models folder. https://gamemodding.com/en/gta-san-andreas/graphic/84673-map-textures-fix-v34.html fixes textures, transparencies, etc. https://libertycity.net/files/gta-san-andreas/158446-gta-sa-cutscenes-fix.html fixes cutscenes. GTA San Andreas\anim\cuts.img https://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=17269 img editor to inject fixed files.
  3. Razor here just checking in, Who's keen for Insignia!
  4. Hi Everyone! I'm Edge, I've been involved in various console scenes since 2001. I was a previous member on X-S and have to say OGX is the next incarnation with a wonderful sense of community, helpful users and great information. I'm honored to be here. I've been involved in a number of "preservation" scenes including Saturn, DC, and Gamecube and have done hobbyist development on a number of systems. Like many real life pulled me away from consoles, I had sold many of my modded consoles. My kiddo has gotten old enough now to take an interest in "retro" (retro to her at least haha) gaming so it rekindled my interest and now I'm building "complete" consoles for each generation (catered game collections with all DLC and patches all playable from a console). I recently got a mystery eBay box with lots of classic XBox items that got me started on the xbox path again and so here I am, needing some assistance and already getting some great help and finding great materials. Thanks for keeping the OG Xbox torch going!
  5. I've been a casual user/lurker in the Xbox scene since 2003 probably. I've just joined to browse the forums here for any good skins, dashboards, emulator front ends.
  6. Hi just got the xbox original running again. Forgot about TSOP and all that stuff. Will need to update and upgrade it to a larger HDD. Thanks and will look into it now on this nice forum!
  7. Hey everyone! The OG Xbox was my console back in the day, I installed a modchip and astounded friends with XBMC at the time haha! I've had a few "project" Xbox's in the years since, but can never be bothered to finish anything and make it look pretty. Recently I've been itching to pick up my project from a few years ago: a nice crystal 1.4 with a RAM upgrade, some fun lighting and built in HDMI. The hardware's done I'm just too lazy to sort out the lighting setup I want. So it's great to find this place! My people! I guess I'll see you on the boards
  8. Its nice to see others who enjoy the hobby of retro gaming on the xbox. Great site looks very nice
  9. Its nice to see the original xbox community strong and all the support it has , Thanks a bunch to all the people that keep this going .
  10. Hello, New to the site. Have 3 original Xbox consoles, one working DVD/CD drive. Want to attempt Softmodding one of the non-working DVD/CD consoles. Still enjoy the old games. Intend to upgrade the hard drive as well to be able to store games on rather than have to place in dvd/cd drive.
  11. Sad to see the Iso Zone gone but it's great to find other xbox communities around the net still going strong.

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