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Found 24 results

  1. Oh, has this box been fun Started with no power at all, won't even blink. Opened it, 1.6 with Xenium Blue in it, bulging caps abound....bleh. Recapped (quite the adventure), but unsure of the work. Box powers up now, but red-lights with E09, HDD access. HDD sounds fine / feels fine, so it's either 1) IDE cable, 2) craptastic recap work ("recrap"? haha), or 3) incorrectly keyed HDD. Tested IDE cable, not an issue, same results. No way to test recrap, IMO. Working towards incorrectly keyed HDD, but don't have backup. Here's where the fun starts. Hitting the eject button activates the chip, boots to Xenium OS 2.3.0. Great, EEPROM tools: backup EEPROM: to the chip itself. Setup FTP / Telnet / all that, but ALL clients are showing empty when connected. How can I download the EEPROM backup off the chip itself? Have looked at disabling passive mode, etc. but can't get anything to work / show downloadable data. Remember when responding, no HDD access. Disk tools is showing "Lock Hard Drive", but doesn't work. "Format partitions" gives "Failed to format partition". Can't tell if it's recrap, HDD is actually dead, or just incorrect key. Any help appreciated, this has been quite the adventure so far. Also, if anybody in the San Diego area is doing Xbox work, PM me, zero interest in shipping. Several boxes on hand with various problems, including corroded traces, which I just can't handle at this point
  2. So I've been doing a bit of research to try and find out more about this OG Xbox Halo 2 Edition I have - it's a Ice Blue Halo 2 Release edition with the Black Xbox logo on the top "Black jewel" I beleive it's refered to. Some sites I have found (https://gamingdoc.org/) & (https://consolemods.org/) - list the serial numbers as both: 2NNNNNN 51805 , 2NNNNNN 50805 Are these internal board Serial Numbers? The xbox is still in it's plastic bag packaging so I'm not going to open it to check but on the stick externally - it has 4044117 51505 :SERIAL NO. & 241 4044117 51505 :PRODUCT ID Does anyone know anything more about this? Like can I confirm the unit I have is actually the Xbox Halo 2 Edition from Asia ? (PAL) I'm in Australia so it's likely from the Asian Market. Considering it's still in it's plastic bag sealed - Are these things considered rare still? Thanks in advance for any info anyone can provide me with! I'll attach the photos I have in the next comment from my phone.
  3. Hi I have an issue with another xbox of mine. when I want to save changes in xblast it only shows the background and does not reboot, but changing in the menu does work/ fan speed does change exepte it does not wanna keep it. I testet 3 chips and all have the same issue. this Xbox had a leaked clock cap and two traces where rotten but everything else works fine. example: Gruß Hero
  4. Hello, I have a transparent blue faceplate that I never installed on an xbox and was wondering if it was still worth anything, or if the market is no longer there. I was thinking about putting it on eBay soon, but I don't know anything about what to list it as or even if it's still worth my time to do. Backstory - My mom bought me a team xecuter chip and face plate over a decade ago, I tried to solder the header pins onto the jtag and melted the plastic on them. I freaked out because I worried that ruined something expensive (I was a dumb kid) and just stored everything. A couple years ago I made a computer case out of the XBOX case and found it in my xbox stuff. I looked it up and found it was desirable. Since then, my life has been one crazy thing after another; 2 jobs, moving, kid, covid, and I just haven't been able to carve out time to sell it. Thanks
  5. Preferably still stock if possible & in working condition. Not too picky on if it was opened or not. Located in USA. Willing to pay international shipping and some extra to pack it up nice. cheers
  6. I booted up my XBMC and noticed that it wasn't loading as fast. The menu takes forever to load and when I finally reach the menu it just shows a blue screen with loading. I can't login and I get a script error. Below is my log file. Please help me find a solution. I'm quite a noob and hope the fix is easy. Log file xbmc.log
  7. My last batch of OpenXeniums are up for sale. Not making anymore (at least for the foreseeable future). Same as before 55.00 + Shipping. Comes with pin header (2x7). I have the following remaining: 5 White 5 Blue 4 Purple. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!
  8. I am looking for a blue xbox configured with the front faceplate like the above. Thank you.
  9. Hi Im looking for a halo2 blue crystal box only.
  10. Hi, I have the blue xbox with the black jewel but there are blue xbox with grey jewel. What are the exact names and differences?
  11. Looking to purchase power button for og Xbox. Would like power button with blue LEDs. If anyone has one available please message me. Thanks
  12. Hey everyone, You've been helpful in the past and turn to you again. I got my hands on a mobo 1.2 and cleaned it up (Clock cap puked on some of the stuff inside but I was able to clean it all off with some 91% isolpropyl) looks like I was able to TSOP the points right. I was able to flash the EvoX 256kb no dvd bios but now it just gets stuck on the boot screen with the traditionally green Xbox Logo now blue. Did I overlook something when flashing the bios or not install the right kb size bios?? Im using the OGXbox installer 1.5.3
  13. webwxgetvideo.mp4 It can be boot without hard disk. I can see EVO mark at the left top. And I got the 09 error. If the hard disk was conected. when I reboot the console, The xbox will be frozen at the start-screen. I try to change more cable and hard disk. Still not resolved. Please kindly help me to find this issue root casue.
  14. Hi, I am listing for sale a xbox kasumi blue, asking price $300 + shipping at cost from Singapore. The original mobo 1.0 has been removed overtime and replaced with a rev 1.4 and matching PSU rated for 220v The xbox includes a 500GB HDD type IDE, an Open Xenium modchip loaded with both X2-5035 and Ind-bios, 128mb of ram No other mod on the external case aside from 3D printed feets I have owned the set for about 12 years then acquired a regular xbox about a year ago which I modded to my liking and therefore made the xbox kasumi blue redundant. Link to actual pictures of the set https://imgur.com/a/yrCkuyV You'll note that the pillow case is missing and was missing from day 1 when I bought it from Japan. Any other items meant to complete the set are available. I do not have feedback on the ogxbox forum but I have received good feedback on the neo geo forum for selling most of my arcade hardware http://www.neo-geo.com/forums/itrader.php?u=62671 Thanks, Jerome
  15. Tysonb

    X3CP Blue

    Hi, Is there someone or some website where i can buy the x3cp blue?
  16. So after 19 years I pulled my v1.0 out blew the dust off of it. Turned it on things were not ok. Long story short clock cap pulled, damaged traces fixed. Fired it up and the Xenium logo comes up , some text in upper left that can’t be read lol then it just sits there and does nothing. Chip led is lit up red, used to be orange. Reset solderless pin mount and double checked D0 everything looks good....but again still stuck at boot up. Could use some input. Thanks in advance for patience as I’m sure this has come up before ..I couldn’t find it.
  17. 2 Clear blue controllers and basic hookups are included. Asking $250 plus shipping. Any questions feel free to ask. Thank you for viewing.
  18. Works great no issues comes with all cables
  19. First, i would like to thank Rocky5 for giving me a reason to break this xbox out again! I just finished setting up a 1TB drive and was going to drop it inside the xbox until i realized i need a 2TB drive before i do that. Before i do that i would like to take care of a few things. Here are some of the things i will be needing help on. Which drive is better, WD Blue or Black? Which Bios should i be using now? Which version mobo should i use? I haven't touched this xbox in 10 years. I'm a little rusty. I totally forgot how to flash this thing. I have 5 other regular xbox's here and want to rebuild the perfect unit in 1 shot while i have the chance. I'll pick the best version board that's recommended and swap all the parts over. Then i plan to flash all the bios banks that i can with the recommended ones. Once all that is done i want to drop in that 2TB WD black or blue drive. Can i get any advice? I've been out of circulation for awhile but i've got the old bug back! Thanks guys
  20. Hey all, looking to sell my Halo 2 Special Edition unit modded with an Xecuter 3 chip, and fitted with an Xecuter 3 CP- a rather desirable setup for the enthusiast. It has not gotten the attention that I would have liked, so I'm looking to sell it, necessary cables, and a controller for $260. System is in great condition, and functions 100%. System also has a 250gb HDD.
  21. Has x3 chip installed and 750gb hard drive 1 blue controller works great also has a crystal control switch it’s a blue halo limited edition Xbox asking 450 for it
  22. Hello everyone, I am selling my Xbox Kasumi Blue Dead Or Alive console on eBay for a low price and just wanted to let you guys know: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F183248898473 Happy to answer any questions you might have. Good luck. -Adam
  23. xbox blue ghostcase blue x3 control panel xecuter 3ce 320gb harddrive coinops ninja massive 71 xbox games 2 controllers in perfect condition inc all kabels books dont now what to ask, i am from the netherlands. but shipping is possible after i searched what the costs are.

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