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Found 16 results

  1. Hey guys, so anyways I have an original Xbox gamester arcade stick that has stucky buttons, how do i make them not sticky so they function better?
  2. There is a "homebrew" outrun arcade game, but its ripped from shenmue 2 files, ugly looking ferrari-like car, and audio tracks are in .WAV format. Found that 2005 outrunX exist, but cant find to download, question is this a proper port, or just the same version from shenmue 2? Cannonball source port for arcade version does exist, but not yet compiled for xbox. I guess source port needs to be rewritten for xbox compiler to work, watched MVG video about compiling xbox games, SAD. There are loads of source ports that would be happy to run on xbox. Some of them actually reached xbox, like openlara.
  3. Does anyone know of a cheap XBOX arcade control encoder or way to use a modded XBOX with arcade controls? I currently have two cocktail cabinets I am trying to build up: one with an IPAC, and one with dragonrise encoders. Ultimarc used to have one you could use with an IPAC be they no longer carry it and they aren't even on ebay. I have seen degenatrons controller hack and its beyond my technical capabilities. Thanks!
  4. Hello all, It's been a long dream of mine to build an XBOX run emulator cabinet. I've got the emulation all loaded on the box and ready to go, I just need the guidance on the rest. I've searched the forums and youtube and found degenatrons stuff but was wondering if there had been any advancements in the last 9 years as I am not great with soldering. My biggest concern is the xbox controller to arcade controller piece. I've heard the USB conversions that are out there don't work well. does anybody know if that's true? Anybody know of any other good resources for a DIY build? Thanks!
  5. I made this a while back.it was made out of stuff i had lying around.it has a modded xbox that has alot of hardware mods done to it.i did a padhack for the controls.it has a internal wifi adapter and i modded a old wirless doorbell into a remote power switch.it can switch between the arcade controls and wireless logictec controllers.i also tsop flashed it and installed a 1tb hdd.check out the video for the full build and please sunscribe to my youtube page thanks. Marvel Arcade Cab.
  6. I'm looking for an Xbox arcade stick
  7. Finally got around to building my arcade cabinet. The entire build was made as I went along, no blue prints or design plans were followed. Only thing left is the marquee artwork and a few cosmetic touch ups here and there... I think it came out pretty good being my first time ever building anything of this scale and using power tools What do u guys think? Any input is welcomed Parts List: - MB is a 1.0 w/ RAM upgrade - Kingston ssd - Wii2hdmi mod - Control Panel = OG controller - Thermostat - 12v Intel back fan - 6 port Power strip Speakers & Marquee plexi/LEDs recycled from broken Samsung LED tv - speakers connected to 5w bluetooth Amp pcb - LEDs Daisy chained & connected to 12v psu
  8. Here's my Cab in my gameroom. Customized Quasimoto Arcade Station EFX with (3) OG XBOXes in Silver XCM cases. Consoles direct boot to Vision, HyperVISION, and CoinOPS 7 Massive/dual boot to XBMC. I can switch from console to console by turning the front knobs on the cabinet. 1 button turns on/off the entire cab. The marquee is custom, as well as the button layout and color scheme. Side buttons were added for pinball. It's a shame you can't find Quasimoto Interactive cabinets anymore. Extremely rare. I love mine. (I have a Quasicade 2 as well, I'll show that one off some other time once it's 100% done) Enjoy!
  9. Hey Peeps, Wondering which is the better option to use for my arcade joystick which I want to build. Could anyone comment on either of these units and their compatibility and functionality with the xbox ? https://paradisearcadeshop.com/home/electrical/pcbs-lighting/pcbs-for-controllers/godlike-controls-pcbs/1828_mc-cthulhu-multi-console-pcb-by-toodles https://www.austinamusements.com.au/i-pac-s-and-encoders/new-2018-version-32-input-usb-button-joystick-trackball-spinner-interface-includes-usb-cable.html https://akishop-customs.com/PS360.html
  10. Made an Arcade control panel using an original Xbox Type-S controller PCB Followed the wiring schematics from http://slagcoin.com/joystick/pcb_wiring.html#PCB_DIAGRAMS And came up with this design... The 2 momentary black push buttons are left click (LC) and right click (RC) & the red one serves as an ON/OFF button. At first I thought I would have both left & right analog stick control , but that was not very feasible, at least for me( input welcomed if someone has wired up an analog control for an og xbox controller?) ... So instead I went with the d-pad for movement control. If there is enough interest I wouldn't mind making a build video for another one. Hope you guys like it! Thoughts & input welcomed
  11. so iam building a arcade cab powered by a xbox of course ! is it possible to have a custom intro video before ninja boots ! i know it can be done with xbmc i did it but i want direct boot in to ninja so i saw this video it can be done but i have no idea how !! in ninja there is a custom folder with inside there is a Custom Video.xmv <27mb dont know what its for
  12. Does anyone have any original xbox controller that is pad hacked. I want to build arcade cabinet.
  13. I recently received an original modded Xbox. I bought a Pelican brand arcade stick to use with the 1000+ arcade games that were included. The trouble I’m having is that the system freaks out when I plug the arcade stick in. Things either freeze or games/emulators don’t load at all. It will work for a little while with the Xbox games loaded on there before freezing and it will work perfectly fine on a non modded Xbox. My only guess is that it’s because it can’t do the same control actions like on a regular controller, so maybe the system gets confused. That’s kind of a wild guess though. Anyone have this problem or any idea on what’s causing it?
  14. If anyone out there has a link or tutorial on how to pad hack an OGxbox controller to arcade setup, id much appreciate it. Thanks
  15. This was made for a customer it was done by padhacking and made from scratch.he wanted a fightstick to use for his fav arcade game wrestlefest.the case was made from oak and plexiglass and the artwork was done with gimp.check out the video for the full build and subscribe to my youtube page will be posting some cool tutorials soon.Wrestlefest fight stick

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