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About Me

  1. Hi all I have a 1.6 xbox fitted with an Aladdin XT Plus2 which has the correct chip fitted not rebranded clone I want to flash it with cerbios but I'm not experienced with this at all and don't want to get it wrong I have a 2tb sata drive partitioned with fatxplorer ready to go Could someone help me or point me to an accurate guide, all the ones I've checked all seem to do it a different way lol Thanks in advance
  2. Hello, I have an original Xbox (can't determine which version, looks like 1.4 or 1.5) modded with Aladdin Advance. It worked well until today - I decided to update the bios with EvoX D.6 EjectFix (checksum 74c6235497f474bf88b54b3fc52a20b2). Bin file with it was placed on my HDD so I presumed that it's ok to flash it. After flashing, my Xbox turned off and when I turned it on, it startet to FRAG (two green flashes, then green/red flash with no video). What have I done? How I can undone it?
  3. After bought and flash CPLD in Aladdin Advance(was selling as XT2+) I've need figure out why fragging my 1.6 consoles. Debugging with datasheet of LC4032V I've discover jumper between B8 and B10(L1 and D0 respectively in XT)... Just cut B8 trace and solder wire directly in pin leg. Profit!
  4. I've just tried to install the chip using this guide: https://consolemods.org/wiki/Xbox:Aladdin More precisely I soldered the pin header and the 3.3V, LAD0, LAD1, LAD2 and LAD3. I made a blunder and ruined the trace by R7P4, so needed to reroute it. I would have routed through the hole at the chip pin, but the hole had solder in it that I haven't been able to remove, so I resorted to the hideous mess you can see on the picture. I have checked all the connections with a multimeter. There is 3.3 on pin9. LAD1-3) I have checked as much as I could by putting one of the multimeter probes on the tip of the pin and the other on a point on the trace that is not the solder point directly. In other words, I am reasonably sure that the soldering is "ok" I also cut the L trace because the MrMario2011 video said so. But when I booted only a black screen would show and FRAG. So I restored the L trace to be able to boot into stock BIOS. Now I can only boot into stock. Am I missing something? Have I done something wrong? What can I check? The chip lights red whenever power is plugged into the xbox. I noticed that if I put the chip in with the BT not soldered on the chip the led would dim slightly whenever the xbox was turned on. After I soldering it, it would not dim. Don't know if it means anything. Just mentioning it.
  5. Hi, I bought an OG Xbox witch came with Aladdin Avance chip installed, I tried to update the BIOS but it failed so is unusefull. Reading and watching some guides I decided to obtain a programmer to recover it. Here comes the problem, everywhere I watched said the the BIOS chip is "SST49LF020", so in the programmer software I selected this chip but I'm getting an error. Will post the chip and error photos. Thank you very much and sorry for my English.
  6. For sale a Aladdin Xblast 1mb modchip. 512kb bank is flashed with M8+ 1.6 with LBA48 version 3 support Asking $25 CAD Canada Post standard shipping only! included in price. Canada Only! e-transfer only! PM if interested thanks.
  7. i just finished installing Aladdin XT Plus 2 on 1.0 now what to do next ? ps : i tested it and its working with evo x logo on left side
  8. Don't really care what's on it. It's getting the Aladdin Mod.
  9. jeffl

    Aladdin XT FRAG

    I am attempting to install a modchip for the first time. I have an aladdin XT clone from Aliexpress. The xbox is 1.4. I have a wire from bottom-side D0 to the top-side D0 pad on the chip. BT on the chip is wired to ground using the quick solder connector. The HD is stock with the standard xbox dashboard. Xbox was verified functional pre-modding. The only other mod is the removal of the clock capacitor. The console performs 3x boot attempts before FRAGing and eventually powering off. I used the LPC diagnostics page to verify my soldering. All eleven pins have continuity to the points described in the "baldbouncer" diagram. The only weirdness I noticed is that baldbouncer pin 4 to test point 4 has a resistance of about 1K. The via immediately below test point 4 has a much lower resistance to pin 4. See blue arrow in attached diagram. Despite watching a lot of tutorials and reading the documentation, I can't rule out some rookie mistake. Any tips for troubleshooting this?
  10. I have the Aladdins. I made the jtag cable with 3.3v output utilizing a USB blaster. I managed to get the drivers installed in windows 11. I have the XBlast Aladdin svf file. I have quartus. I have a tl866II. I have the SST flash adapter for the xgecu. I have 1mb flash chips. I should have the software installed for the SST flashing. I have everything. Just don't know how to use the software. Tried urjtag and it just gave me bullshit errors and I don't wanna fuck with it. What do I do? @sweetdarkdestiny @KaosEngineer @SS_Dave @ModzvilleUSA
  11. Hi all, New to this. I'm wanting to mod my xbox. Am I able to use the Aladdin XT Plus 2 and still install origins? Basically, are these compatible with each other? Or is there a different chip I should be looking at?
  12. Hi. So I have this 1.6rev Xbox hard modded with a chip Aladdin 64 v1. 6 I tried to flash Cerbios using the OGXbox flash disc. But I am getting errors. Tried with Xblast OS and EvoX OS. Joining the screenshots. How can I flash this chip? Thanks.
  13. Want to know where I can source the modchip if I decide to use one? I want to avoid border fees so that is why I want to know if anyone in Canada sells them? Just as a backup plan.
  14. I purchased an XT+2 from AliExpress with the purpose of reprogramming it for XBlast purposes (RAM upgrades n such), but I found that this chip I purchased included an NPN transistor on the D0 line to properly drive it (rather than using the pin on the Lattice CPLD directly).The Jafar chip uses this same method albeit using a MOSFET of some description but the effect is the same. This seems like a new development, I haven't seen anyone else have a chip like this and I imagine most of the new ones produced going forwards will be this way. But it shows that the producers are taking steps to bring the modchips forward into the modern day. Here is a closeup of the board, you can see the added transistor.
  15. I cant seem to get this one working. Installed header and I have tried wiring D0 to GND and D0 on the Aladdin but I get a FRAG. 1st mod chip gives me FRAG when using GND or D0 pad. 2nd mod chip give FRAG when D0 grounded but boots stock dashboard when connected to Aladdin D0 pad. BT point on Aladdin is grounded. Did I miss something?
  16. I am offering Aladdin XBlasts for sale. They use a 1MB SST, and have 512k, 256k and another 256k for the XBlast OS. I think a fair price is $25. Correct me if I'm wrong, for anybody in the know. Good morning, everybody.
  17. I have what appears to be a legit Aladdin XT 4032 here. The silkscreen on the right seems to suggest that this supports wiring up an LCD. The 4064 revision also seems to have potentiometer for dialing in the brightness. Those pads still exist on modern aladdin clones but there's no traces there. Does anyone have any experience with wiring up an lcd to one of these or know of any documentation? I plan to tinker with it this week.
  18. bought a 7$ Aladdin chip off AliExpress. when I try to boot from it nothing happens. is there anything I can do? Can I try to flash it with something using hot swap? What's the point of this chip? d0 is grounded to mobo not chip and my other Aladin chip boots. That one is running xblastOS. Can anything be done or does this chip belong in trash?
  19. hi just a quick question. i have installed aladdin xt plus 2 modchip it all went very well put it all back together and turned it on dashboard comes on yes i can see evox logo sorted. i started messing with settings not really knowing what i was doing now when i turn it on all i get is the xbox turns itself on and off twise and then nothing what can i do ?. help.
  20. Hello everyone. It is recognized that the Chinese version of the AlladinXT has problems with the flash of the 49lf020A because this one is actually a 49lf002. Do you know if the problem comes only from this chip or if the design of the pcb is also in question or even a blockage at the code level in the cpld? I wonder if putting a real 49lf020 in the chinese pcb would solve the flash problem.
  21. I'm a bit in the need for cheapness. I was wondering if anybody had a very cheap ass modchip they could flash with the newest version of Cerbios. It'll get me by until I can get an openXenium and a 2tb sata. Anybody got one?
  22. I've a Xbox v1.2 - 1.5. I know you can TSOP it, but I like the options a modchip brings. So, I soldered the LPC pinheader, a wire from D0 to ground (screwhole) and a wire on the Aladdin XT PLUS2 XT 4032 chip from the BT to the other pad. Now when turning on the Xbox it FRAGs. The led on the modchip is on. When I remove the modchip (I didn`t remove the LPC header or the D0 to ground wire, only the modchip from the header) the FRAGing exists. Before I soldered the modchip, the Xbox was working fine. Some photo's from my soldering job. I also tested from the top of the board the D0 point and my meter beeps on all the screwplates, so that looks fine. Also the LPC pinheader looks good. So I'm a bit frustrated because of this issue. https://imgur.com/a/3IRniGb Above the pinheader you'll see some flux residu, I've taken care of that after the photo's. Is there a way to double check the connections from the pins and the back of the board to somewhere on the board?
  23. Finally ready. Xblast modchips. Can do red, blue, or green. The look amazing!! Props to the designer @mi213 $35
  24. This is my second mod and I cannot for the life of me understand why the mod isn't working. Perhaps another modder would be able to help me out? The Xbox already had a softmod and boots up in UnleashX After the mod, the boot animation is showing the EvoX logo. Updating the bios is no problem, installed updated EvoX M8 plus bios Trying to boot from a Hexen, OG xbox install disc or Slayer's disc is not working. OG xbox installer DOES work in the softmod Trying another hdd gives an error 13 (160gb and 250gb ide, and sata 500gb drive with green adapter) I tought the problem could be a problem with a solder joint or a short as a result of my soldering error. Went over them with multimeter, does not seem to be the case. I'm at a loss right now trying to figure out what the problem is..
  25. I am just getting to know my old Xbox again and I cant seem to get the BIOS to flash. I have D0 on the board tied to ground so it always boots from the modchip and the BT on the RHS of R3G3. If I click the power button it disables the Aladdin and frags, this is what I expected. If I hold the power button down either briefly or for longer it boots but the BIOS is write protected. How do you boot these Aladdin's so that the BIOS is flashable? Thanks...

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