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Found 7 results

  1. Hi. I recently picked up a 1.4 Xbox that has an Aladdin Advance modchip installed. It was flashed with X2 4981.67_256k.bin (MD5 b6eb9fb7b79795c962b7f998ee4a8694). It's now flashed with EvoX M8+ since the X2 BIOS doesn't support LBA48. I discovered that the modchip D0 point was attached the top side D0 point on the motherboard, and was held in place with tape. This wasn't very reliable since even a small nudge could disable the chip. I soldered the underside D0 point to the motherboard ground instead, and now it works every time. I have one issue left and that is to enable the modchip permanently. I believe I'm supposed to bridge the modchip BT point to the modchip ground (bottom left pin in the image below). I detached the BT wire on the modchip but not on the motherboard, and I didn't touch the L1 and L2 wires. Unfortunately it didn't work. The XBox boots with a black screen and no sound. I undid the BT bridge and now the modchip is in the state it was when I got it, except for the D0 point. Can someone please explain how I'm supposed to enable the modchip permanently?
  2. Hey Everyone, I used to have the official xbox component cable, but like a fool didn't understand their value until now. I just recently got back into xbox, purchased a system I'm working on repairing and modding, and I was able to locate a advance high definition AV pack with the component connections. just curious, is the breakout box better than the cable? or about they the same? Thanks! ~John
  3. Hello, I have an original Xbox (can't determine which version, looks like 1.4 or 1.5) modded with Aladdin Advance. It worked well until today - I decided to update the bios with EvoX D.6 EjectFix (checksum 74c6235497f474bf88b54b3fc52a20b2). Bin file with it was placed on my HDD so I presumed that it's ok to flash it. After flashing, my Xbox turned off and when I turned it on, it startet to FRAG (two green flashes, then green/red flash with no video). What have I done? How I can undone it?
  4. Hi there! Got a crystal Xbox for my son and it was already modded with the Aladdin advance chip. As this was done in 2005 it’s soldered in such a way that you can change boot from chip to onboard. This is causing problems when using a HDD without ms dashboard installed. My question is if I can desolder the extra wires on the picture and ground the bt as well as shorting the Lframe like you would with a new plus install?
  5. I have this chip on my xbox, works great. However i am unable to "see" all the space on my HDD (F Drive) What bios should i install on it ? And please someone guide me on the procedure? Thanks
  6. Hi all, Feeling pretty embarrassed. I have a PAL 1.4 XBOX with what I think is an Alladin Advance v32 installed. I was having issues with PAL games and the HD modes. I used XBMP to change the video output setting to NTSC-J. The console loads into the chip black and white (with shades of brown). Part way through the boot, the lights change back over to stock bios (bright green eject light). The console then displays Error 21. I cannot load back into EvoX to change the video setting back. No discs load. Is there anything I can do to change the video setting? All help is good help.
  7. Anyone here have a Aladdin XT Plus 2 or Advance modchip? (Official one, not clone without traces,there's a difference) , i've got a official chip here and its got the traces to the pinouts but there's no Trimmer potentiometer , so i'm going to add one, but i don't know the resistance increment 5k-20k? I mean would it matter or what. My reason for doing such is i'm going to solder this trim pot to a chip without one. So i can get a contrast adjustment to my LCD.

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