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About Me

  1. Soon I'm gonna try and repair the traces on my Xbox. I've done my fair share of soldering in the past, and I don't think it's gonna be too hard. The only question I have is about what I have to solder. It seems I need to solder 4 points, but do I really? The power button still sorta works, and the Red LED light still works as well. Could someone give me a nice tutorial? Thanks! EDIT: Hold up, I was just watching this Xbox Repair video, and they turned it on showing the power board. But when it turned on, two of the LED Lights showed up. and they were both Green. I though that one was red and one was green! So if that's the case, why the hell would the red work but not the green!?
  2. So I’m looking into adding a mod chip to my system as well as HDMI. I’ve come across this one but most of the reviews are a bit old(like a year or so). A lot of them seem to think that future updates would make this chip worth the money but I wanted to see if any of that ever actually came about. The features on their website seem to not have been updated in awhile so I have reservations. Big questions I have are what are the features it unlocks and has anyone done the mod who can speak to it. It seems pretty straight forward but I wanted to hear from some users. Also have they updated it to work with wireless controllers?
  3. Hi all , just wanted to find out by those in the know if these ram modules are compatible for the 128 mb upgrade . I’ve installed all four , failed on all four . Touched up all joints with soldering iron , got the three reboots and Xbox wouldn’t power on , reflowed with hot air station and Xbox goes back to booting as if there’s no extra ram attached . I then replaced one of the ram modules to see if blast would detect it and still nothing . I have no issues accessing Xbox dash or Cerbios flashed Aladdin booting XBMC4Gamers .
  4. My Xbox's power button is really weird. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it just doesn't. Not only that, but the green LED Light on it does not work (The Red does however). At first, I assumed it was the traces, but if the Red Light works, then it has to be the power board, right?
  5. i have an og xbox with a temperature lcd display similar to the one in the pictures below. can someone tell me what temps i should be seeing while gaming as well as while sitting idle at the XBMC dash my xbox is tsop and before i take it apart to replace the paste i wanna check my temps to see if a paste replace is even necessary
  6. Hi I did mod one of my 1.0s with the stellar hhdplus and the stm works so far sadly "EvoX Titan 128MB HDPlus UDMA4 YD" does only really work if I press eject Cerbios has no problem with booting up, but only shows picture when the hdd has been read. Gruß Edit: I use a cheap U4 adapter.
  7. I just picked up a 1.6 Xbox and it does not turn on. Whenever I hit the power button there is 3.3V, 5V and 12V all present for about 1 second then nothing. All standby voltages are good too. Idk whats wrong.
  8. I prepped a version 1.2 today for TSOP flashing. Everything went well, I flashed Evox M8 BIOS to it and set up the disk with the latest Hexen disk. A little later, I decided to flash Cerbios 2.3.1 to it and I chose UDMA4. This is a stock hard drive, so when I would boot up, it would give me an error 13 code....then boot me into Cerbios Safe Mode. No problem, the TSOP wasn't ruined or anything, so I was able to re-flash it, this time with UDMA2. The things you learn.... I'm just going to put this console on the shelf for now until I'm ready to do the rest of my mods. I plan on using UDMA5 with a cheap IDE-to-SATA adapter that I've used successfully on three other TSOP'ed machines.
  9. Thief (USA) works both on Xemu and my Xbox. Thief (Europe) works only on Xemu, freezes at loading first level on my Xbox. What is the issue, i have Xbox PAL 1.6 with Evox shouldnt thief (europe) also work on my Xbox?
  10. Hello everyone, I am beginner for Xbox system, because my XBOX can no longer use DVD, so only can use hot-swapping method to do softmod. So, I will buy some transfer parts, like IDE to USB connector. By the way. Could you please teach me the procedure for this method? (hot swapping) Thanks a lot!
  11. I was toying with a softmodded xbox for the past 2 weeks or so. Started with UnleashX, to XBMC, then to XBMC4Gamers exploring the features of each. Is there a dashboard with the features of XBMC4Gamers that retains the media function? I want to be able to FTP movies to the xbox and view them the same way XBMC4Gamers displays your xbox games.
  12. Q1 after you finshed your Tsop you must put Hexen disc to boot your xbox, How if my BIOS was noDVD? And how noDVD BIOS works? Q2, i flashed yesDVD and i want to reFlashed to noDVD without make any crouppted thing or any problems
  13. some game saves are tied to the individual xbox's hdd key. so wouldn't nulling the key mess up some game saves?
  14. Hi everyone I just have bought an Xbox with this modchip but I´m a little bit confused about what can I do with this modchip.Is there any modified dashboard or I have to install it myself?what are the functionalities of X-Changer? a little bit of help would be appreciate it
  15. I haven't really been able to find a ton of info on the communicator, I am curious about it though. It would be nice to have a way to hook up the Xbox to a modern gaming headset, through a combination of Toslink and an AUX jack maybe, ideally without having it plugged into the controller you're using. I'm assuming this is an analog/digital converter and that a simple AUX to USB adapter couldn't replace this thing.
  16. I gave my friend a 1.4 crystal case I got in a bundle of Xboxes online, I forgot to tell him about needing to remove the metal shielding from a pin. Because of that, it would not boot or show any signs of power even when he put the board back in the old case. This case was completely empty so he did use the 1.6 power supply which is also important about not mixing them. There's this one particular transistor on the standby rail on the 1.6 motherboards that can fail. I have swapped this and it is working again
  17. Hello All, I'm about to get my mod on with one of my old 1.6 Xboxs. I've done a little bit of this, but I'm very intimidated by the "micro soldering" needed for the video ribbon cable. Does anyone out there know what type of soldering hardware I'll need to make that an easier step to accomplish? Tman
  18. Hello to everyone i've been trying to find a solution for hours reading posts but i don't find my specific case: Xbox: 1.4 Winbond version i opened my Xbox and found out it had this aladdin version i thought it was softmodded; i wanted to TSOP to increase the HD (No locking on the drive i have) so i thought oh, i could just update the Bios then to support HD creation then i tried with Hexen 2019 installing BIOS Evo m8 plus F; but it says: no write access allowed, i tried pressing the power button 2 seconds while booting up( to enable flash write) nothing happened, same error; Anyone knows the best way to update the bios i just want to change the hard drive into a larger one (<1tb) but the drive i have has no locking features I already also softmodded this xbox ( i didn't know it had a modchip)
  19. I was looking at the typical Aladdin XT 2 Plus modchips that are still available/being produced for the Xbox a while ago, and I thought to myself that the wiring to permanently ground the BT pad seemed a little inelegant. I took a quick look at the traces on the PCB and lo and behold, they trace back to adjacent pins on the Lattice CPLD chip! Going forward should I ever need to install another XT 2 Plus, I'll forego the wire and just bridge those two pins.
  20. What is the average temperature of a modded Xbox (at boot and after playing for 1 hour, just an example ) ? Does the temperature get higher if games are played from HD or discs ? What to do if it's too high / how to change the fan settings to reduce the temperature (in Slayers 1.7 or other dashboards like XMBC or Unleash, etc...) ? Is there any other setting to check in order to keep the temperature stable or lowest as possible?
  21. Hey guys I got lucky recently and scored an Alpha II from an e-waste recycler. Unfortunately the HDD was taken out, I've got a new one in there but I'm not sure if there's any full-recovery available. I found N64 freak's build log so I'm feeling a bit dumb - but I don't think that the full recovery could be only 13MB right? Anyway, I guess what I'm asking is if anyone has any disk images they could share :). Here's some pics from the seller, it has a different front panel(with lots of masking tape residue), but it's definitely real.
  22. So I recently made use of this invaluable resource to download all of the old Halo 2 DLC onto my original Xbox (https://digiex.net/threads/xbox-offline-xbox-live-downloadable-content-dlc-installers.675/). The title update and four map packs were a no-brainer, but I was intrigued to see "official" Bungie multiplayer game-types included in the installer as well, as follows: 1. Classic CTF Tank 2. Covie Gulch 3. Golden Showers 4. Peacemakers 5. Swords No Radar 6. Team GoldShowers 7. Zombies Interested in knowing how a few game-types were elevated to "preserved official DLC", I did some research. It looks like #1-5 were made available on the Official Xbox Magazine April 2005 demo disc (http://xbox.gamespy.com/xbox/official-xbox-magazine-demo-disc-43/), and #7 was from the June 2005 edition (http://xbox.gamespy.com/xbox/official-xbox-magazine-demo-disc-45/). But my question, while quaint, is this: when was #6 ever officially released? All online "Bungie game-type" lists seem to acknowledge it as one of the officially released game-types, but I can't seem to find its origin. Does anyone recall how they got ahold of it back in the old Xbox days? To be clear, I'm talking about the game-type "Team GoldShowers".
  23. i know the drive from a 360 will not work with an og xbox but are there any parts from a 360 drive that would work? for example, would certain lasers like the SOH-DX1 from a 360 drive work in an og xbox drive that has the same model laser?
  24. So after 19 years I pulled my v1.0 out blew the dust off of it. Turned it on things were not ok. Long story short clock cap pulled, damaged traces fixed. Fired it up and the Xenium logo comes up , some text in upper left that can’t be read lol then it just sits there and does nothing. Chip led is lit up red, used to be orange. Reset solderless pin mount and double checked D0 everything looks good....but again still stuck at boot up. Could use some input. Thanks in advance for patience as I’m sure this has come up before ..I couldn’t find it.
  25. Hello people. Finally ive found a forum. Ive just dug my xbox out. Now my question I run the xecuter 3 mod chip with custom front panel. As far as i no if u hold white button on the controller u can get into the settings menu (fan speed colours bla bla) All i want to no is. When i upgrade to the new hard drive. Will i have this option again to bring up the menu (white button on controller) or will i have to install it to the new hard drive. Its beem like 15 years since i last used it. Any help guys

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